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Hospital Solicitation, take two - Page 2

Poll Results: I have an intact son and....

  • 26% (48)
    I was asked only one time at the hospital if he would be circumcised
  • 21% (40)
    I was asked multiple times, but more as an informational rather than pressure thing
  • 4% (8)
    I was repeatedly asked and put pressure on to have it done
  • 14% (27)
    I was never asked at all--it was just assumed that it wouldn't be done unless parents requested it
  • 12% (23)
    I had a homebirth or birth center birth and was asked once, solely for care informational purposes
  • 0% (0)
    I had a homebirth or birth center birth, and midwifes asked repeatedly or applied pressure
  • 11% (21)
    I had a homebirth or birth center birth and was never asked at all about circ
  • 8% (15)
    You made tons of options and still left out my situation
182 Total Votes  
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I voted "other."

My boys are intact, but they were both born by c-section and I was on pain meds most of the time during my hospital stay. It's been many years and I really don't recall whether I was asked or not. If I was, it was only once. I would remember if I had been pestered about it.
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I had a weird thing happen it was like but I don't know if I heard wrong or not because I have trouble hearing stuff . In ways, I think this nurse that I recieved was anti-circ because maybe she thought I could hear and said the boy in the next room is getting circ'ed in the nursery. My eyes bulged out of my socket and I said No Circumcision for Brendan she marked it on the paper with O with a slash in the middle . He's still intact and that was the only mentioned I had of it .

I had brendan in Burbank, CA at St Joseph's Medical province center .
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I was asked twice, once by the nurse in L&D before birth/as part of admittance paperwork, and once as confirmation by the nurse in maternity.

And both were quite happy that the answer was "no."
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I was asked once by a nurse after DS was born and she hugged me when I said, "NO!" And then she very happily wrote, "NO CIRC" all over his bassinet and chart.

It was a wonderful experience in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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Other. We were asked multiple times at the hospital by various people. Some nurses rolled their eyes, others were fine. One doc came in and asked when we wanted the circ done and we looked at him like he had two heads and a horn and said 'we're not doing that!' and he left VERY quickly, but didn't say anything.
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With each of my boys, I was asked once. The hospital nurse looked slightly confused, but dropped it and nobody asked again. My HB Midwife asked once and was relieved when we said no. She only asked because alot of her clients want it, and she usually recommends a guy who does a "less" traumatic job.
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I voted I was asked, but no pressure. However, if I had multiple choices I would have answered that I also wasn't asked.

My first two boys were born with midwives, one in the birthing center, one technically in a hospital but that is only because the birthing center was being rebuilt. So I was just never asked. I think I might have been asked during prenatal visits, but I wasn't asked after birth. Then again, I wasn't even there long enough for it. And when they had their first ped visits, I wasn't asked either. Their ped was from Mexico so I think she just didn't even think to ask. Of course, I had already made the decision that it would be a NO.

With my new baby, he was a c-section, hospital delivery of course then a NICU stay. We were asked at his birth hospital (not by my OB, he wont do them), but the ped and a few nurses. They all seemed fine we said no. Then at the nicu we were asked by multiple dr's, especially since they had him sedated, guess they figured then was a good time to do it. We of course said no and they seemed fine. The funniest questioning of me was when I asked the neonatologist about my son being tongue tied. She said "we don't just routinely clip the tongue, we wait to see if there is a problem with feeding or speech", then she asked me if i was getting him cut. I just looked at her and laughed. I mean really, what can you do? She wont clip his tongue, which to me seemed like it could be a much bigger issue, as far as problems in the future, but she was willing to cut off his penis? She did get a big smile when I said no though. I did clarify that I was OK with his tongue being clipped, cause that made sense to me.

So with the same baby, we had two peds then ask if we were doing it. The first said "I have to ask because you only have until he is a month old to do it, but are you having him circ." I said "NO" it must have sounded alittle defensive because she laughed and said "don't worry, i don't want to do it, I just have to ask". Then the next week at his follow up, his regular ped asked and she seemed shocked, but happy. I think it was more because my step son that she has had to look at multiple times for diaper rash is cut and I guess she figured we would with the baby too. I told her no, I wont do it, I kept my older two boys intact, I didn't get to make the decision about dss.

So none with the older two and wayyyyyy too many times with the baby.
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I was only asked once by a nurse. She was confirming what was written on the record sheet. She and my OB commended me for choosing not too
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Never asked and at DS's first ped appt. his doc looked at him and said "not circumcised? good".
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With DS1 we were only asked once by a nurse. When we responded with a no, she said something like "oh good!" and seemed relieved.
With DS2, it was a UC and we were not asked at his first checkup.
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I voted "I was never asked at all--it was just assumed that it wouldn't be done unless parents requested it", but that's not exactly correct. At hospitals in my city, it's just not done at all. If you want it done, you need to pay a decent amount of money, and find a doctor who will do it.
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I was never asked.

I have 2 intact sons. One was born in Germany in 2006 and the other was born in Ohio in 2008. We knew we wouldn't be circ'ing with DS1, but weren't sure how common it was in Germany as we had only lived there 2 months before DS was born. Anyway, I asked my midwife if they circ'ed boys in the hospital. She got a horrified look on her face and said, "Doctors work in hospitals and they are there to help, not hurt. That would obviously hurt the baby." It was never mentioned in the hospital at all. The German pediatrician did ask me later if I planned to have it done when I moved back to the US. I told him no and he was obviously relieved. I think he had an entire speech prepared to dissuade me just in case I said yes.

In the US I had it in my birth plan, so it was never asked.
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I voted other. For dd1 we were asked when I was in labor if we wanted the baby circumcised. We told her we were having a girl.
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With DS at the hospital during my pre-admission it was asked once, we said no and the nurse followed up with "good, because it isn't medically necessary." Our ped was extremely anti-circ so any discussion we had about it revolved around how horrible and unnecessary it is.

With DD, because we didn't know we were having a DD, the first HB midwife I saw didn't bring it up but gave me anti-circ literature. The second midwife I ended up seeing asked during one of my appointments, I told her no, and she followed up by saying there was a doctor she would recommend if we chose to. I have no idea what her official stance is on it.
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Haven't actually been in hospital but it came up today at my prenatal appt today. My m/w asked, I said I wanted it in huge letters that no one was to go near my sons penis...she said she was upgrading me to her Most Favorite Patient on Earth

And said they'd put it in my chart that I wasn't going to circ and the nurses wouldn't say word one about it to me

We got to talking about her other patients choosing circ (we're in iowa, so shocker there) and I told her to YouTube a circ video, that's how I got DH off the circ bandwagon...she said she'll consider asking her patients to watch the video as 'education'
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My home birth midwife asked only for stat info.
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A couple of different nurses asked if my baby was going to be circed. I told them both that I figured all his parts were there for a reason. The first one said, "Oh, that's a good way to look at it." The second one commented that the hospital was going through the Baby Friendly Hospital program for nursing, and she and her friends made jokes that it needed to become a Foreskin Friendly hospital too.
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Our ped came in did the newborn exam and said "I forgot circ or no circ?" I said "No, circ" he looked relived (sp?) and that was that. They gave us care instructions which were correct (no retraction do nothing) when we left the hospital.
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ds was a home birth and I was never asked if we wanted to circ. We didn't know the sex before hand, and when he was born my midwife actually started telling me all about how to care for an intact penis. It was assumed that he would be left alone, which he was of course
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in texas was asked several times. when signed in, a few people afte. they didnt say anythign when i said no. just apparently someone kept unchecking on teh computer that we had been asked already. i said i coming to get him as you keep asking and i dont want him snipped by accident. she said we needa signed form to do that. i waspertty much depressed the day he was born so he spent time in nursery adn was also jaundiced anyway. i did ask for breastfeeding help and she said oh all the nurses atre helping with circs.. nice
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