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apmt today

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ok went to my 36 week apmt she is stil breech my doc told me next week if she is still breech he will do a verson? UGH i know it wil hurt PLEASE BABY TURN!
bp is good babys heart is good
but he looked at me and said i weould really be heart broken if he had to section me YOU WOULD BE DOC? wow 2 vag nat births and youd be upset wow LOL
now im on weekly visits! yay! he checked me and imk at a 4 lol ive been a 3 for a month now lol
and he did my step test and he didnt swab my bum YAY!
that made me happy no anal q-tips hehe
i cant wait to go back next week at 37 weeks and see if anything is changing i sure hope so im soooo ready to be done!
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I never had a swab in my bum I hope this OB will stay far from that area I hope that little one turns!!!!!! I will be going to the OB next week he is on vacation right now I can't wait to see if these contractions are working!

maybe you could download the turn baby turn from hypnobabies? I also read on I think birth and beyond or maybe our DDC that if you go in the warm bath up to your bellybutton and put a cold compress on top of your belly the baby will turn because they do not like the cold it's worth a try?? So why wont he deliver breech?

Seems like you and I are the two who are the most done being pregnant!!!
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I had my appt today too and no bum swab either! He did check me and I am closed but she has dropped some so that is good! I hope your little one turns soon!!!
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ya sally lets go! im clear to give birth after wensday next week he said!
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I had my strep test today.....am I the only one here who got the infamous "bum" swab lol??

Shake, I hope that baby turns! Is there any way to have your doc. wait until you go into labor? I heard that babies can turn right up until the end, so maybe he can let you wait as long as you can!
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my babe was still head-up at 36 weeks, too. She turned before my 37 week appointment. I was lying face down with my butt in the air every night for at least 15 minutes, plus taking pulsatilla about 5 times a day. I played some music down low, and put a chilled "rice sock" on top of my belly a few times. I also did lots of chatting with the Babe. I don't know which method worked, but something did, and she got where she was supposed to be! I was going to try the hypnobabies track next if she hadn't have turned. My midwife was also going to send me in for a version by an OB, and I really didn't want one -- the results have a low success rate and they can cause pre-term labor and fetal distress.

Turning vibes for your wee one!!
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thanks ladys i Swear when i was in the baht she turned it hurt really bad and now when i check myself it Feels like i can feel her head donw there but i might be wrong
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Originally Posted by shakenbake View Post
ya sally lets go! im clear to give birth after wensday next week he said!

I was told if i made it to 34 weeks he would be happy I think he expected me to have him way before now! I think our DD are right next to each other?? He can come at anytime I will be thrilled! I have constant pressure and contractions but nothing major I think I lost my plug a while ago it most likely regenerated!
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im due nov 23 but thats just an edd LOL i am 36 weeks tommrow
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Try this website for advice on turning that baby! It can be done!
http://www.spinningbabies.comgood luck and here's to heads down soon!
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