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I wouldn't normally recommend this, either, but do you have a friend who has access to a large dumpster? Maybe your friend would be willing to dispose of your trash for you. You want to make sure it's all out of there, especially before the landlord comes to do another inspection. (But you know that already.) Also, as this is a desperate situation, grocery stores usually have large dumpsters.

When you mentioned the stuff stored in your basement, that struck a chord with me, as I have stuff that I've been carrying around for over 10 years. It is a HUGE weight to me. It's all packed randomly into boxes. Some boxes are in my spare room and some take up space in 2 closets. Just know that while you have clutter to deal with, you are not alone in that. And after you get the main living areas cleaned and decluttered, you can tackle the basement clutter 15 minutes at a time.

So many congrats on your TONS of progress! Great job! Just remember that you can do it fifteen minutes at a time. It is wonderful to see your attitude and emotional state improve so significantly in such a short period of time. You went from feeling overwhelmed by all the work to be done to acknowledging that while you have a lot of work to do, you can do it bit by bit. You're in control. I'm so happy for you!!
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When your friends come to help you, send a bag or two of garbage home with each one for them to put out for pick up at their house.
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Thanks so much for all of the ideas on where to stash the garbage. I am usually a rabid recycler, but I think I may bring a huge ton of cardboard with me to my friend's house when I go to drop off DS today and stick it in her dumpster. I am headed to class today all day and she is watching him and her apartment complex has a huge dumpster.

Oh, and I did a quick clean up before bed last night too! Woo Hoo!

I can't wait to come home tonight to tackle another project. I didn't get to a 15 minute chunk this morning, but I had homework that is due in a couple of hours, so I had to prioritize. Still chugging away....

I will share pics when it is finished too.
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When I was moving, I found that the Humane Society picked up boxes and bags of donations from the front porch. The Salvation Army in my area did that as well. Rather than spend the time hauling donations around, can you have someone call and arrange a pickup?

Good luck on the cleanup.
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Go Mama Go! You sound like you are doing really well! Also it sounds like you already feel the payoff. Keep up the good work!
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Yeah!!! I'm soooo happy for you!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!
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I just wanted to congratulate you on your progress Keep up the good work!!
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For the rubbish, contact whoever does your garbage collection they may do an additional one off collection. If not, have a look in your local newspaper ads or on craigslist as there will be someone who will take it away for a smallish fee.
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if the clothes you are going to donate are not in tip top shape maybe you can use them as dispoable cleaning rags...you will need that for the 5 gal. laundry spill ....and then you could use them for the bathrooms, etc. also.
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You are making such great progress!!!! Way to go!!
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Ok, so tonight I cleaned up the kitty litter that I dumped on the laundry soap spill. FYI: DO NOT EVER PUT KITTY LITTER ON TOP OF LIQUID SOAP SPILLS. It just turns it all into bubbly, soapy, grimy, stinky glue.

I ended up scraping as much as I could up, scrubbing as much as I could with some rags that I had and then I finally went online to see if I could figure out how to save the basement floor. I read a trick that finally worked, but was extremely strange. I poured vegetable oil onto the spill, rubbed it in really well, then sprayed it with some all purpose household cleaner (Planet brand that I had in the cupboard) and wiped it up with dry rags. It cleaned up relatively easily, and now that it is starting to dry, the floor is looking pretty decent, so I think it may be done.

I also moved the food pantry that was on the basement stairs landing into the basement. The food was on two smallish bookcases, so I moved those to the upstairs/DS's bedroom that I had just cleaned. I plan to move the kids books that are on the bookcases on the upstairs landing onto those. The food in the basement isn't organized yet, and most of it is just on the floor, but at least the landing is clear and the laundry spill is cleaned up. It too, DS and I three and a half hours to do what we did tonight. DS had a blast helping me to carry things downstairs when I moved the food. I think i am going to move the big bookcases on the upstairs landing to the basement and use that as the food pantry.

So, grand tally so far of things on the landlord's list:

Clean bedroom Done!
Clean up spill in basement Done!
Clear upstairs landing
Clear basement landing Done!
Clean bathroom 3/4 Done!
Sweep and mop entire house

I am feeling much better about everything, and definitely feeling like it will get done. I am actually starting to feel like I may go beyond what they asked for too, which is very exciting. I have never lived in a truly clean house, and was starting to think I never would.
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I am impressed with how much you have gotten done. It sounds like it will be worth all the hard work and effort.
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You are doing an awesome job, and are going to be so much happier when it's done, however:

Originally Posted by lolar2 View Post
Is this an actual fire hazard/ code violation? If the landlord just doesn't like the way it looks, I'd think you can't legally be evicted for it. On Monday, put in a call to a tenants' rights group in your area and find out what you can.

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I am going to shoot for clearing the landing that has the bookcases on it tomorrow after work and then doing a big clutter clean up through the whole house. I might sweep tomorrow too, but am not going to put too much on my list, as I know that the bookcase move will take a couple of hours minimum.

My next list to tackle after the landlord mandated things are:

Clean and organize the other cupboards in the kitchen
Organize and weed out the front closet (coats/mittens/hats/boots/etc)
Weed out too small clothing from DS's dresser and closet
Weed out too big/small and out of style clothing from my dresser and closet
Weed out DS's toys/books that he has outgrown
Start pitching things that are stored in the basement. (This one will take a long time, but I really want it all GONE)
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Look at you! Sounds like you are turning over a new leaf!
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Go, mama!!!!

We do not have large item pick-up and we have a 4 garbage limit. A couple of months ago I rented a Uhaul, filled it with crap and drove it to the dump. The dumping fees were only 10$ - although the Uhaul came to about 100$. Way cheaper than a dumpster!

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Ok, I just emailed my professor of my class asking for an extension on my paper. I have a 6 page paper due next Saturday, and I am working a nearly 40 hour week this upcoming week too. I tried to not pick up any extra shifts, but so many teachers are sick, I couldn't say no and feel ok with it. I am just going to buckle down and get it done.

I am pretty sure I will be granted the extension, and I after the inspection is over, I am going to just do homework for a few days to get it all done and then get right back to cleaning again.

Crossing my fingers I don't get sick.
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You are doing an amazing job. Especially without help!! Hold that head high mama.
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You're doing awesome!!! Way to go!!
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You're making exceptional progress!!!!!! I can only imagine how hard it is to be a single mom who both works and goes to school. Once you get over this initial hurdle, you'll feel so much more free and less weighted.

Kudos to you for handling this difficult situation so admirably.
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