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Already!!!? Not fair!

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I got my period this morning. Amelia is only 9 weeks old!!!!!! I guess I should have known, it came back at just 12 weeks last time and I was EBF. Sigh. I was getting used to wearing nice underwear. Still no chance of getting pregnant, though, if you know what I mean, so it not a huge deal. But, it was surprising still. What about you guys?
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Oops, just saw the other thread. Someone please reply to this one though so I don't feel like an idiot
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Originally Posted by Spring Sun View Post
Sigh. I was getting used to wearing nice underwear.
you crack me up... nothing here yet but I've got a feeling it wont be long now
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I am praying and praying it stays away!
I never had a period last time and DD was 12 months when I got pregnant with Isaac. I am hoping for a break at least that long this time.

I *could* get pregnant if I ovulate as we are DTD and not preventing... we'll see what happens.

HUGS to those that are already dealing with PPAF!!
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