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Nope. My MIL does.
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I iron all of our clothes, but we line dry so they are far *crunchier* than they would be if they came out of a dryer.
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I've never used an iron.
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I iron DH's work shirts, because it is a dress code requirement. (Ugh). I don't iron DD's clothes unless it's a fancy dress that needs it. I rarely iron something for myself.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Had a houseguest a week or so ago who needed the iron... was quite the scavenger hunt to find it and the board...

Board? What is this "board" of which you speak?
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I see several posters saying they iron their DH's dress/work shirts. I tried doing that and after about 30 minutes per shirt, I realized that for $2.25 a shirt it was well worth it to send them out. Seriously, I don't care how good you are at ironing, a lone human being cannot replicate a commercially starched and pressed shirt unless they own a mangle.

Hie yourselves to the nearest dry cleaners and liberate yourselves!!!
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No way. To me that is akin to trying to herd cats, or selling ice to an Eskimo, or some other saying that would indicate futility and pointlessness.
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Yep if I feel it needs it. Of course DH has taken over laundry duties and is notorious for leaving things piled in the basket and it can be a few days before I see them, so the "few" items I would normally iron easily turn into "many". Sigh.
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Only when I want the to look extra special nice.
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I don't ... but my ironing lady does . We don't wear anything unironed.
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I don't iron anything of mine or my dd's. I don't work at a job that requires it and my dd doesn't go to a school where kids notice that kind of thing.
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heck no i don't iron my kids clothes (or mine or dh's). dh takes his work shirts to the cleaners.
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Nobody's clothes gets ironed in this house. I purposely do not buy clothes that will need ironing, heck I don't even buy clothes that need dry cleaning. I do own an iron that I bought for transfers but I can't even get that right. No matter how closely I follow the directions it still doesn't transfer.

Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Had a houseguest a week or so ago who needed the iron... was quite the scavenger hunt to find it and the board...

Not sure where my iron is right now but I do know the board is in the garage. Goodness knows how much dust is on it though. You're up the creek if you want a hairdryer though. Never use one to dry my hair and haven't replaced the last one after it burned out mainly because I haven't needed one to dry paint with yet. My MIL couldn't believe that I didn't know where my blowdryer was when she needed to borrow it and now knows that she needs to bring her own when she comes to visit.
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Yes, I iron their clothes. I really prefer to take extra time with their laundry, stain treating, hang drying and ironing. I will admit that lately I have felt overwhelmed with things to do, though, and have been just washing and machine drying and not ironing. I feel bummed because I can really see the difference in how well their clothes are holding up since I got lax about it.
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My iron is ONLY used for 'pearler beads' and other such crafts.... I'm sorry but....I seem to be lacking some magical hand eye coordination that is needed to properly iron. The few clothing pcs I have that need to be ironed go to the drycleaners every month. Well worth the $2 per pc.
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NO WAY!! I dont even iron my own! Ever. I use my iron for sewing, and that all!
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another one here for no way. i'd rather hula hoop.
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I iron DD's cotton dresses occasionally. Most times all that is required is a quick pressing of the straps/ties or an appliqué.

I bought DS a linen shirt that I am majorly in love with. I iron that.

I iron my wraps and slings as part of the washing and breaking in process.

I went on a major linen kick this summer and bought a bunch of linen pants, skirts and tops for myself. I iron those. Some get ironed every time, some just if I am leaving the house.

All in all, my iron comes out for a quick use about 6 times a month.
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When vacationing in the Rocky Mountains (i.e. quite far from any surf), my 5 year old son opened the door to a closet and announced with great joy "Mom, they even have SURFBOARDS at this hotel! Can we go to the beach?).

Does that answer your question?
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Only the fancy stuff that has to look right. Otherwise who cares...

Though, is capable of DD ironing her own clothes when she feels they need it.
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