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Back in the '60s and '70s when my sisters and I were born, they didn't have ultrasounds, so had no way to know if we might be boys. So, my parents went through all the ins and outs of keeping us from being circ'd. From what my mom said it involved telling everyone she saw that it wasn't to happen and writing it on all the paper work, as well as filing something with the hospital ahead of time.

My dad is from Ireland, so he just thought the idea of it was insane. Since my mother believed the real purpose of circumcision was to keep people from touching their penis as often during hygiene, and puritanical in nature, she being the hippy she was rejected the idea that the body was "dirty."
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I was born in Europe in the 80s. When I was a few years old, I moved to the U.S. The question of circumcision never crossed my parent's minds, thank goodness. While I understand why circumcision became routine in North America, I'm still amazed at the fact that so many people entertain the idea of cutting off a part of their sons' genitalia, with giving it a second thought. From my experience, the quicker that people realize what circumcision as surgery entails, the quicker it loses its glamor.
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Originally Posted by BlessedMommy2006 View Post
This is kind of a spin off, but just wondered for those of you who are guys born in the 1970's or 80's and left intact, or for those of you who are women who wouldn't have been circ'ed if you were male or whose brothers were intact, how did your parents learn about intactness and how did they dodge the circumcision assembly line?
My brother was born in 1980 (I was born in 1984). My mother had every intention of doing it (although my dad was not circed, it was just done at the time). She happened out of her room at the hospital and by the room where they were performing a circ and SAW IT. Baby SCREAMING. She said she just couldn't do it to Alex.

Afterwards, her pedi and ob both said they did not believe in it and were glad. They did however suggest a little retraction.

My brother is still in fact intact as is my dad and I am PROUD that if I have a son he will be as well.

My husband is my brothers age (born in 1979) and my MIL did not circ him, or any of her sons. (there are 5 of them). She had 2 homebirths and breastfed all her kids (including a set of twins). She tends to be a little more natural minded as well as the fact that my FIL is French-Canadian and it just isn't done there or among our culture in general.
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My MIL had my Dh in 82 and he is intact. SHe saw an episode about something to do with circ on tv while she was pregs for him, and decided there was no way she was doing that to her baby FIL didn't argue with her, just said, hey if it's not broke, why fix it?
My sis and i would have been circed if we were boys. My mom just thought it was what you did
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I was born in 1979 and would have been circed. My sister was born in 1986 and would have been left intact. What changed? My mom was a nurse and had seen circs since I had been born and married my dad who was intact. Those things changed her mind, before then she didn't know better.
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My brother was born in 1981 and is intact. I used to see nocirc literature laying around the house. My mom went to nursing school before we were born, though I'm not sure that was part of why she was anti-circ. She went to LLL and breastfed us into the preschool years, cloth diapered, made homemade baby food, co-slept, etc. She was an AP/NFL type of mama, definitely.

DH was born in 1980 and is intact. Why MIL and FIL didn't circ, I don't know as I would feel weird asking
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My older brother was born in 1976, and I have three younger brothers born throughout the '80's, and all are intact. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I know my parents had connections to the hippie culture - she speaks admiringly about some friends who were very "crunchy". I think my dad is also "intact", so I'm sure that helps.

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My DH was born in 1973 and was left intact because he had a serious heart condition that required immediate surgery and his parents were told he probably wouldn't survive. His half-brother was born in 1980 and was circumcised, but no one ever talked about it and the boys apparently never noticed. Then, when DH was in middle school he took a health class and realized he looked like "the boy on the left," so he asked his mother why and she told him the doctors couldn't do it because of his heart. I guess no one ever instructed MIL to retract because she never did, so DH is still happily intact today - and his heart is working great too!
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I was born in 1976 and I think I probably would have been circed. I have a brother born in 1982 that is intact however it was only because of my mom's Ped. She had planned to circ but he told her there was no reason to. However I don't think she found him until after I was born so it probably would have been done. That is why I think the medical community plays such a huge role in ending this practice. My mom is absolutely not anti-circ but yet has an intact son. It's just not an issue she really cares about that much and pretty much just went with the doctor's rec. Ironically she did try to talk me into circing when I was pregnant with #1 because she thought it was really common and felt like my brother felt weird growing up although she says he never complained about not being circed. I think it was more her feeling weird because my brother was the only intact boy. Both of her sisters circed their sons that were both born in 1977.

My dh was born in 1977 and was circed and his brother born in 1979 is also circed. My mil claims she did talk to the doctor about it but decided to do it because her dh is.
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My DH born in 1977 is intact. French-Canadian born in eastern Canada. The circ rate for the area at the time was about 35% it peaked at 40% a few years before he was born.

My Brother born in 1988 was left intact until he was 6 and a doc circed him for phimosis. Which my parents belived because he had injured himself as a toddler with the toilet seat.
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My borther was not circed in the early 80's. My mom was a lamaze teacher and I think got quite a bit of info from them. She was also very anti-episiotomy but despite her wishes she got cut for each birth (which makes no sense as we were all born quite quickly with no drugs and would have come out just fine on our own).

My mom's parents were intelectual hippies (liberal arts professors) at a very liberal university so although she is fairly mainstream I imagine her upbringing played into it.

ETA: my mom was also told to retract my brother at every change, bath, etc. She tried to do it to DS bc she didn't know any better. I (wrongly) assumed she was "safe" since my brother wasn't circed.
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DH is circ'd but I'm pretty sure my brothers intact (at least, thats what I gatherd from my mother when I was researching circ initially after finding out I was having a boy 3 years ago... its not something I've ever actually asked him tbh... we're just not that umm... open? with each other if you kwim. Apparently my parents watched a video of a circumcision and that was all they needed to know to know that they didn't want that for their son.
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My brothers are intact. As others have mentioned, my parents were hippies so we were born at home, ebf, cloth diapered, co-slept, etc.
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MIL said that the nurse came to get dh after he was born (1980) and said it was so he could be circ'd and she replied, "Over my dead body. You touch him and I'll sue you." And that was that. She never said why she felt so strongly or what led her to that position, but I'm really glad she did. Apparently the staff didn't give her any trouble after that.
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My brothers were born in '73 and '79. They were circumcised, but when it came time for me to make that decision for my son she encouraged me to make my own decision but it was clear that she kinda regretted circumcising my brothers.

She said the only reason she did it was because her mother urged her to as her mother's boyfriend had to have it done as an adult. So the whole "do it now when they won't remember" idea.

But she told me about hearing my older brother screaming clear down the hall, talked about the complication from the bell slipping on my little brothers circumcision, and mentioned that it was stupid to do it so they would look like their father. After all neither of her son's circumcisions even look alike.

I'd already made the decision before talking to her. But she's the one who brought it up and if I hadn't already decided I wonder if she would have tried to talk me out of it.
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(not a guy, but have an intact brother born in the 70s)
we were all born at home, so that's how they avoided the assembly line.

my mom (talking to her now) says she figured all the body parts were there for a reason. other than that, she has no idea. it was also the norm in her peer group (that's what she said). The only one of her friends who circumcised was Jewish (and says now that she wouldn't do it now).
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Like Gillian - I am one of those parents. Circumcision had always been an issue for me, so long before I ever had children I knew that they would not be circumcised. The first was DD, born in '79. I do not recall any comment from hospital staff prior to her birth as we did not know the gender ahead of time. DS was born in '81 and I made sure the Dr knew that he was to stay intact. No argument there. Very sadly he ended up being circumcised at 11 for an infection and phimosis. There was no information in those days and even though I argued with the Drs, I had no concrete ammo. Since gaining access to the internet I have learned a lot. That his circumcision was completely unneccessary and solely due to an uneducated medical community.
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Cool thread

If I were born a male I would still be intact, even tho it was the mid eighties. I guess my parents just instinctively got it (they were into natural birth, my mama was a long time reader of Mothering). My dad found no value in circ, and he was not intact. My mom was born in Europe but was really pretty American by the time she had me. I think she remembered reading "how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor" and other similar books. My younger brother is intact, also.

My DH is intact and born in the mid-eighties also. I speak to his mother often about intactivist issue of today. He was a HB along with 2 other siblings. She just could not see a value in cutting of a part of her child. She also came from a fam of only sisters, and later learned her own father was intact. But she did retract and clean at least her older son's (my DH included) in their infancy. I do not know to what extent (because, honestly, I do not know how you could retract a baby without causing some serious bleeding).

All DH's nephews are intact. I cannot say the same for my nephew
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Two of my brothers were circed. One is intact. He is intact because my father is military and we lived in a small community in Germany, so my brother was born in the local German hospital. They wanted to put him under general anesthesia to be circumcised. My mom said, "No way!"

He is 27 now. I asked him about how he feels about being intact, and he's glad about it. He was pretty lucky that he got out of it, since it was simply his birth circumstances that lead to leaving him intact!

My mom is still pro-circ, even though my second brother has a slightly botched circumcision.
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Originally Posted by K703 View Post
I am an intact guy who was born in the mid-1980s. My mother became anti-circ when she was having her first child (who turned out to be a girl) and heard a baby screaming horribly loud. The doctor said that it was a boy being circumcised, and at that point she decided that circ was a terrible thing to do and that she would not let it happen if she had a boy in the future.
*sarcasm intended*

But...but... I thought babies slept through it and didn't feel any pain?
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