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this baby is making me so nervous

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I have been very busy on and off throughout the day, not really paying too much attention to the baby's movements since he is usually quiet during the day anyways. I know they often get rocked to sleep by our movements. I do get the occasional foot sticking out my side...

So last night I expected the usual big show in my belly when I laid down to bed. Nothing. I laid there for a half hour. Thought I felt something once but chalked it up to my imagination. I drank some orange juice and laid back down to see if that revved him up. I kept dozing off... I got a couple of kicks- like 3 in 35 min. and fell asleep. Apparently those 3 were enough to put me at ease...

I have an U/S this morning and he seems to be pretty awake... lots of jumping around. But dang. I know they move a little less because they have less room at this stage, but I am not liking it. I have a BPP this morning so we'll see what they say...
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When they're quiet when they're usually awake, it is a bit scary.
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I know what you mean! My boys have even less room for big movement, so I get worried wondering if they both are moving or if it's just one?! It's hard to tell. I've slept on my right side throughout this whole pregnancy, but now I'm starting to get paranoid about it. Hoping I'm not cutting off blood supply to my guy on the right. But, having this much weight, and only sleeping in one position throughout the night ... is impossible!
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Same thing happens to me. I try not to worry too much, but I have a doppler if it gets to the point where I can't take it anymore.
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Well, I had my U/S and he was moving alot- lots of small movements that I coudln't even feel. Like, flapping his hands, moving his head around... but I guess he is getting pretty crowded in there.

I was feeling him move so much around 6-7 months that we returned our doppler, and last night I would really have felt better if we had it. It is nice for peace of mind.
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For the last two weeks I have felt the same way! And I had an u/s this past Friday where it showed her moving a lot and I barely felt it.
Also, I talked to my dr and she said it really is common. I asked her if it counted the same as regular movement if I was pushing her around and then she moved and she said yes.
Because that's what I have been doing the past 2 weeks, I'll gently push all around her and after a few minutes she'll start moving so that I can feel it.
I've been really scared sometimes too.

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I have had the same thing throughout this pregnancy. some days the baby is so quiet and just before I completely freak out it starts to move like crazy for a few days and then quiet again. Very strange!
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He does the same thing I normally get all crazy and start to push him around until I get a response I know that is not the best thing to do but with Ds I never did and would call the OB in a panic all the time I am a little over protective huh?? I do not start off pushing the bean I do it if the ice cold water that gets him moving doesn't work out!
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glad you got some reassurance maisiedotes!

yeah, i've been noticing the decreased movement as well, but i can't help but notice the permanant shoving of a foot under my ribs. we fight about foot placement in there, the baby and me
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I've noticed this too. This little one is a wiggler at night and there have been a few nights where he seemed so quiet. Sometimes I wonder if maybe he was moving but I was sleeping deeply, but then sometimes those crazy movements wake me up. As long as I still feel a jab here or there during the day I feel better.
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Glad you had some reassurance.

I think because it is getting so crowded in there, they can't kick us like they used to.
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Yeah, things definitely slow down for the last few weeks. I've noticed that both with DD and this one. I've also found that depending on the babe's positon, I'm more likely to feel various movements. My MW has said that based on what she hears with the fetoscope, my placenta is probably in the back. When LO is facing my back, I don't feel nearly as many movements as when he's facing forward.

I've also noticed the last week or so I've been feeling a lot more slithery/slidey movements than kicking ones. I guess that's a consequence of space restriction in there.
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I am afraid this baby is going to come out dented with all the poking and jiggling I have been doing to get him to move around! Oh- at my U/S they said he is squished to the point that his face is smooshed against the wall of my uterus (I guess that is what it is)- kinda like smooshing your face against a mirror. My sister did that and her nose was pressed to one side for weeks! My mom wanted to put her back. I, on the other hand, was perfect in every way, just like I still am.
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Hehe, I also poke this kid too! The poor little thing is already annoyed with me, I'm sure! But it is really cool that we can respond to each other, you know? Before, we just had to wait until the baby moved on its own. Now though, we can interact with each other, and that is just so sweet. Of course, DH keeps telling me not to squish the baby!
I also noticed less movement as time goes by, so it's probably nothing for you to worry about.
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I realized something today. I usually feel him kicking here and there throughout the day and night, but now he is just squirming in there. I can only really feel it if my hand is on my belly. I feel much better. This morning I watched as my belly bulge moved totally to the left side, then to the right, then the elusive foot sticking out the right side... then out the top.
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