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Homeopathic Help for anger?

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I feel like a real failure in the mom department. I have been yelling and angry lately at my children. Something is just not right. I would really like to find out if there is a remedy that I could take to see if it will help. I talked to a homeopath this week in a health food store and she suggested sepia. I took it for the 5 days she suggested with little improvement. She told me to book an appt. it would be 200 dollars - a little much right now. I read somewhere about Nux Vomica , but that it is mostly suitable for men. I also understand that once you find the right remedy it will "fix" you. Any other suggestions?
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I wish I had some words of wisdom. I'm in the same boat right now, and wanted to send some s
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thanks, thought there might be some more replies.
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Not homeopathic but vibrational all the same, Snapdragon flower essence works for anger.
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Hmmm, not sure on the sepia....I dont' know what she saw to think that-ya know? It's possible it was a good shot but usually there are a few indications on which to base a prescription. I also find that depressed angry woman almost always equals sepia in many people's heads. However I'm not sure I agree.

Nux can ABSOLUTELY be used by women and has been used often by this one! IT is predominantly male...but so is the mux kind of anger and aggression. Doesnt' mean women can't have it.

Others that are excellent anger type remedies are staphysagria, lachesis, pulsatilla, nitric acid, rhus tox, medorrhinum etc.

I would also encourage you to explore flower essences. They are a wee bit more user friendly.

I dont' necessarily believe in the whole "right remedy will fix you" philosophy. The right remedy for right now will do a world of good though.

Do you feel comfortable talking more about your anger? How and when it manifests? There are keys to each remedy....maybe we can track down something to get you to a better place!

Oh, and if it's at all hormone related you can also think about magnesium and iodine. HTH!
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I just came on here to ask the same thing. I'm getting psycho angry right before I start my period. When I look back on it, the reason for the anger isn't even logical. It seems like it's the worst when I first wake up in the morning.

to you chkpea and milliegirl
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anger that is that predictable really falls in the iodine deficiency category. I'd really encourage you to look at that. Anger, depression and irritation during PMS is almost iodine specific.

Beyond that HOW do you get angry? What do you do? What does if feel like and what makes it better? Does it seem to be more extreme right before you begin bleeding?

Like for me it all builds and then yelling makes it better. I am very biting with my words (which is also a very snapdragon thing!) and at my worst when I'm hungry. I also feel much better as soon as I start bleeding. That's a pretty clear picture for a specific remedy.

My sister on the other hand yells and screams but NOT at the people that bug her....with them she smiles and nods and then comes home and starts slamming things and flipping out. She can never publicly be angry and refuses to talk about it when she is. She shuts down completely, but throws things. That's a totally different picture.

FWIW iodine would help in both situations, but the first picture in terms of a remedy is lachesis and the second is staphysagria.

I'd say do your best to start identifying things. That's how you narrow it down.
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thank you for the offer to help figure this out. For me a few things....I have a 3 and 6 year old. I am overweight and not happy with myself for letting myself "go". Both children have "stuff" that we are dealing with. I have had a lot of stress the last 8 months. Mine is frustration turns to anger quick. i.e. house is a mess - frustrated=yell. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense when I yell. I have been told that my face tells all - that I look mad even when I am not. That is just not me. I am going to start yoga tonight - class. I am also taking b vitamin. I am also trying to really get the weightloss going as I know that is a big part of not being happy. I am going to try and figure out some more triggers. I have ordered snapdragon through an etsy seller - I hope it helps.
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No problem, mama. Keep talking! Why does the mess bother you? IS it a lack of order? Is it because you cleaned and it was destroyed? Is it embarrassing to have your house a mess? What's the biggest feeling behind it for you? IF you could sum things up in a few sentences what would they be?

Also for future reference a company that makes really high quality flower essences is www.pegasusproducts.com I can't say enough good things about them, there is a real integrity in their products.

Do you have any other symptoms of candida overgrowth? Hypoglycemia, sugar cravings, gas, bloating etc? That can also contribute to irritability and dietary changes can be a HUGE help. There are other supplements that can help too.
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chkpea, I am very similar!
I have never had problems with anger until the last couple years (I have a 17mo and a 4yo). I yell, sometimes throw things. I would never do it infront of anyone else, but my kids do see it I feel awful. I'm like great happy mama half the time and trying-to-harbor-rage other times. I hate it. If the house is a mess it makes me anxious. I am best when I am organized and write out the days plan (meals, activities, to do) but I can't seem to pull it together and stay on plan and do everything I should. I freaked tonight, I wanted to break things and scream, I just yelled a little. I feel like I need counceling or something but we can't afford it. Above all things, I hate that I can't control my emotions. What can I do to help myself?

I am overweight too. I can't seem to stick to a "diet" I eat decent food, but overeat.

I don't know if I'm depressed. Lately I feel like I might be, but I assume one would know if they were depressed??

Anyway, I'm going to look into homeopathics to help me,
Panserbjørne, thanks for all the suggestions, I am going to order some snapdragon
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homeopathy and flower essences are truly life savers in times like that. I love homeopathy but I actually kind of prefer flower essences for what you are describing (and trust me I have been there!!!!)

Flower essences are more gentle and have a very broad range of action. There is really no potential to aggravate (as there is with homeopathy) and you don't have to mess with potencies.

There are hundreds upon hundreds to choose from. You can look at descriptions and select them yourself or do a consult with someone. You can also use intuitive selection which can be a really powerful way to get into them. Due to the doctrine of signatures we are often drawn to what we need. So, you can actually look at pictures of the flowers and more often than not what really appeals to you will be the things that will help.

It is truly astonishing how fast they work. I have given myself migraines from episodes of anger. Homeopathy helps, but at this point I just go for the flowers. They are faster and take the blinding headaches away FAST. I use cherry plum, holly and calendula for those. Cherry plum is for loss of control (that freight train feeling of once you start you can't stop.) Holly is for rage and burning anger (it also addresses jealousy) and calendula is very helpful for me with those biting, cutting words. Snapdragon can do this as well.

Anyway here's a few sites that have pictures to check out:




anyway, take a peek and see what resonates with you.
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what about for kid's anger? my dd is often angry and jealous. i bought some holly but haven't ever tried it, not sure what to do. i feel like she takes over the family with her needs, and then i get angry, thinking that it isn't fair since her siblings are more easy-going. i feel too that some of her anger is from her infancy and how i treated her while i was working through how to be a mom! any suggestions?? good reading on this stuff??
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Growing up with Bach Flower Remedies is a good resource. Other than that the Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy is a great introduction.

It sounds like holly may be a good choice, but I'd look at chicory as well. It's excellent for kiddos that tend to dominate the family with their needs. You can see what you think. I'd also throw in some Star of Bethlehem (to break old patterns) and walnut (for transitioning into new patterns.) You might think about willow as well for your reaction to her behavior.

You can administer orally, topically and environmentally. I tend to go an intuitive route WRT dosage. With kiddos, I often let them decide their dosage schedule. They are pretty tuned in and I think it's empowering to allow them to take some control. There is no danger of overdosing which is why it's the perfect modality for kids.
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Can you give them all at once, for example, mixed together in water?? How long before you would expect to see some change? This child is like Dr. Jeckel/Mr. Hyde--we go for days when she is cheerful, happy, helpful and loving, then a seemingly small thing sets her off and we all have to suffer with her. It is not the kind of anger that I have had (of course I was taught that it isn't ok to be angry), it seems like there is something wrong with her...

Thanks so much for your help! I'll give it a try.
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They do beautifully mixed together.

Just to throw it out there again there are literally HUNDREDS of different flower essences out there. I'd maybe sit with her and go through the links above and see what stands out to her.

Working with only the english essences has certain...limitations. While they do work quite well, they don't address *everything* and you may be helped by broadening the field, so to speak.

Does she seem in control when she's angry, or more wild? Are her actions deliberate or do you feel that it's a different kid in front of you when this happens? For the "spinning out of control" rages I like to combine holly with cherry plum. Together they do a good job.
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Can you explain your personality and reasons for anger. Your job situation. Your relationship with your other family members and friends. Your age and any family history.

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I was told that anger is a sign of iron deficiency, so I take blackstrap molasses (which is a significant source of iron, calcium, and potassium) just about every day - a big spoon full.

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Very low blood sugar causes me to be short-tempered, especially if I haven't gotten enough sleep recently. Protein, ginger and cinnamon all help keep blood sugar levels more stable.
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I gave up sugar, and TA DA, no more anger. Well, I was really angry for the first three months, and then I wasn't anymore. Good luck!

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