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big baby, slow gain?

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Wyatt was 9lb 8oz when he was born. He's almost 8 weeks and weighs roughly 12 lbs (using the oh so accurate weigh him and me, then me and subtract method). We have our 8 week ped check up next week to get an accurate weight.

I am concerned about his slow gain. Looking at the growth rates of other babies I feel like he is lagging behind. A friend's son is two months ahead of Wyatt and weighed nearly 15lbs at two months - and he started out a pound lighter. It i hard not to compare. He is having plenty of wet/dirty diapers (though the poops have slowed down which I read is normal at this point), and seems satisfied after eating. I am not too concerned about supply issues. I feed on cue not on a schedule - he eats every2-3 hrs in the day and recently has started sleeping 5-6 hrs at night.

I was a very small child. So small, that I had appointments with specialists because they were concerned about dwarfism! I am a small person today at 4'9". My older brother is only 5'7". It makes sense that Wyatt would be little.

It is just weird to me that he was born so large (heavy, but only 19" long) and is now seeming to lag behind.

Anyone else have a baby following this trend? I am worried that the ped may suggest supplementing, though I suspect that fear is unfounded because he is known for being supportive of bfing. I know I shouldn't worry until we get an accurate weight and see what the ped thinks. But I KNOW he is dropping down in %tile.

I guess this is going to be my first time mom anxiety issue.
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Adelaide was born big and gaining slow, and that's mostly why I haven't posted her weights on MDC. She was born at 9lbs even, then dropped down to 8lbs2oz, and at her 8 week appt yesterday she weighed 11 lbs even.

Apparently big babies lose more in water weight right after birth, and it seems to me that she just isn't in any rush to gain the way a small babe might be. Our ped (known to be a BF supporter and very pro-natural guy) mentioned supplementing at her 1 mo appt, and we were ready to fight when we went in yesterday but he never brought it up! He'd told us at the 1 mo that as long as she averaged between 1/2 oz and an ounce per day he wouldn't be worried. As long as a baby is gaining, speed isn't too big a concern.

I tried to remember that her weight doesn't define her any more than mine defines me. As long as the babe is healthy and strong and alert, there's nothing to be concerned about. And dirty dipes are excellent proof!

Adelaide is in the 97th %ile for height and 50th for weight, and our ped wasn't worried, hopefully your little guy will be treated the same. Good luck!
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We're going on an average growth rate I think..

7lb8oz at birth

11lb8oz at 6 weeks

13lb (or so) at 11 weeks

It sounds like your baby is right on track. Every child grows differently, some start big and end up small and vis-versa. If he's content and wetting diapers then he's most likely perfect!

My friends baby started off at 7lbs and at 19 months only weighs 20lbs. His weight gain has always been really slow, but he's perfectly healthy.
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We're having the same issue! Reading your story made me feel better!!

DD was born 9lbs 3 oz 21.25 inches long. At her two month appointment she had grown THREE inches, but was only weighing in at 10lbs. 9oz.

They never once suggested supplementing, but did worry about her milk transfer issues. I started pumping a lot more and giving her a bottle of EBM after nursing her at night. She had a weight check two weeks later and had gained 10oz.

I think it was a fluke she was so large at birth and that this is just going to be her build-tall and skinny. Like her mama once was once upon a time
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It sounds like he is doing great! Really- some babies are just going to grow slower than others. My first was about 9.5lbs at birth and hadn't doubled her birthweight at one year. Peter is not quite nine weeks, born at 8lbs 5oz, and is now a little over 10.5lbs, so something like 2lbs 3oz over birthweight at 2 months.

Look at his output and overall "look". You've said nothing that makes me wonder if you might have a supply issue or reason to be concerned about Wyatt's growth!
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thanks for the reassurance

As a first timer it's hard not to worry. As it is I'm nervous about this upcoming dr visit because we're having the vaccine talk and I hate confrontation (this dr is known for being ok with delayed/nonvaxers, but I'm still worried). I have this nightmare that he's going to suggest supplementing even though I have no basis for that. I know that my mother caught a lot of flack about my slow gain, and was told to formula feed and push solids, but I weighed 22 lbs at three!
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Hope the appointment goes well Amanda!
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It sounds like he is doing wonderfully!

Isaac is my fourth baby and he is huge! I have over active let down and too much milk still at this point. He seems like he is OVERfull most of the time...

My first baby was 12lbs. 10oz. at two months and was the easiest, sweetest nurser. I thought she was huge until her little brother came along!

I think Wyatt sound perfect.
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texas: I can relate to the worry. I'm going to the ped for our second appointment (because my midwife did most of the early stuff) on Tuesday and am really concerned that she is going to suggest supplementation. I guess I'd be okay if it is just supplementing with breastmilk. fwiw, my doula said almost every mama worries about her baby growing enough. As my midwife and doula told me (I'm 5'1" and my husband is also on the small side), if you are small, it's not a surprise if your baby grows slowly and is smaller than average. When is your appt? I hope it goes swimmingly!

Originally Posted by ErinBird View Post
Peter is not quite nine weeks, born at 8lbs 5oz, and is now a little over 10.5lbs, so something like 2lbs 3oz over birthweight at 2 months.
Thank you so much for posting this. My baby was 7lb15oz at birth, lost a little less than half a pound soon after, gained it all back in a week... and now at almost 9 weeks is 9lb 11oz, quite small! You are the only one I've seen with a similar scenario, and it's comforting to know that with your kids it is just normal.
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texaspeach: did you have your checkup yet?

Today we had ours. I went in feeling defensive and worried due to Shadia's slow gain. Instead, the ped said she looks wonderfully healthy and happy and said that since I'm little, her weight is just fine. She also said that her height growth is indicative of good nutrition. Yay! I hope you get a similarly good report.
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Eiley was born 8/10/08. She was 10lbs 3oz. Gained slowly, at the beginning of January she was 12 lbs 11oz. Finnian born 8/13/09 was 7lbs 10oz. He is 12 lbs 8oz on November 3rd. They just gain differently and almost all my big babies at birth did not stay big.
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My first, my son was a slowish c\gainer thought I do not remember the numbers. My dd now is far out tracking him. I think part of it is a normal diff between girls and boys. At 9 wks dd is over 15 lbs I suspect... ds was maybe more like 13

trust your gut, certainly don't suplement. I too was a small child and attribute my sons current apparent smallness to that. He certainly is healthy and bright.
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he only weighed 12.08lbs, but the doctor was not concerned. Did not suggest supplementing (and was cool about our vaccine decisions).. Baby is in the 70th %tile for weight and 50th for height.. He did lose a few %tile points I think his height and weight are starting to even out. So stressful!
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I know it is hard, but as long as your baby is happy and meeting his milestones and growing, he is doing great and you are a wonderful mama!

I have four boys. My first was 9 lbs 2 oz at birth, 10.6 at 2 weeks and 18 lbs at 6 mos, he is now 9 and is 56 lbs!

My second was 7lbs 14 oz at birth, 22 at a year and at 7 is 62 lbs.

My third was 8lbs 3 oz at birth, 20 lbs at a year and 32 lbs at 4.5 yrs.

They are all different. They grow at their own rate, their curve! I do not even worry when I go to the Drs about growth.

Take care,

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I'm glad things worked out!

It's so true that every child is different... dd1 was 9 lbs 6 oz at birth and she has more or less stayed pegged to the 95%+ curve for height and weight. At 4yo she is 42 lbs and wearing 6T pants for height. Dh's family are all very tall (even his half sister is nearly 6 ft).

So when dd2 arrived at 9lbs even, we expected her to follow a similar curve. However, she fell further and further off the charts and I was really worried. Our ped uses the breastfeeding charts and knew dd2 was hitting developmental milestones so she wasn't worried... but she did say that if dd2 didn't find her curve by a year she'd want to run some tests. And more or less on her birthday she did find her curve. She is 2.5yo and weighs 26lbs, sticking close to 60% for height and 10% for weight.

Then ds arrived! 9lbs 8oz. And today at 3mo he weighs 17lbs! Just ten lbs less than his 2.5 year old "big" sister! I'm guessing he'll follow dd1's pattern (start big, stay big) but I don't know... he may just "hold" for a while like dd2 did.

Anyway, just wanted to say that even moms of many worry about growth... and that slow growth in a happy babe isdn't generally a problem. Glad your ped agreed!
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