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Help! I have a goiter!

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I have to have an ultrasound of my thyroid next week, because my endocrinologist (I have diabetes) said there are two nodules on it. Does anyone know anything about this? or what can be done naturally? I'm only seeing an endo because I will be ttc next month and had to go on insulin. Is there a problem with getting pregnant if you have a goiter? I prefer to treat it naturally, but there are scarce to no natural practitioners around here!
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I think that goiter is just an advanced case of either hyper or hypo thyroidism, and meds can help. I don't know about natural cures, but I'm sure iodine has something to do with the thyroid.
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If you are hypothyroid you will need to take thyroid meds, but they do not interfere with pregnancy and may actually help you get pregnant. It is also very important for the baby that you are not hypothyroid while pregnant. I don't know about hyperthyroid and pregnancy.
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A goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland located in the center of the throat.Either an overactive or underactive thyroid can cause one to grow,since in both forms the thyroid gland attemps to compensate for the production of thyroid hormone.Most occur when iodine is lacking from the diet.Things to do: Eat lots of seafood like kelp.Lots of leafy greens.Sweet potato is good,b/c you need vita A and E.Homeopathy: Take the 30C strength every 12 hours up to 2 weeks:

Take Iodum for a person who is obsessive,always in a hurry and hot
Spongia is recommended for a long standing hard swelling of the thyriod.
Calcarea for a chilly,pale overweight person who tends to sweat (esp.sweaty feet)
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Have you looked into taking selenium? I use it for "boarderline hypothyroidism".

Another thing that may sound "radical", how many amalgams (silver fillings ) are in your mouth? these fillings are 50 % mercury by volume, they do leach and you breath mercury. Mercury is a known cause of thyroid problems.

Just another avenue to look into. Look into the area about known diseases caused by mercury toxicity.

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I take Natural Dissicated thyroid. 3 1/2 grams. The tricky part is getting someone to prescribe it. I have found a wonderful Dr. who will learn about anything and try most anything to get a person well. i love him. There is a book by Broda Barnes that talks in depth about throid disease and natural thyroid. i think it is called the unsespected Illness or something like that.

Yes you should definitely get it taken care of if you are trying to concieve. Low thyroid can cause infertility and miscarraige.
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Thank you for all your replies! I'll try the Iodum, and I'll add more of the other things mentioned to my diet. I already do eat some of all of them. I got my blood tests results back and apparently, if it's anything, it's hyperthyroidism, but my free T4s are in good numbers, so they may have just caught my TSH at a low point in the hormonal cycle. At least it's not hypothyroidism! Although, if I have a goiter, and a goiter is caused by one or the other, and I don't have either, why do I have a goiter? Sigh. There have been so many times I've wished I didn't have diabetes, so I could continue not having to deal with medical doctors. I am so bummed I will not be able to have a homebirth this time.
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It seems like there are more than a few of us with thyroid problems. This might make a good article for Mothering Magazine.
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