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What foods do you stock on up during winter/holiday sales? - Page 2

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I do the clearance shopping afterwards!
I buy canned pumpkin, the candied fruits (they usually mark them down to .25 or .10 around here and my grandma freezes and uses them for fruitcakes, so i get them for her )
I also get clearance ready-made pie crusts - the graham cracker crusts, oreo crusts, etc. I can usually get those for .25 or so after the holidays! They can be frozen to keep them fresh, too
Chocolate chips and any other kind of chips that are cheap
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Hot chocolate mix (I buy in bulk)
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Pie shells! (almost every year I can find them for a quarter each at Walgreen's of all places the week after Christmas!!)

Canned Veggies seem to go on great sales (Last year I remember them being as low as 35 cents for the really good kinds)

Bread Crumbs

Food coloring!
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chocolate chips
pie pumpkins (to cook and freeze for pies, muffins, etc)
parchment paper
frozen veggies (often 10 for $10 at this time of year)
canned tomatoes (during years I didn't can my own)
potatoes (during years I didn't grow my own)
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I stock up on nice imported chocolate. I know I know, but I love chocolate and my stomach can't really eat anything cheap.

I keep buying fruitcakes on sale and then nobody would eat them. I'll quit that this year.

Mostly I buy non-food items after the holidays.
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this is a bit unusual for me, but as of late I've been finding really good deals on chicken on clearance. Normally .75/lb for cuts with bone, and I just paid .99/lb for boneless skinless chicken breasts.

I think because money is tighter this year more people are not buying meat currently so they can have the traditional holiday dinner. So it's getting put on clearance prices due to not selling.
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subbing thanks great ideas
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Butter (of course)
Flour (they just had King Arthur buy one get one)

Things I don't use much, but do around the holidays:
fresh cranberries (while they're in season, just freeze as is in bag)
brownie & cake mixes & frosting (for $1 a box, I'm not going to argue)

I don't know, I'm always a bit of a hoarder - if it's on sale & I use it, I get as much as I can afford. They were just running a great sale on Muir Glen tomatoes (I freeze a lot of my own, but I their fire roasted varieties). So it was 50 cents off a can on sale, plus there were coupons on the can for buy two get $1 off. That's like buying one & getting one free.

And to the OP - if you have the room, you should try making your own ckn stock. No sense buying any stock, IMO, if you are just throwing out the things that you can make it out of anyway. I feel the same way about pumpkin, too. I freeze my own.
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After Thanksgiving turkey.. Also I usually get more than one free turkey during the Fred meyer sale (spend $150 get a free turkey up to 20 lbs).

Sometimes I cook one in December and split it up in seperate bags. Last year I found TONS of turkey drumsticks for super cheap just after Thanksgiving... (I guess some people just buy turkey breasts for the holiday?)

After Christmas I find nuts half price.
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All the baking stuff.
Canned pumpkin!
The health food store always has GF baking mixes on sale, so I stock up on those too.
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