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Baltic Amber...Does it really work?

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Do any of you wear baltic amber? Your children? Besides it just being absolutely beautiful....does it really work for different ailments? I just ordered an anklet each for my children (my littlest is still in the oven ) and a necklace for myself. I am so excited!! I got mine off of etsy and the colors are just beautiful!! I have just heard so many benefits of wearing baltic amber that I just had to ask if it really works.
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I wear a bracelet, originally bought as a teething bracelet for my son. When I take it off to shower, and forget to put it back on, my back pain is back within 12 hours. If I wear it on the left wrist, it is less effective.

Can't belive I'm posting that, but I've had great experiences with amber.

Also helps with stiffness in my right hand/fingers (caused by computer use and mousing).
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My son wore a teething necklace. His first couple teeth were a nightmare when they came in, but after we got the necklace we never even knew when he was teething. He also had an eruption cyst when he got his 2 year molars but I wouldn't have known unless a dentist told me. I'm definitely getting one for baby #2
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Awesome!! I cant wait to get mine!!:
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I was VERY skeptical but it really seems to work for my daughter. She's had hers for one year and I truly notice a difference.
Hope you like yours!
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Originally Posted by bluestorm View Post
Hope you like yours!
I'm sure I will!! Thanks.
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We love ours! DD has a necklace and I have a bracelet. She has been a really easy teether since we bought it (knock on wood, as the 2 year molars aren't quite through yet!). I have a bracelet for my bunk elbow, which is also where I get a lot of granuloma annulare. I can definitely tell a difference between when I forget to put it on after a shower or something.
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