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my two year old is allergic to everything!

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my little one is allergic to all the gluten grains but can tolerate spelt in baked goods....but she doesnt have celiac disease..so the allergist thinks ,my doctor wants to take a biopsy?/???gack...but its not treatable so why put the poor thing through it...anyone know how to over come these allergies faster...she is also lactose intolerant..which doesnt bother me because i never ate dairy anyways.ive tryed digestive enzymes already.:
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I wanted to reply to you and tell you about a friend of mine's child (not so that you feel bad ) to give you hope. He has severe allergies, which are life threatening. Some food cause a reaction just from touching them. The only things he is able to eat without a reaction are plain white rice and sugar. He is G-tube fed, and has feeding continuously the whole night long as well as several times during the day in order to get enough nutrients to keep healthy. Be thankful that your baby can tolerate the things she can. She may never overcome her allergies, but you will learn to live with it. She also may outgrow all of them in time, but the best thing for now is to keep her totally aay from the things that she reacts to. I know it's not easy, we have dealt with whole lists of food allergies at a time. Be thankful you are finding out now, and not trying to stop an older child from eating the things they are already used to.
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I'm so sorry you guys have to do the allergy thing. What exactly does the doc want to biopsy for??

At least you have choices of good foods for your little one.

khrisday, I feel so sorry for that little baby. How sad....

I'm thinking of getting my dd allergy tested finally, is that what you did to find this stuff out? How was that?
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wow, that poor baby...heARing that know gives me nothing to complain or worry about.yes it has made us eat healthier...so the allergies do have a benefit!....i had her tested by a nutritionist/homeopathshe used a machine(electro acupuncture)called a vega test expert. She was surpised that she had no pesticide or toxins in her body....before i told her we've always eatin organically grown food.So that proved it worked.(that and the sudden disappearance of diarhea, when we eliminated the foods),,,,,,,what s the matter with your little one??
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Eczema is our problem. I had it, my mom had it, my paternal grandmother had it....dh's father gets it a little, dh and sil have other allergy problems.....definately an allergic family.

It's so great to hear that organics really help, we only buy organic, and don't go out that often, so we're probably more or less OK. I just seeded my organic garden yesterday....

dd is more or less OK if she doesn't eat citrus or stone fruits, poops regularly, and if both of us avoid the nightshade family entirely. We already avoid wheat for the most part since dh is allergic, and don't eat big dairy dinners since he is also allergic to that. If she gets anything she shouldn't, it's a whole body affair culminating in topical steroids for a couple of days. bleah.

It's always nice to hear from someone who is managing their allergies and having wonderful health despite them.

Do you notice your child having a stronger immune system in general, as far as not getting sick very often and all that? None of us really ever get sick, for all kids are supposed to get 6-9 colds/year. I wonder if it's because our immune systems are already hyperactive? I dunno, just a thought....
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It sounds like your whole family needs to see an classical homeopath to see if you can't get rid of some of the disturbances. We also struggle with eczema. Both my kids and my hubby, his sister, and their father all have it. It is genetic. We havent' seen the hp yet either. I have heard that borage oil, evening primerose oil, your omega 3's are all good for eczema. My dh is on flax oil right now it seems to be helping a little.
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I use an evening primrose oil cream topically on my son's eczema. It has worked wonders for his skin which used to be covered with red open weeping sores and is now smooth and beautiful. I also supplement his diet with flax oil and evening primrose oil caps. All suggestions from our naturopath.
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I personally wouldn't do a biopsy at this point.
If you're having a lactose intolerance, you can give a probiotic blend for children containing lactobacilli & they will break down the lactose for you. They also help modulate immune responses--especially GI immune responses, so that would be expected to help lessen GI hypersensitivity. You have to be patient though, because although you may see some improvement quickly, it can take up to several months to get the full effect. You might also ask your naturopath if something like Probioplex could benefit her.

Additionally, if you are finding that evening primrose is alleviating symptoms, you probably ought to consider giving a zinc supplement. Often fatty acid supplementation works by compensating for underlying zinc deficiency.
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