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DS is going to be Woody from Toy Story
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DD, 28 mo, is going to be a ladybug...
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Originally Posted by Krisis View Post
Cute! Maybe I'll go to Old Navy tomorrow because I'm really curious what a dalmatian costume looks like
Here is a picture. That's not my kid, but that's what the costume looks like
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DS1 (6 years) is going to be Luke Skywalker
DD (6 years) is going to be Sleeping Beauty (Yeah, she already had that one as part of her dress up clothes)
DS2 (4 years) is going to be Storm Trooper
DS3 (2.5 years) is going to be Bob the Builder (who I have had someone be for the past three years. Those overalls I bought at a yard sale have gotten really good use).
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DD is going to be a hummingbird. She has a knack for requesting costumes that can't be bought; when she was 3 she was desperate to be a snail. Fortunately, I have friends who sew!
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DD 17 months is going as a chef
DS 6 yrs is going as a ninja
DS 9 is going as a phantom
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Originally Posted by Alathia View Post
DS1, age 4.5, is going as Indiana Jones.
DS2, age 14 months, will be going as Short Round.

I will be having coordinating costumes as long as I can get away with it. heh
I hear ya on the coordinating costumes, it makes things so much easier. Last year DS1 and DD were Mario and Luigi. We got a TON of compliments on their costumes. However, this year they both picked totally different costumes.

DS1 is going as Indiana Jones. DD is going to be a witch (but would've made a cute Short Round also ) and DS2 is going to be a devil.
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DD2 is going to be a turtle (DD1's first real costume)

DD1 first told me she wanted to be a "pink kitty cat Halloween kitty" and then she wanted to be a "Halloween butterfly - purple Halloween butterfly" What can I say, she's 3! Then her big cousin showed her the Party City flyer and all I've heard about for 2 weeks straight has been "I'm going to be Dora the 'Splora!"
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Originally Posted by alicia622 View Post
love it!!! how are you making this?
I am starting to love the woodstove costume too now that I've figured out how to make it. DH thought of making him a cardboard box-type costume but those look so uncomfortable and cumbersome. So he's wearing a black sweatsuit with a big felt door that opens and closes over the belly (with velcro). When you open the door, there is a picture of a roaring fire painted on the belly of the sweatshirt. And his hat is black with an aluminum duct chimney on top. Simple, homemade and easy to wear, yay!
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There are so many sweet ideas in this thread!
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My mom is making costumes for the kids. Dd (2.5y) is going to be a witch and ds (2mo) is going to be a black cat. However we've had several halloween events to attend already and since we don't have the costumes yet (my mom lives 400 miles away and we'll be spending halloween with her) we've had to improvise in the meantime. For dd's school halloween party she wore her red riding hood costume from last year, and for Halloween story time at Border's she wore her pink tutu and leg warmers and was a dancer. I love Halloween and hope that dd let's me pick her costume for a couple more years still.
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Dinosaurs. The 4yo is a T-Rex and the 2yo is a triceratops. I got the costumes half-off at KMart - I am in awe of all you creative mamas!
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Hunter is going to be a turtle.
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DD (10) is going to be a bowl of Mac and Cheez. She'll have a laundry basket w/a hole cut in the bottom and it will sit around her hips. We'll cover it w/paper and paint a label on it (like Easy Mac, even though we never eat anything but Annie's, lol--does Annie's make a microwave single bowl thing?). We're painting toilet paper tubes cheesy orange. She'll have a wrapping paper tube that I'll cover w/duct tape and make tines like a fork. Then I'll glue mac and cheez on the tines. If we have enough 'noodles' left, we'll make a hat.

Ds (8) is going as a Clone Trooper.

Dd (3) is either going to be a black kitty, a ladybug, or a bee (if I can find the last 2 costumes).
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Dd (almost 5) will be Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty.)

Ds (2.5) will be Yoda. He's obsessed with Star Wars right now and this is the last year the Yoda costume will fit so we HAD to do it!
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My oldest, 16 is going to be a flapper for a theatre party.

My youngest is either going to be a tiger or a ladybug.

I don't have a costume for my son but he insisted he wasn't dressing up. He's 14. Doesn't look like he's going to be home for it.
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DD (19) is going to be a Bond girl.

DD (12) is a Pixie biker chick (for want of a better description). Here's a photo as she wore her costume to a Halloween climbing competition this past weekend.

DS (9) is a warewolf, complete with a very scary full-faced mask!
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We were going to be a family of pirates, but I made DS and DH matching kilts so I guess they will be Celts. Dh said they could be extras from Braveheart but I refuse to let him "paint" the baby Now I need to decide if I will still be a pirate or what.
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7 YO DD will be a bride(POSSIBLY a zombie bride...her idea....ewww) and 10 month old DS will be a heart breaker...tehehe. I'm going to the fabric store to get an iron on heart, cut it jagged like down the middle and iron it on a white tshirt...wish I could find a REALLY cheap leather baby jacket...tht would be cute!
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DS is going to be gnome. I'm also going to turn his wagon into a toadstool. Hopefully he will keep the hat/beard on long enough for a picture.
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