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5htp & PPD

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Yes I know about this thread, which is long and old with outdated information. As suggested in the thread, if anyone has time on their hands, can they pull out the relevant info and put it in a new thread?

Also, 5htp is discussed in that thread at length. If you go to amazon.com you can look at the current edition of the Hales book where he DOES NOT RECOMMEND that nursing women take 5htp because they don't know the levels in breastmilk and they don't know what effect it has on infants neurological functions.

This frightens me, because I am starting to run out of placenta, its about to be winter here, and I don't do well in winter. I was taking the 5htp per suggestion of other women on this site and in RL until I read that.

Does anyone else have any supporting information about 5HTP or should I just stick with what Hales said?
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I personally would not take it..
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I did take it, however, there is NO evidence to say it is safe. There is also NO evidence to say that it is not safe. I felt that it was the best choice for me at the time. However, vit d (especially for seasonal issues), high dose fish oil (I took 3 T a day), eating at least 20g of high quality protein at each meal, and a good B complex (I highly recommend Thorne brand) helped a lot, too. So if you decide you aren't comfortable taking 5-htp, maybe these would help.
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My psychiatrist recommended it for me in combination with drug therapy. I was nursing my then 18 month old. I didn't end up taking it because I was trying this. http://www.zenbev.com/ But I didn't like it (it tastes nasty) and it's expensive. If I recall correctly I did take it while nursing ods.
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