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Treasure Maps 2004

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I don't know how many of you remember treasure maps from last year. But if you guys are interested, the next time for Treasure Maps is March 20, 2:41pm Pacific time.

if you don't know what they are this should help:

it starts on page 7 of this thread:


let me know if you want to do it...

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I missed this exercise last year, but I'd love to do it this year!!

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Yay, I could really use this! They have to be completed by March 20th 2:41 pm, is that right?

Thanks Trabot
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They have to be completed by March 20th 2:41 pm, is that right?
No. They have to be started after that point.

My girlfriends and I go out and buy our magazines and supplies after The new Moon starts.

don't get your magazines before that date. That is all old energy.

Have you had a chance to look at t he thread I posted?

I like to mention it about a month before so you can start thinking about what you want during the next year. And put it on your map.
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I did one last year and I thought I remembered you only had a certain amount of time to complete it. I guess I should go back and re-read the thread
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you do only have a limited to make it but you have to start after that time....
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so how much time do i have to make it?

and do i have to put the pics in certain places? or is it enough just to make the collage?

i'm really intrigued by the whole idea!

oh, and if i dont want to buy mags, can i just draw pics?
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basically you have about 3.5 - 4 days. When we get closer to Aries new moon I will have figured that part out..I'll call my friend since she has the exact calendar.

You may certainly draw or paint or do whatever you creatively want. If you do buy magazines, I just suggest buying new ones after the moon goes new. No OLD energy in the maps.

I have started to layout my items on the map (poster board) in feng shui grid..that's just me... but if you wish here it is:


1 is wealth, prosperity, abundance visuals
2 is fame, how you are known in the world
3 is love and relationships
4 is family
5 is health and vitality
6 is creativity/children (to a certain extent)
7 is knowledge
8 is work, career
9 is spirituality, angels, helpful people
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I didn't hear about this at all last year but this has really sparked in me! I emailed my girlfriend the links to come look at this. We are both taking all the time about our ruts... maybe this will help us get out of them.

My pagan streak has gleefully noted that the new moon we need to work under for this is also the Vernal Equinox.... sounds like a very powerful day! Better be careful what I wish for.
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something got activated in my 2003 map this week

I figured I would put this here.

on my 2003 map which is still in effect until aries new moon... anyway on that map I have a picture of this beautiful room and I wrote on it ... 'A VILLA OF OUR OWN."

well, I don't think we will actually be able to buy a villa of our own by march... but this is kind of curious..

this week, one of our pipes backed up and some really gross water went out into our front yard area. Our landlord repaired the pipe but they had to pull up a bush. The bush had to be at least 10 years old and had no style or beauty. It was just a bush.

well, now we have this really big hole and my husband and decided to get a little table and put it out front. we painted it red and are about to get a jillion pots for plants and herbs and flowers and it occured to me that it will make our house very much more 'villa like'...

I thought that was kind of curious....
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kam, glad to have you here!

by the way, vernal equinox is always the aries new moon.

I think you would also enjoy the feng shui thread..

yes, doing it with friends gives it an extra push.

I have been doing it with my 2 friends for years. We only do it with each other although we have been asked to bring others in all the time, but we just can't....if ykwim...
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Trabot... sorry to be argumentative, but no. The equinox is always March 20 or 21. It is a solar event and is unconnected to the lunar cycle.

I have a mild interest in feng shui but it just seems like SOOOOOO much! It feels very complex and a lot like work to learn. I have a friend/ neighbor/ fellow parishoner who is big into feng shui and she came over and helped me a little with my house last month.. mostly where stuff was on the walls. I want to have her in again soon to take some things further. I should tell her about this too!
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I'm in, I'm in!

I love making collages...now someone is giving me permission to make one! I love the idea of putting down your intent on a special day. Does the intent have to be for myself...can it be for my children, or does that count as family in general? I think I am answering my own question.:
I think this is a fabulous idea Will we be discussing it as it gets closer, or afterwards?
I will do mine in bagua form too.
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kam, you're are right. I'm sorry. I meant to say that equinox is always the first day of aries. Not aries new moon.

as they say in the hip circles.

my bad.

regarding feng shui:

get this book. Very simple. Very easy. Very inspiring.

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I'm in, I noted this in my planner when I read about in the FS thread months ago. I am ready!

So basically, right now we should be thinking of our hopes and dreams for the coming year?
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So basically, right now we should be thinking of our hopes and dreams for the coming year?
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This sounds like a lot of fun... I've never heard of it in this form, though. Is this a Feng Shui thing, or something else?
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it actually is something that was created out of one my old astrologer lectures.

I just originated it here on mdc in the feng shui thread... don't ask me why, it just sort of happened.

check out the original link in this thread for more background.

it just really is a good thing to have focus on things you want for the next year. You'd be surprise how few people ever give themselves that luxury to really 'want' something.

and this is not just about things, by the way...
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(why the name change, btw?)

I was wondering if the mags have to be brand new, or newly received.... i have a friend that gives me all her old ones. i suppose i am answering my own question, but money being an issue, i wanted to check.

also, when is it again that we should begin to "build" our treasure maps?


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