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Melissa and Doug easel for one year old?

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Am I crazy for wanting to get an art easel as a Christmas present for my DD that will just be turning 1 in December? I want to start doing some painting and thought an easel would be a good idea. I was looking online at the one by Melissa and Doug, but will it be too tall for my little one? At her 9 month appointment she was 29 inches tall, obviously not sure how tall she'll be by December.
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Personally I wouldn't get the M&D easel. I saw one at Borders and it was in shreds. Granted it was abused by many children so I suppose it should be no surprise. But way back when I actually worked, the toddlers in my class where always climbing up and standing on the paint tray/holder. The M&D has a plastic paint tray/holder. It just won't last the climbing years.

I like the paint easel sold at Hearth Song and Magic Cabin. They look like the same easel, though not sure. They are the same price too. Another option is the table easel which could be placed on the floor for your child.

I bought an easel for my little boy when he was just over 1 and he loved it. Especially the chalk board. He liked being able to wipe it off. He was barely tall enough to reach...but that didnt bother him.
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I found that until dd1 was taller, like at 3.5-4 years old, she was having a hard time painting on an easel anyway. SHe would lean into it to reach it since it's on an angle and knock into the paint tray in the front. Does that make sense? I think for a younger, smaller child, either painting on a flat horizontal surface or flat vertical surface is easier. I would get one of those over the door paper hanger thingy's for a young toddler. We have a wonderful all wood easel that dd got when she was 2 and she is just now at 4.5 using it. The other thing I would think about is the with those beautiful wooden easel's is that you can't really wash them down and the paint/markers/stamps stain it. I cringe when dd gets paint on the easel (I know, I know, I'm ocd) because it is so beautiful and could be an heirloom, but I guess that's what it's for right?
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Thank you for the input, DD not being able to easily reach the easel to paint was my main concern. I really like the looks of the Melissa and Doug one, but I did see a red plastic one at the wholesale club that I think was not as tall and meant for younger kids. You're right, not as nice looking as the wood ones, but maybe it would be good. Or, I just might wait another year and just have her start out by putting paper on the floor to paint. I appreciate the help!
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