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Floating rib or dislocated?

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I have what I think is either a floating rib or dislocated rib that is giving me grief. I'm trying not to sleep on my right side due to a ginormous varicose vein completely covering the back of my right thigh. So I roll over to sleep on my left side and I can feel a clicking coming from the centre of my sternum, where ribs attach. It's the worst feeling!

I know when pregnant your abs split and mine feel so pulled and stretched, but I've never heard of anyone's rib coming out of place. Could a chiropractor put somethign like this back in? Or is that even what it is? I'm not sure if ribs come out there...it's just what it feels like. I can put my hand over my sternum when I inhale/exhale and there it is, ticking, clicking sound/feel. Ugh.
And it's new since I've been pregnant, so definately a preg symptom. I would say I noticed it...3 or 4 weeks ago?

Anyone else have this?
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I've got a rib out on my right side. It's a lower rib (12 I believe). I had a chiro pop it back in Tuesday and that felt great. The inflammation finally went down Wednesday and I got two days of peace. Today it's flaring back up but the little one has been practicing boxing on my right side all morning so I think that may be part of the problem!

A chiro can put it back in though! I highly recommend going to see them. That wasn't the only thing out of whack with me either. I think the chiro I saw probably adjusted every single vertebra as well as a couple top ribs on both sides and the lower ribs. I have another appoint with my chiro on Monday and can't wait!

Good Luck!
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does it hurt? I've had a weird clicking sound in my neck for about 3 months of my pregnancy, but since there's no pain, the consensus seems to be, just wait it out. Ugh, nevermind that it sounds like nails on a chalkboard at times!

If there's no pain I doubt that there's anything serious going on, but I would still bring it up to your caregiver. I have a weird floating rib thing that was much more clicky/ prominent (not that it stuck out or hurt, but I noticed it feeling kinda out of place) when I was younger and much skinnier. So perhaps your body is just kinda thrown off from the change in organ alignment, etc?

No fun!!
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I did see the chiro on Monday and it did help. He explained that the rib connects to cartilege at the front of your sternum and the relaxin hormone loosens everything up, there included. It makes sense, all my other ligaments are loose and kind of sore. He worked away at it and adjusted me in my back in the same area and I've slept much better!
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awesome! sounds like I need to try seeing a better chiro
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I'm off to see the chiro again today. I find them incredibly valuable. I also tend to think if something is out of whack (if you notice it - even if it doesn't hurt) then you should probably address it. Out of place is out of place and you never know what kind of damage could be happening elsewhere. Especially when the spine is involved. Everything in the body is connected in some way or another and I truly believe it's better to take preventative measures then try to fix it later on. That's me though!

Glad the chiro appointment helped! Sleeping is GOOD!
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