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open gifts at party? - Page 6

Poll Results: open the gifts?

  • 63% (111)
    yes, at the party.
  • 30% (53)
    no, not at the party.
  • 6% (11)
    obligatory other.
175 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post
Last 3 I went to the kids were pretty much forced to open their gifts when everyone wanted to be playing instead.
Okay - I would never do that. If nobody wanted to, then it wouldn't make sense to do it.

Originally Posted by kcstar View Post
I go with what's traditional where I am. If most other families open at the party, I probably would too. If most other families don't, I probably wouldn't. But DS is only 2 and hasn't had any big parties yet, expect this position to evolve
Yeah - if people around here generally didn't do it, I probably wouldn't, either.

Originally Posted by BrandiRhoades View Post
I've personally never seen this problem at parties. I think even small kids get that it's person X's birthday, and that's why s/he gets gifts.
hmm...think I quoted the wrong post, but I agree.

Originally Posted by MammaG View Post
Especially with kids in attendance, skip it! It's boring to watch someone else open presents, and for a child, it's also a source of jealousy. For the birthday child, it's simply overwhelming, even for an 8-year-old.
I've honestly never seen any jealousy at a birthday party. The only child I've ever seen become even slightly overwhelmed was dd1, for a couple of years, and she was given the option of stopping. We knew she couldn't handle a mob, so we only had a few guests.

I'd open them a few at a time over the next few days and then each present can be connected with the giver in the child's mind and thank-yous can be written as each is opened. Think about all the great games and activities you could do with that time instead!
Now, this I can't even imagine. My kids would go nuts knowing they had a bunch of wrapped gifts still sitting around. DS1 was okay, but dd1 and ds2 aren't exactly great at the whole delayed gratification thing (working on it), and I don't want to turn their birthdays into a battle or lesson on that. Other times, sure...but I don't want to pick a fight on their birthdays.
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I voted no. It's not really done in our little community. Of the 10 or so parties I've attended in the past 2 years, it was only done once. Once it was done when the guests entered. This worked out well b/c it was a big house and the party was in the backyard. The bday boy greeted guests at the front door and opened gifts and there were few other children present at that moment. The other time the child casually opened gifts while sitting on his Mom's lap while the other kids played on the swings or swam in the pool. Mostly it was the adults standing around watching.

Smaller intimate parties, sure. But these are generally inviting the whole preschool class, if not the whole school (two rooms, toddler and preschool).
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