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Suuuuuuper rarely.
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i don't iron my own clothes...
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No way. It's in the dryer for a few minutes to get wrinkles out. Once in a great while I'll pull out the clothes steamer...it's kinda fun actually
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Some of them. When the girls were toddlers, I spray starched their dresses. The starch acted like scotchquard and kept the dresses from being stained. Made laundry easier. I iron Dylan's button shirts, dh's dress shirts, and my silk blouses/shirts. If it warrents ironing, I iron it. The iron and ironing board is always out and in use daily anyway so what's one or two more garments? Heck I even have 2 irons.
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I iron virtually everything. When I lived in a soft water area and had a tumble drier I could just hang or fold everything straight out of the drier. I now live in a hardwater area and air dry everything as I don't have a tumble drier so ironing is a must.
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I only iron when I sew. It has been years since I have broken out the iron for even me or DH. Never for the kids.
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I never iron anything - well rarely anyway - I had a job ironing clothes when I lived in Italy - they iron everything!! Well certainly this family did - I reckon I did my fill of ironing for the rest of my life!!
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I iron my younger kids school uniforms and outfits if we are going somewhere special but not their everyday play clothes.

My older kids iron their own clothes.

I always iron in front of the tv or watching a movie which makes tedious ironing easier.

I think it's strange when people iron their linen.
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Many people here think of ironing as necessary hygiene, not optional aesthetic finish. My MIL irons linen, underwear and socks! Seriously!

We don't iron at all. The clothes we like to wear don't require it and everything ends up pretty smooth anyway after we hang it out to dry - we don't have a drier.
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Originally Posted by Litcrit View Post
Many people here think of ironing as necessary hygiene, not optional aesthetic finish. My MIL irons linen, underwear and socks! Seriously!
I have a relative like that she irons everything as well. I dont get it myself since the dryer gets plenty hot.
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I iron their shirts with collars if need-be. I would iron what needed to be done but they really don't have hardly anything that needs it.

95% of my ironing is dh's shirts.
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I don't even iron my own clothes. Goodness NO! I just don't buy anything that requires ironing which means I wear a lot of knits. Who has time for that?

We do own an iron, though. I do know how to use it. I actually used it this morning to steam down the brim of the hat for my son's Halloween costume so he would look cute for his school party. However, I don't think that counts.
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I know HOW to iron....
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I don't even iron my own button down shirts. So no.
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Nope, I throw the offending item in the dryer with a damp towel.

I iron DH's dress shirts ONLY if we are going to a funeral or wedding.... and even then I complain the whole time.

I do, however own two ironing boards
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Surely you jest?

We pretty much buy only knits, rather than oxford-style cotton fabric, anyway, so no ironing is needed. In any event, I think kids can get away with a few wrinkles.
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No way. If it requires ironing then I don't buy it or wear it regularly. This includes clothes for myself or DH. When DH worked in a job that required him to wear a button down shirt everyday, they went to the dry cleaners to be laundered. I don't have the the patience to iron regularly.

Talk about crazy...my MIL does all the laundry for my SIL's 3 kids which includes ironing everything but underwear and socks. She has done this since the day they were born (the oldest is 9).
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Her nice cotton dresses only, which she probably wears MAYBE 10 times a year. I barely iron my own clothes, and I try not to buy baby clothes that need to be ironed. My MIL thinks this is hilarious and a "generational" thing, because she ironed her boys clothes all the time (she STILL irons my college-age bil's clothes). I think she just fulfilled more of her own personal needs through the appearance of her children. Personally.
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My middle son asked if we borrowed the iron from Nana the last time we used it. I thought I was going to pee my pants I laughed so hard. So, um, that would be a very very rarely here.
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I almost never iron my boys clothes, but my daughter has had several outfits that had to be ironed. Some of her Gymboree dresses would wrinkle up like crazy (and the dryer trick didn't suffice). One of her "Girl Detective" line pleated dresses was super adorable (especially with the beret and pink boots) but it absolutely had to be ironed before wearing.

I try to avoid buying clothes for everyday wear that need ironing, but do still have a few outfits that are just too cute not to buy and wear, even if it means I have to iron them.
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