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Doulas in Southern Maryland?

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My friend is looking for a doula in Southern Maryland. She lives in Lexington Park. She's been searching- asking her Bradley instructor, looking on DONA, etc. and says she can't find anyone! I've heard from some others that there are at least two in the area. Can anyone point me to names and contact information?

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I would have her call Laura Marks 301-467-8725. She is a Hypnobirthing teacher but she took Bradley with her own and is also a certified massage therapist (nice skill in a doula).
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Have her call St. Mary's L&D also. The lady I know who was a Doula is no longer doing it. I will ask around though. We do need more down here. I have been thinking about taking the classes and doing it myself in a few years.
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I tracked down two doulas!!

Julia Bates (she teaches at St. Mary's College).
Cara Crowe (http://caracrowe.vpweb.com/).
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Look here. They are ALACE trained doulas (now toLabor), who were trained in the midwifery model of care. I was trained by the same group, and can't say enough good things about the training or the doulas who have come out of it. I hope some of the women listed are in your area.

There is a drop down menu at the top right hand corner. Select maryland.

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Unfortunately, none in southern MD. But thanks for the link!
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I know this is an old thread, but I am in Leonardtown, MD and working toward my doula certification. I can attend births starting in 2013! PM me for contact info.

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I have a friend in Waldorf who is working on her cert as well. 



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