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Wow, how'd you do it? I'd so love to make one but I can't sew...

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great pic arlene! you look wonderful!!!
thanks jen! wish i was as crafty as you - so amazing you made your wrap for so little!!!

iknow you can relate - i just feel so good to be up and walking! plus my preggo face is almost gone and despite the bedrest i fit in my regular clothes - i cant believe it - 6wks of bedrest and a slow recovery from the section (also had a bladder infection). so i am so grateful to be up and moving! loved your pics of amelia, btw...will add a pic there soon!

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arlene, it is amazing what we can recover from! s

jen, i just cut a piece of fabric. that project predated my sewing machine and well, i'm not too awesome on that piece of equipment anyway! i've been using some of the moby holds, but there are basic instructions here:


i basically took some $1/yd stretchy material and cut it in half legthwise so that i ended up with two pieces 23" wide by 5 yds long. i am average build and 5 yds was plenty for me.
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I have a Moby that Kianna loves BUT only if she is sleepy or already sleeping. She does not like to be in it if she is awake because she cant see around and she is so nosy! Lol. Which is kinda frusturating cause when she is awake right now she wants to be held constantly so I am only getting stuff done when she is sleeping. Anybody else have a baby that doesnt like to be wrapped unless they are sleepy?
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I use a Sleepywrap and love it -- check out their website to see the "hammock hold" that could work for the curious baby!
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Originally Posted by Leilamus View Post
I love my wrapsody wraps!!! By far better than moby IMO. I took some pics of Sydney in the Sebastian yesterday. She loves it and it's the easiest carrier for us right now. Definitely check out the site and/or the babywearer.com to get one and read reviews.


Why do you like the Wrapsody more than a Moby? I'm using my Moby quite a bit but it's already a bit saggy. I'm concerned about my lo being slumped down in it...
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Originally Posted by miss_honeyb View Post
Why do you like the Wrapsody more than a Moby? I'm using my Moby quite a bit but it's already a bit saggy. I'm concerned about my lo being slumped down in it...
The Moby is really long and really stretchy. Wrapsody wraps are stretchy, but not nearly as much as the Moby. You get a lot more use out of it as it can go up to 35 pounds.
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The pocket WCC, is this like the kangaroo carry? I've not heard of that one before.

I love my didymos! I like Hoppediz too all though the big kids have claimed that one LOL! My DH will ONLY wear his BBS, he has his own. He'll still try to wear the twins in it and they're 2 and 25 lbs each LOL!

Also check out FSOT for used carriers, fall is a great time to get bargains since everyone is saving up for the holiday shopping season. Lots of cheap great quality carriers around!
PWCC is like FWCC except the pocket is on the inside of FWCC and on the outside of PWCC.


Here's a video of a hot guy doing PWCC.
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Ds loves to be in the Ergo (with newborn insert) and the Baby Hawk. I prefer the Baby Hawk because there is less bulk, but for the cool weather the Ergo has more insulation outside.
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AH! Ok I've never heard it called that before. I do that with my woven carriers mainly.

OH and I just got a Kangaroo Corner Adjustable Fleece pouch. LOVE it!
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We're using an Ergo baby carrier with the infant insert.
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Jen when you say average build, what size do you wear? I am a fairly big boned girl, so to speak, and wear a size Large (or 12) most of the time, some times a medium in brands that run large. Should I buy six yards of fabric?
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