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DD2 might get stuck in our old pumpkin costume, but maybe not - I don't generally dress up the babies.

DS2 is the Hulk. There's a strong Marvel thing in this house.

DD1 is being a generic black-costumed witch...a pretty one, though.

DS1 is being Rorschach from The Watchmen. Blech. His costume is the most time and money intensive, because he gets stuff from thrift stores and augments as necessary. I need to get some dye for his hat...but he pays for most of it himself.
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Originally Posted by aprons_and_acorns View Post
My five year old son is going to be a woodstove.
love it!!! how are you making this?
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DS is going as a palm tree.
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Woodstove! Palm tree! Baby actuary! Super Allen! These are wonderful!

I'm in awe of that corn costume.

DD is going as the ghost of Amelia Earhart -- she has a sheet of white satin with eye holes, and an aviator's cap to wear over it. She wanted to be "the ghost of a famous person."
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DS1 wanted to be Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba for MONTHS and we bought the costume even though its cheap, barely fits and was 50 bucks. He was SO EXCTED!!! But then he told me yesterday he's sad he couldnt be Bert and DS2 would Ernie. I'm like thanks for that! So much cheaper!

ds2 is going to be DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. His costume was made by someone on another forum and it's so perfect.

Now I'm worried they might get cold. But with their ages (3 and 1) I doubt we'll be ToTing a lot anyway.
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8yoDD will to be the Grim Reaper. She's convinced her Aunt and her aunt's boyfriend (both in their 30s) to be zombies on chains that she is dragging around the overworld while collecting souls.

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Originally Posted by LianneM View Post

DD 4.5 wanted to be a Super Hero. I pressed for more info, and he just gave me the look that I thought I wasn't supposed to get until my kids were teenagers. You know, the "Mom, you are an idiot" look. So finally he said, "I want to be SUPER ALLEN!" (His name is Allen) So I dressed DD (16mo) to match. Here are my two Super Heroes

aww bless

chloe and caitlin are dressing as witches, cameron is going to be a dragon and caden is going to be a little black cat.
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DS is going to be a Dog.
He has been OBSESSED with dogs since before he could walk, and it certainly hasn't changed much at 4.5 y/o.

He's a "bigger" 4 year old, so finding a dog costume that fit him was near impossible. So... we made one.
10 hours of work and we have a dog costume!
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Originally Posted by Jenifer76 View Post
DS wanted to be Metal Sonic (the Hedgehog) which doesn't exist so Mommy had to put something together.

DD wanted to be Barbie Thumbelina. She is very adamant in her clothing choices so I didn't fight it.
I'd love to see what you came up with. DS has already insisted he's going to be sonic next year.
Originally Posted by leighi123 View Post
The very hungry catepillar

And Corn on the Cob

Both handmade by me - the catipillar has the face on the red hat. front , the corn one has each curnel padded, and the outer park is 'peelable' so he doesnt have to wear the green part. I made the shoes too - yellow ones for the catipillar and green patchwork for the corn.

I made the corn first, that was his choice, but it is SOOO hot (we live in florida!), so I made the second one for day time events. He has been wearing both b/c we have been doing tones of halloween activities. And both have gone through the wash with no issues
Those are awesome!

Originally Posted by Theoretica View Post
8yoDD will to be the Grim Reaper. She's convinced her Aunt and her aunt's boyfriend (both in their 30s) to be zombies on chains that she is dragging around the overworld while collecting souls.


DS (6yo) is going to be Harry Potter. In my annual moment of Halloween insanity, I refused to pay $30 for a super cheap robe and insisted "I can make that for less!" And to be honest, the fabric was only about $10 or $15, but for some reason, when I'm making the costume I go insane and insist on going the extra mile (or ten!), so he's getting a custom altered Gryffindor sweater, and hand made wand and I've probably spent far more than I would have if I had just bought the stupid robe. Plus, he looks so cute! I'll try to post pics soon, I'm waiting for the paint to dry on his wand.

DD (4yo) is going to be a witch (non HP related). She picked the tackiest bright purple crushed velvet for her dress, so she looks like a crazy disco witch! I also made a black robe to wear over the dress. I just hope it's not too cold. They have some room under the costumes, but if they need winter coats we might be in trouble!
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Dd,11,is going to be Jessie from Toy Story.She wanted to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas but it was sold out.We went to the Disney store to try to find Sally,but once she saw Jessie she was hooked.Luckily she's a skinny little thing,as it's made for a younger child.

Ds,8, will be Optimus Prime.I couldn't find him a costume that fit,he's a little chubby.So I went to Hot Topic and they had adult shirts that looked like the top half of Optimus,and an Optimus mask.Put that with a blue sweatsuit and he's all set.

Hopefully it's not too !
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I'm going to have a 7 year old vampire ("a traditional vampire, not a sparkly vampire") and a 3.5 year old skeleton. He's wanted to be a skeleton since shortly after Halloween last year -- he's a persistent little guy.
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DD is going to be Dorie, the little pink witch from Ojamajo Doremi. DH and I are anime dorks and, apparently, we've passed it on.

This was the first year I've not made her costume. I was kind of sad, but everything had to be "real." It was a pain in the butt to find all the pieces though. Thank goodness for amazon and eBay.
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DS - just about 2 yo will be Bob the Builder.
Last night he was riding around on his toy dump truck completely naked wearing just the hard hat and tool belt from the costume!
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DD1 (2) is going to be a purple/silver robot made out of a wipes box. lol

DD2 (5mo) is going to be a deviled egg.
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Not sure what the older dd's are being yet (they are 19, and 18)

15 ds is a ninja (running family joke, he was a ninja for like 5 years when he was little)
9 dd a hippy ( Dh told her to go look in my closet. LOL)
8 ds Peter Pan
6 dd tinkerbell
5 dd Mermaid
4 yo dd Garden Fairy
3 yo ds Gnome
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"A dead cat".
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My oldest was Shadow the Hedgehog one year. I found a Shadow head piece on ebay and created the rest of the ensemble with a black turtleneck and sweatpants, white faux fur that I cut to look right and glued it to the chest, and white gloves. People recognized it as Shadow so I was pretty psyched!

This year I'm living out my personal dream and having my kids dress up like The Wizard of Oz characters.

ODS is the Tin Man (won best boys costume at his school party). It was expensive because the spray paint was $5/can and I used almost 3. The arms were also $9/each. Homemade can be expensive!

ODD is the Scarecrow. I spent $0 on this costume! Woohoo! The shirt I used from last year's costume (Jessie from Toy Story), the burlap we already had and the patches were from an old shirt.

YDD is Dorothy and YDS is the lion, but he won't wear his costume. He has some sensory issues so I should have known better than to buy something that has a hood with faux fur.
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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post
DS1 is being Rorschach from The Watchmen.
OMG When I first read this I thought it said "Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter!"

I cannot believe how hilarious all of your kids are and how talented you sewing mamas are! These are AWESOME! Reading this thread makes me so excited... not terrified.... to watch my baby grow into a little boy!
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My DD (19 mos) is going as Little Red Riding Hood.

I made her a black corduroy jumper with red buttons at the shoulders and a hooded cape out of red costume satin with sparkles on it. She wears a white long sleeve onesie, white tights and her sparkly red converse and carries a little basket.

She already wore it to a hay ride last weekend. It's soo cute! I'll post pics later when I'm not nak-ing.
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