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Oh, goodie, this is just what I need to get my new life going. My divorce should be final w/in the month and I'm am starting a new life with my daughter.

I'm going to do it from the feng shui side, though, and not the astrology side (since I'd probably get fired if I said I believe in astrology!!!!)

I am going to start thinking of what to put on my map - I can't wait!
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Originally posted by Tracy

by the way, one other thing and this sort of is in step with feng shui while at the same time being in step with astrology...
but we are now in Pisces. The last sign of the zodiac. This is a great, great time to get rid of stuff.. This is one of the reasons why spring cleaning comes up around now... metaphysically speaking.
Just to let you know clutter clearing really works from a Feng Shui perspective. (Karen Kingston's Clutter Clearing with Feng Shui anyone). Some of you may have participated in the clutter clearing threads.


I have already started this process (last friday before I even joined this thread as a matter of fact). I got rid of or donated a bunch of junk. Today I am going through the baby's room and got three bags by the door. It is like losing weight both emotionally and physically.

I would recommend to everyone here to try to do this and to start now. This is a project in itself, and with our busy lives it could well take until March 20th for some of us to complete.

As ever,

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Good cents,

Just for sport, check out this thread....

gently used is appreciated...

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Duh - you know I was thinking about that thread earlier.

I am not sure there were any girls expected before though, and I dont have much gender nuetral stuff.

Maybe something has changed I will post there.
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i'm in! i'm actually moving to a great new place on the 15th, so this will be a good project to do then.. great timing!
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so, today I got the pan I bought on ebay.
I can't tell you how good it feels to throw out the ratty pan. I mean it is just the worst and I have had low self esteem buttons go off whenever I see it. If I was a more creative writer I could turn it into a whole chapter.. I know Ann Lamotte could do it..but anyway.... the ratty pan is

Gone today!!!

I really recommend replacing the low self esteem items... like I said earlier I'm trying to do it before Treasure Map Moon so that I can raise my floor. sort of shore up the holes and move forward from that new level.

Goodbye ratty bathroom curtain, kitchen pan...out, spot, out...

now what is next?
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If we are getting rid of low-self esteem items can I trash my bank account balance?

just kidding - but you know that is a downer!!!

a big balance is something going on my treasure map for sure!!
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We bought new bathroom stuff (liner, curtain, rings, etc.) and I can't believe how much I like it! Well worth the $30 at Target. I can't believe I lived with just a clear liner before, it's so nice to look at it and not have to think of scrubbing it!

Another MDC mama and I are going to do the Treasure Map -- can't wait!
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Does this mean the Christmas lights from outside should come down before the new moon?:LOL

I replaced my flour sifter, whisk and some wooden spoons last week. Still working on the bathroom...trying to achieve THE perfect aqua color...wah!
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Well.. we just got a new (to us) car... :LOL :

Yes, I think I'll try to view this as a positive thing... I will be hunting through the free magazines at the library to get some good pictures. The only actually new thing I'll probably get is a sheet of posterboard.. I'm really looking forward to doing this, more now than ever. Bring it on, New Moon!
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Thank you, Tracy!

I just got a phone call from an old friend of mine today ... she's trying to get a job halfway across the country from where she lives. I told her about the Aries New Moon Treasure Maps, and I hope she'll do one for herself. She's quite an artist, so I can imagine that the piece itself would be beautiful, in addition to being imbued (is that the right word?) with energy.

I'm looking forward to doing this again. And it's a good incentive to call my 80+year-old aunt, who I did it with last year, and my sister, and see if they've noticed things happening. Knowing my sister's general negative attitude toward things, probably she'll report no progress, but maybe I can get her to notice.

Thanks again!

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Oh yeah ... what are we supposed to do with last year's treasure maps? Anything special? Mine's on foamcore, and so not easily stored away, but I don't want to just toss it into the dumpster, either.
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Big off topic note....

congratulations, kama'aina mama
on the pregnancy. when's the due date?


will come back and post more treasure map stuff in a bit...

for, kam

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I'm in. I have some stuff that I want to come into being.

I am also up for decluttering prior to that.

Time to get going!!!
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regarding old treasure maps:
I will tell you the first couple of years I kept my old maps in the closet because I just couldn't part with them.
Then I decided that I didn't like having them around any more..something about it felt offf. So what I did was I cut out maybe one little part of the map that I wanted to save and I saved just that little section and tossed the rest of the maps.

I don't know if there is a hard fast rule..but that was my path on the old maps. My two other friends saved theirs and then I think they also ditched some of the older ones. Although, my one friend has kept map 1 in all these years.
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Not due for ages. I am barely 2 1/2 weeks along! (Totally jumping the gun with the announcement. I can't tell anyone IRL cuz DH really wants to keep it quiet a while... but I am just bursting, so I had to tell you all!!!!

So, due mid-Novemberish, I think.
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I am definitely in too! What a great idea.

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kama, cool! cool! cool! how exciting!! congrats! Sending warm incubatory vibes to the wee one in there -

I picked up a brand new juicy gorgeous mag for my treasure map pile today. Dying to peek!!! But I won't.

Low esteem items: crappy recycling bin always tumbling over with bottles, let's see... MY ENTIRE WARDROBE (can't afford to tackle that just now)
my FAT ARSE (working on that right now) My dishes and pots and pans are ok... towels, window coverings ok.... my printer and the dog beds are a disaster - why does my dog insist on tearing her beds to shreads??? - just don't have the money for that stuff at this moment... will I be cool if I just get a new recycling bin? I'm not set for an esteem overhaul right now on material goods. I'd need about $500 to get it done.

Can't wait to pick up the rest of the mags though. This should be fun.

um... and yes I am partly procrastinating the huge de-cluttering I need to do (ie throw out my entire wardrobe) but also it's tough becaue dd's asleep in there... (great excuse!!)

PS - I had a cool treasure map moment tonight. I made my first map (not knowing I was doing that) when I was preg with dd. One of the images on it was of John Paul Mitchell's wife - that perfect blonde chick in all the magazines, holding their 4 year old daughter, also a blondie, and the woman is laughing and the daughter is holding her hair away from her face very lovingly. Well, I picked dd up out of the bath tonight and wrapped her in a fluffy white towel, and I held her up to the mirror saying how beautiful she is. She cracks this big smile an looked right at me in the mirror and pulled my hair back gently - it was the re enactment of that image...(not that we look perfect, but we are both blondies) I got the chills!
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Hi Tracy!! Goodcents told me about this thread and count me in! I like the idea of inviting the gifts of spirit into my life instead of waiting for them to happen...on another note..the transit report you did for me has been absolutely right on the money to date..and I do not read it until after the fact to see if things corrolate. I had some things I read ahead of time that I doubted could ever come to pass, but lo and behold, they did..pretty amazing. Sorry to stray off topic, but had to share that. Peace!
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Count me in! I've always wanted to do a treasure map, but didn't know there was a particularly auspicious time of year. Also have had an overpowering urge to declutter -- alot of books have been going out the door, as well as other stuff.

Of course, dh will claim it's all just an excuse to buy magazines. Oh my, I just love those glossy covers, and get all swoony at the newstand....
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