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Board game ideas for 6 year old boy

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My DS is turning 6 and I’d love to get him a new board game. I am hoping to get something he can play now but is challenging and something adults would enjoy as well. Buh bye Candyland!

We have some cooperative games from Family Pastimes. Last year I got him Wildcraft which is a wonderful game that keeps his interest (and mine) well. My friend has Ravensburger’s Labyrinth which I played once. It’s recommended for age 8 and up so I am not sure if it’s way over his skill level.

Some ideas I have from browsing at Amazon.com:

Junior Monopoly: http://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-0441-S5...6600705&sr=8-1

Caves & Claws: http://www.amazon.com/Cooperative-Ju...6600726&sr=1-1

Secret Door: http://www.amazon.com/Cooperative-Ga..._bxgy_t_text_b

Enchanted Forrest: http://www.amazon.com/Ravensburger-C...ref=pd_sim_t_2

Ravensburger Labryinth: http://www.amazon.com/Ravensburger-2..._bxgy_t_text_c

Camp Board Game: http://www.amazon.com/Education-Outd...ref=pd_sim_t_9

If you have feedback about these games or recommendations, please share! Thanks so much!!

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We've been playing Trouble lately. It's fun for all of us and a fairly inexpensive game.
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off that list we have 2 of them,

junior monopoly, my 5 year old really likes it, usually we play for a certain time, rather than until someone has all the monoey because it can go on and on and on.... It is really good for adding and subtracting as well. We don't play it as much as he would like because I don't like monoploy that much to start with. If you are not a fan of regular monoply you probably won't like this either. it is just a very simple version of the same thing.

Secret door, both my 3 and 5 year old like it and I like it too. My 3 year old doesn't really get how to figure out the end result, but he likes the matching part. Basically you remove 3 of the cards, then it is set up like memory, and you have to figure out through elimination which 3 cards are missing "behind the secret door" It is pretty good.
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Six year old DS is really, really, really into Checkers, Othello


and Rat-a-Tat-Cat (which is a card game, but very fun).

Blokus is another one to look for.

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My 6yo DS likes to play Junior Monopoly. He also likes to play Junior Clue, checkers, cards and Battleship.. and sometimes Scrabble which is my favorite! Right now tho, he is SOOOOO into Uno. And his 3.5 yo sister can even play too!!
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We have the Labyrinth game, and it's fine for a 6 year old. An older kid might be better able to come up with the most effective strategy, but the basic idea of the game is pretty simple, and you can have fun playing it even if you just randomly insert a card onto the board without thinking about strategy at all. My 6 year old likes it.

We also have the Labyrinth Treasure Hunt game, which is also playable by a 6 year old, though my DD finds it a little harder.

Some other games my DD likes that are fun for adults to play:
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UNO is our current favourite here, DD 5 is beginning to get the strategy but even DS who is nearly 3 can match the cards enough to play. FWIW the age on the box is 7+
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We don't have any of those, but my 7 year old loves Uno, Monopoly (any version), checkers and chess.
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This is great feedback! I am definitely considering Jr Monopoly and Labrynth now.


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My dc enjoyed co-operative games at that age, like The Secret Door .

They also enjoyed Carcassone, which is simpler to play than Settlers of Catan, however it still may be a little advanced for a 6 y.o. DD was playing it when she was 8 though. Here's a review:

Rush Hour is a fun strategy game, although it isn't really a multi-player board game.
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My six-year-old's favorites are Sorry, Monopoly, Battleship, Chess, Blokus and Connect 4.
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Yahtzee is pretty fun. Connect Four is GREAT. Pure strategy, but (and maybe this is because I am not that good at three-dimensional reasoning) my kid was able to beat me sometimes at a pretty early age, unlike checkers or chess.

Gobblet is awesome, although I like it better than DD does. Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and Old Maid. We also have a very pretty game called Monte Rolla, and she loves that -- we've had it for years and it still gets brought out frequently.
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rat-a-tat cat!!!

it is a card game. it is very fun for our whole family to play.
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We have:
Monopoly Jr.
The Secret Door

Of these, I'd say monopoly Jr. is the perfect level for a 6 year old. Labyrinth might be a bit too hard (it's on the edge for my 8 year old), and the Secret Door might be a bit too easy. But my kids do like it.

Ds' favorite games are:
Cranium Cadoo (it does require some reading)
Cranium Bumpanea (this works well for younger kids, they just don't get the strategy as much)
Monopoly Jr.
Connect 4
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DS is almost 7, and loves Sorry! and Uno, and I was planning on introducing him to Parcheesi and checkers soon as well.
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Ooh thanks everyone - now I know what I'll get for my turning-5 ds for his birthday in a couple weeks! (Uno and Rat-a-tat-cat, for starters!)
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Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post
My dc enjoyed co-operative games at that age, like The Secret Door .

They also enjoyed Carcassone, which is simpler to play than Settlers of Catan, however it still may be a little advanced for a 6 y.o. DD was playing it when she was 8 though. Here's a review:

Rush Hour is a fun strategy game, although it isn't really a multi-player board game.
There is both a "Kids of Carcassone" and a "Kids of Catan" version of each of those games. The Board Game Geek website is definitely the place to look for board game reviews--you won't find better information anywhere. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the minimum ages. It really depends on your kid. My 3 yo can play games that are supposedly for a minimum 4 or 5 yo. He already understands taking turns, counting spaces to advance your piece, how to set up the board for play, etc. One of his favorites (which my DH and I both also like) is Viva Topo, which is made by Selecta. Unfortunately since Selecta is pulling out of the US market due to the new regs, you might have a hard time finding a copy.
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We board games around here!! My ds (6, almost 7) faves are:

Monopoly - we don't have the jr. version, just the regular one and a Bamaopoly (college edition) - we all really like the college version!







Neds Head - This one is so gross, but the little boys just love it. It's a big empty head and you reach your hand in and pull gross things out - anything from a dirty sock, to a lollypop to an alien.

Family Feud

The Price is Right

Uh, can you tell we really like our board games around here?!
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Oh yeah, Clue and Battleship are fun! I think DD needed a lot of help with the deductive part of Clue until she was closer to 8, though.
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We love board games and are a "gaming" family. Are you planning on playing WITH your 6-year old (in other words, do you want a family game with some "growing" room that the adults will like as much as the kids) or are you looking for a "kids" game that you can send him and his friends into the other room to play by themselves? Boardgamegeek.com is a great site (you can search for lists for 6 year old games and family games, as well). Another site to check is kidgameratings.com, which is more focused for children. Some game shops host gaming nights when you can go try out games as a family.

My own bias is against cooperative games. Honestly, almost every one we've played has seemed really contrived. The kids have never really liked them beyond one or two plays, which is a waste of money. Part of the joy my family has gotten playing board games (and we have had routine game nights with friends for years, well before children arrived) is the excitement of improving our skills and testing our abilities, and yes, the thrill of winning. And I think family games are a wonderful opportunity to learn to be a "good" winner/loser in a safe environment. So I wouldn't avoid competitive games just because they involve competition.

Labyrinth is a great game, and definitely playable by the typical 6-year old. Once he learns the game, this could be played without an adult. Other playable without adults games in our house include Uno (we have an electronic version called "uno attack" which shoots the cards at you - very fun). My son loved Blokus at that age. He also loves the logic games, like Rush Hour, River Crossing, Castle Logix (ThinkFun brand games), although these are solitare games he enjoyed having an adult "helping" him at first. "Classic" games like Yahtzee are also fun, and typically have less of a learning curve.

Someone mentioned the "junior" versions of games like Catan. We've found the lifespan of these games to be pretty short - once they're able to play the kid's version, they can really play the adult version, possibly with some modifications. They might not get all the strategy involved, but that will come with time (some adults don't get it either!). Boardgamegeek sometimes has modifications for "adult" games for kids. You might consider a "junior" version, though, if the adults aren't gamers and can't support the play (Catan is challenging to learn if you simply sit down and try to read the novel-length rules, but pretty easy if you have someone to PLAY with).

My kids started playing Settlers of Catan at 6, although they'd watched us play for years. They also enjoy Carcassone (and this is a bit easier learning curve if the adults in the house. My daughter LOVES Puerto Rico, although this is a bit more challenging, and my son finds it boring (too much waiting for others to complete their actions). Ticket to Ride is a great game if your family aren't really "gamers" - easy to learn, minimal reading, little plastic trains, plus fun for kids and adults and better yet they learn some US geography! We all enjoy a card game similar to Rummy called 5 Crowns (we've actually worn out two decks).

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