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i call it boobie. there is nothing cuter than when my 18mth old (at the time) would say "boobie, Mommy?" love it.
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Just boob. That seemed to be the code word for a while. Lately though she calls it boo-boo.
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we call them titties because it amuses me. my dd never says it above a whisper..."tee-tees?" if she demanded them i probably wouldn't have made it this far still breastfeeding!
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We just call it nursing. DS will ask to "nurse, mama".
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DD2 calls it "nursie". It feels weird to call it that with my new babe (like it's something just between DD2 and I), so I'm thinking of using "milk" with him.
If I'm talking to someone else I say "nursing" or "breastfeeding".
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We called it milk. As in "would you like some milk?" I'm not big on cute nicknames either, LOL.
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We inherited dh's family name for nursing, which is nummies. I don't know the story behind it, maybe I should ask sometime. It is cutesie, but that doesn't really bother me when I'm talking to the baby or dh. Among other adults I use nursing, or just feeding/eating. I don't like using booby or titty or other euphemisms for breast though.
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We call it nummies. I never felt silly asking ds if he wanted some nummies, and people wouldn’t immediately know what he wanted if he was demanding it loudly somewhere. My son, who stopped nursing 3 months ago , calls my boobs nummies if he sees them when I’m changing.
I remember my dad referring to it as hungries. My sister and niece call it a bite to eat.
If I’m talking to another adult I say nursing.
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Milkys or boobies. Never a conscious choice. It just sort of evolved all by itself.
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I just say milk. DH sometimes calls it 'milkies' as that is what his nieces and nephews call it... but he is always saying it in fun, with a funny voice and it doesn't bother me. DD (17 months) does some sign language, so sometimes I sign 'milk' to see if she wants it too.

We don't do cows milk (or other milk) for drinking yet, so there is no confusion.
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Growing up, I heard my Mom and sisters refer to nursing as "ninny jugs. Not sure where it comes from, but that's what I always called it.
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Both of my LO came up with their words on their own as I usually never stuck to one. DD1 said milky and DD2 says nah-nah.
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Originally Posted by Phridae View Post
Well, DS is too young to call it anything yet, but I'm always asking him if he needs a snack.
My hubby tell me to "boob him" when DS gets cranky.

We call 'em boobies, and "boob" is both a noun and verb, as in "have you boobed the kid recently?". The only time I refer to "breasts" is when I am in pain (engorged breast, lump in breast). I love the word boob...I mean it even LOOKS comforting and loving with all those round curves!

For some reason I can't stand the word snack...its got such an icky sound...snack, snack "vorpal blade went snicker-snack."
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We call it milk as well.

DD1 is so adorable - whenever DD2 starts fussing, she yells, "Come on Mommy - quick. Give her your milks! She needs your milks." DD1 knows that they are breasts, but whenever she speaks of them in terms of comfort, she calls them milks or milk (ie. "I'm having a bad day. Can I just snuggle with your left milk?") but otherwise she uses breasts (ie. "Mommy, your breasts are too big for that shirt. Give Nora some milk and maybe they will get smaller.")
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