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Caucasian Moms with Asian husbands

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Hey mommas! Anyone out there a caucasian momma with an asian husband and beautiful eurasian babies??

I'm married to a Chinese man and we have 1 baby boy, Jasper, who was born 16 October 2008. Planning for more if I ever start ovulating again Looking for other moms who can relate

About us -- we live in Singapore right now, but twice a year spend roughly a month in the states visiting our families in Columbus, OH and Houston, TX. I've been very slowly picking up Mandarin for the past few years since we were married. We really want our kids to be bilingual and get the best of being both races. I'm also really big on breastfeeding and am publications editor for the Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group (Singapore).
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Welcome to MDC!

There's a multicultural mamas forum...I'll go find the link

Anywhoo we're a Eurasian family too...DH is from South Korea and I'm just from the South

Our kids love grits, biscuits and gravy, kimchi, and chapjae!!

Welcome aboard!


ETA: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=438

There ya go!
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i have moved this to the multicultural families forum.
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My sis (Caucasian) is married to a guy who's 1/2 Vietnamese and I think their kids are beautiful!
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I'm caucasian (Italian) and my husband is 1/2 Filipino and 1/2 Italian. We joke that we are 1/2 interracial and 1/2 exactly the same!

Nobody can figure out his heritage! Our 3 daughters have lovely tan skin, black eyes, and medium brown curly hair! I love mixed babies - so beautiful

I love when we hang out with my MIL - she makes us lots of great stuff and it's interesting to learn about her life when she was a kid. I also love for the kids (and me) to learn some phrases. My kids love their pancit and lasagna!
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Yep, we're an Asian and white family, too. I'm Irish and German, and DH is Kazakh and Tatar. We say that DD is Irizakh

OP, good for you for learning Mandarin! My ILs are always encouraging me to learn Russian (their family's language) but I just find it too hard.
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I'm a white American married to a Chinese man too. We live in Beijing now but my husband is from Yunnan and my son was born there, in Kunming. My husband and I speak Mandarin to each other since his English is abysmal. We're trying to raise our son with English as well as Chinese, but with Chinese being the common language between DH and I, as well as the majority language here, it has been a bit of a struggle.

Always nice to meet someone in a similar situation! If you check out my blog (the link is in my profile) you can see some pictures of our son. He's got light brown/dark blonde hair, but otherwise I think he looks a lot like my husband.
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I'm white and my husband is Filipino. He was born in Manila but raised in the states. We're ttc#1 right now and looking forward to having some beautiful euroasian babies!!!
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I'm your typical 5th-generation Minnesotan (German and Swedish) married to a now very Americanized Vietnamese who came here as a refugee when he was 10. We have a three year old daughter who is quite the Mini-Me in oh so many ways, and are expecting #2 next June.

I pretty much have to accept that our kids won't speak any Vietnamese as my husband completely quit speaking it after coming to America, and all the Vietnamese relatives are down in Texas. Our best bet is that she'll pick up Spanish or Chinese in school when she's older. I'm placing my bets on those two because I was a Spanish teacher before she was born, plus she's a Dora and Kai-Lan fan.
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I'm Italian and my husband is Chinese from Shanghai. He moved with the family to the US when he was 10. We have a 28 months old boy, Valerio. And we are in the middle of another moving from London, where our boy was born, to Monaco. So hopefully he will be speaking Italian/Mandarin/French/English.
We are having some issue with Mandarin, because my husband doesn't spend too much time at home.
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I'm half Caucasian, half Japanese (4th generation here in the US), married to a 4th generation Japanese-American.

You would think that my being half Caucasian isn't a big deal, but when it comes to dealing with my MIL, it is. My IL's are more "old country" than Mom's family is, and heck, my grandmother was born and raised in Japan. Let's just say that it makes for some interesting cultural conflicts.
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We are another caucasian- asian family: dh is asian, me european and the little guy is american. we try to visit our families regularly, but don't manage as much as we wish.
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*raises hand*

I'm European-American (bilingual) and DH is South Asian (trilingual). Our 'beautiful eurasian' LO (heh) doesn't speak anything yet (she's 5 months old) but is hearing a little bit of everything right now!

I'm working on learning Hindi, partly to improve communication with my MIL (whose English is limited) and partly to make it easier for him to teach it to DD.

DH hasn't made any steps towards learning my language but I am not putting pressure on him about it. I do try to speak my language to our LO though.
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i'm white american and DH is from india. we have one 20 month old and a second baby on the way.
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I'm a white American married to a man who was born in Taiwan. We live in the USA. He is fully Americanized, no longer speaks his native language and insisted on English names for our 2 sons. I get along well with my in-laws, who also live in the USA and are in many ways still "old-country." My DH can't stand his parents. :
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*Raises hand* Me too!

Caucasian American of Anglo-Slavic stock married to a Vietnamese man with possible Chinese ancestry (although he refuses to admit it, LOL). Of course we think dd (9) is gorgeous!

I speak Vietnamese fluently but we both struggled with teaching it to dd. Neither of us were disciplined enough to make her speak it, and she is very strong-willed and decided as soon as she discovered that bugs bunny doesn't speak Vietnamese that she had no use for it . It finally took moving to Vietnam for two years and slapping her in an all-Vietnamese school (talk about immersion!) before she learned it. We are back in the US now but spend about a month and a half every year in Vietnam to keep her Vietnamese up. She's not fluent but has a pretty good grasp. She understands the value of having a second language much more now, particularly since she sees I make decent money as a translator!
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My SIL is Chinese, and my brother is caucasian... and their kids are beautiful!

Also, I am married to a man from India. I'm a little biased but I think our girls are rather pretty with their dark hair and dark eyes from daddy (I have blond hair and blue eyes).
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hi beppie! i'm due with #2 and wonder if my #2 will look like #1 at all
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I'm German and DH is Japanese.. I also want the baby to get the best of both worlds, actually I want to talk DH into going to Japan for a few years to let Sashi have a really good foundation in Japanese. . . Plus I really love Japan LOL.
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Originally Posted by ammcmaho View Post
hi beppie! i'm due with #2 and wonder if my #2 will look like #1 at all
It's so interesting to see how the mixed kiddos turn out. I have a good friend whose parents are Indian/Caucasian, and she looks like any other Indian woman (you'd never guess her mom was white) but her bro looks like a total white guy. My DH's sister is also married to a Caucasian guy and both her kiddos look sort of unidentifiably biracial.

I think our LO looks sort of mixed as well but it's hard to tell with babies. Of course she is beautiful regardless.

There are lots of mixed couples where we live and when I was pregnant I was constantly looking at all the kiddos wondering about how ours was going to turn out!
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