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Originally Posted by mum4boys View Post
Way to go cleaning it up.

Looking at the pictures, I highly doubt your book cases on the landing were a fire hazard.
I was coming to post the same thing. There is no way I can see a fire hazard there - as far as being able to exit, I know paper burns!

And you did an awesome job, well done!
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Take a bow mama, that is a GREAT accomplishment!

Can I encourage you to make yourself declutter one laundry basket full each week? If every day you toss a few things you don't want/need into a dedicated laundry basket, at the end of each week you'll have enough to make a trip to the donation center (salvation army, goodwill, whatever).

It's a fantastic way to stay on top of clutter. Another is to set a timer each day for 15 minutes (or put on a CD or whatever) and do a short 'spurt' of hypercleaning.

It's amazing how quickly you'll get into the habit of staying on top of it all!

You REALLY did a magnificent job, I hope you are able to have a sitter stay with your LO and put your feet up with some tea and RELAX for a little bit!

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AMAZING...SIMPLY AMAZING what you have accomplished with a little one. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us. You are an inspiration!

I know it is a lot to do but it will feel so good to have the whole place decluttered at once! Way to go!!

Can't wait to hear what your landlord says when they come back.
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That looks awesome!
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You Rock Pumpkin Pie! Great Job Mama!
It looks fabulous, and your ds is super cute too!!
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What an incredible job creating an environment you will enjoy living in!
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Wow!! I'm amazed at what you've accomplished in such a short amount of time. You really should be proud of yourself -- everyone gets behind on things now and then, and many of us (myself included) become so overwhelmed that we feel it's unmanageable. You have proven that it's NOT impossible to declutter and get things back to a manageable level.

As far as your landlord overstepping, yes, I'd say it never hurts to be careful and to know your rights. If I were in your shoes, I'd also look at it as a blessing in disguise, b/c look how happy your DS is with all that free space! And I'm sure it makes the whole house feel lighter and more like home than a storage unit. So yeah, it was tough emotionally to have them come through and list what you need to do. And yeah, telling you to mop a mostly clean floor is a bit much. But it got your home more organized and if they want to come back now and then to check in, I'd say let them! Don't think of it as an invasion of your privacy, use it as incentive to keep it up! Don't let them get to you, just use this situation to your advantage instead.

And if you take a trip out to the Southwest anytime soon, I could use some help! ;-)
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What a great job, you should be sooo proud!!
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Yay!!! You did it! You must feel so amazing right now! That was a huge job and you did it so fast. I don't think your landlord was legally allowed to make you clean it all up so fast though. But at least it's done and you can enjoy your house now. Thanks for taking pics!
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You are amazing. You have been such an inspiration to me! Those photos were the push I needed to get stuff done today! Thank you.
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You are a decluttering queen!!! I bow down...
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It looks great. How wonderful to have an apartment with hardwood floors AND a basement.
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you are so, so awesome. thank you for posting pics! they are amazing. you rock. you deserve an award!
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I think you did a great job, though I think I agree the bookcases/pantry at the bottom were probably fine. But, hey, you found a place for them anyway!
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You have done an amazing job! I hope you feel proud of what you were able to accomplish!
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You Rock!!! Way to go!!!
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The pics are amazing! Just know you are an inspiration, Pumpkin.
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WOW!! Great job cleaning that up!
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Way to go I have been following along!

While I think the bookcases were fine and a good use of space it is nice to have free space! But I would still be checking with the tenacy board. And telling your landlord that while you cleaned for good measure and because it had to be done anyways that it wasn't evictable (if it wasn't I don't know your tenancy laws)

But yay for SPACE! And I can't believe how much you got acomplished! You rock!
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