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A friend of mine is co-hosting a financial and legal seminar for same-sex couples in Rhode Island. I thought some folks here might be interested. I hope it's okay to post this since all the proceeds to go a charity.

From Obstacle to Opportunity
Nathan Bishop Middle School, 101 Sessions St, Providence, RI

Save the date! On November 10th, at 6pm I'll be helping to host a much awaited seminar for same-sex couples and gay business owners! "From Obstacle to Opportunity, a look at financial and legal issues for the GLBT community", will be hosted at Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence. RI Rep. Frank Ferri is our guest speaker.

This event is being presented in association with RI Pride and Queer Action of RI. Net profits will go to support these organizations that work hard to insure that the rights of the LGBT community are respected.

Tickets are $10 per person or $15 per couple.... refreshments & door prizes!


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