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Anyones hair falling out?

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Asia is about 3 and 1/2 months and a couple days ago my hair started falling out like CRAZY. At first, I thought it was the birth control, but after talking to a few people they say it's pretty normal to have a lot of your hair fall out 3-6 months after having a baby since usually your hair gets thicker and doesn't fall out very much while your pregnant.

Anyways, its falling out insanely and I hate it. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?
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me! I had this with DD1 and again with DD2. I think with DD1 it went away around 9 months pp. I hope it's a bit earlier this time....
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I'm crashing your DDC but I saw this post on the new posts and it caught my attention. Yep, its a post-partum thing. It doesn't matter whether you're breastfeeding or not, on BC or what you do. It should be back to normal by the time your LO is a year old, but it sure feels like you're going bald in the meantime.
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Yep! With DS #1 I didn't know to expect it. After that, it happened with DS #2 & 3. It does seem like it's all coming out though!
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I was just wondering when this would start. Wy is only 7 weeks old so it hasn't started for me yet. I have short hair so hopefully it won't be too bad (clogged drain wise I mean)
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Yep, started right around 2 months postpartum...same thing with my first. It's a pain, but it does stop eventually.
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Our son is 2.5 months and it just started today! It tends to go on for months. It stinks!

Take care,
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Jules is about 3 months and it still hasent happened. Fingers crossed!
I had it happen early with my dd, and then I heard about upping the b vitamins and the hair loss stopped and grew in very quickly. This time around, I am taking loads of B's post partum and no hair loss! A naturopath gave me a supplemet that helped my hair drow quick with B's and spanish moss when I had my dd. It is totally safe to take while breastfeeding too. If I have to, I will get some more of that.
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Mine hasn't yet..............
But I am a hairdresser and I just wanted to let everyone know (incase you didn't already know) that no one is technically "losing" hair. On the average, people lose a well over a hundred hairs a day. However, when you are pregnant, you stop losing that many hairs, that is why our hair starts to look so much thicker. Unfortunately, after pregnancy, all those hairs that should have fallen out but didn't, all seem to come out at once.
Just thought I would mention that, to help calm some of the panic.
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With both of my first two, I was closer to six months PP when this started--and I swear it continued until nearly the next pregnancy! Not especially looking forward to this...
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Yes, it's normal for it to happen around this time. It's because you lost so little hair during pregnancy.

I am losing hair now but I think it's 'cause of my meds. I'm actually glad, I was ridiculously poofy with way too much hair going on the entire pregnancy and afterward.
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