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Talk me down!!

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I am a little freaked out b/c my temp took a dive this am. I haven't posted it in FF b/c It make it look inevitable that m/c will follow. I still feel pg (hunger and nausea). I am not going to temp anymore b/c it will freak me out more. Or maybe I should to reassure myself that it was only b/c my room was SOOOOO f'ing cold last night. Should I be worried?
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ooh, mama. Just deep breaths, ok?

I'd stop temping if I were you. I wouldn't be worried. And I'd take a lot of freaking DEEP breaths!!!
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I've never really temped before, so I'm not sure, but first of all try to be calm. I have read that if you are temping your temperature may stay elevated if you become pregnant, which to me implies that it also may not. I would think especially so if your room was really cold last night. I'm not sure continuing to temp will help clear things up for you, it sounds like a lot of excess stress to me, but that's me.

I don't have any suggestions for you, though, sorry Many loves, and good luck, I hope someone has a way to help figure things out for you.
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Did it drop below the coverline? I quit temping after I got a lower temp and thought I am not going to freak myself out with this.
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Originally Posted by niknakmn View Post
Did it drop below the coverline? I quit temping after I got a lower temp and thought I am not going to freak myself out with this.
The first time I did it it did. I took it again b/c I didn't believe it. that was not below CL, it was .3 above the other temp.
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you are so cute!

but really stop temping.
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yeah, stop temping. Remember how it always tells you on FF that there are plenty of pregnancies without a tri-phasic pattern, ok? And too much can affect your temp (temp of the room, pregnancy insomnia/restlessness, mouthbreathing, etc.)

Just relax, and enjoy being pregnant. If you need some reassurances, get betas done.
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My temp did the same exact thing yesterday...my heart sunk. It was aweful so I know how you feel. I just had to know today so I temped today and it went higher then it had been before. Lesson learned...stop temping. Not a healthy thing for me to be doing right now. I'm not going to temp tomorrow but I probably will take a hpt just to see how dark the line is.
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The first trimester is trying enough without second-guessing each day's temp. So stop temping!
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Hi, DDC crashing! I kept temping for several weeks after my BFP, and freaked myself out a bunch of times because my temp took a nosedive. I finally quit temping because it was making me insane, and I'm glad I did. Now I am almost 15 weeks and everything is totally fine!
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