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Question about "small opening"

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I have two sons. We did not circumsize either one (my oldest is two and the youngest just turned one month) because we believe it is mutilation, basically. Well, at his one month appointment, my pediatrician told me that my youngest has a very small opening (the foreskin part) and that there is a good chance he will have to be circumcized by the time he is two! I'd really like to avoid this. Has anyone heard of this before or been through this? Any suggestions? Is there anything I can do to help it "stretch?" I normally don't touch it other than to clean it because I know you aren't supposed to pull it back.
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well, good god. does pee comes out? then it is big enough.

i'll let 'the big guns' around here give the medical reasons and research, but i've never heard such nonsense. my kids are 3 and 18 m and the opening is stiil small, and i wouldn't expect it to be otherwise. so, just how many intact kids does this dr see in his/her practise, anyway? i have a sneaking suspician a british dr would roll his/her eyes at it.

suse, not worried in the least!
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Don't try to stretch it! This Dr. is off their rocker if they think they can predict phimosis and need for circumcision in babies this young. This is upsurd. here is an article- it has pictures of a normal tiught foreskin and a abnormal tight foreskin... this is the only time I am going to tell you to touch your son's foreskin... look at the pictures and then gerntly confirm that his foreskin is just like it is supposed to be, and then write a complaint to the Dr and the state medical board.


overuse of the diagnosis:

EVEN IF you son had an abnormally tight foreskin- there are TONS of treatments that are NOT CIRCUMCISION.... for this Dr. to go around talking like circumcision is the only answer to phimosis (IN cild under TWO YEARS OLD NO LESS) they are totally malpracticing and need to be seriously reprimanded.


Love Sarah
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1% of boys are retractable at 1 year so 99% are still tight. At 3 years, 2/3 are still tight and at 6 years old, 1/3 are still tight. At 10 years, 10% are still tight and at 19 years, 99% are retractable. Of the 1% that are still not retractible at 19 years, 90+% of those can use betamethesone cream and stretch the foreskin to become retractible. How can this idiot doctor tell which ones will be one of the 1 in 1,000 at 19 that won't be retractible when the child is 1 month old? The plain and simple fact is he/she can not!

This doctor is showing gross ignorance of information that is easily and readily available. If he/she is this ignorant of this issue, what other issues is he/she ignorant about? Certainly, this is not the only one. How many other perfectly normal body parts will he/she want to cut off? You need to get your children away from this person. He/she is a clear and present danger to your family. To miss a diagnosis this badly, it is almost a certainty that he/she will misdiagnose other problems or non-problems putting your children's health and even life at risk.

You can be assured that this doctor will sternly warn you that circumcision is a necessity for your child within the next 3 years. It is also highly likely that he/she will forcibly retract your son's foreskin and that can cause problems that can cause trauma that will in fact, necessitate a circumcision. Get away from this person before it is too late!

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Hi there. I totally agree with the other posters. There is nothing wrong with your son. Some boys don't retract until puberty, never mind this two years old garbage. That doc needs some education about normal male anatomy.

Have you read the Fleiss articles at the top of the page? The one about proptecting your uncirced son might be helpful in this situation.

Take care,
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Thanks to all who have replied. I'm a little confused, though. My ped (who is a woman and had no problems with my older son not being circ'd) did pull it back to look. I don't remember her doing that with my older son or if she did, there wasn't a "problem." I'm confused by those pictures on the link, however. Because it was a "dome" shape. It looked like a dome and the foreskin opening was large enough to show the hole the urine comes out of, but not large enough to "retract" (which I know it shouldn't at this point). Forgive my ignorance on this, but, frankly, I am a lesbian and my sons' are the only ones I've ever seen!! So I don't know if he does in fact have this "phimosis" or if she could have retracted it too far, or what. I guess I will have some more questions for her the next time I see her. The chances are we won't be living here by the time he's two anyway (so will find a different ped where we move) but I don't want her to hurt him in the meantime. Should she not retract it at all, ever, in exams?
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hi, first hugs to you and your little guy! Tell that lady to keep her hands away from him. Find a new ped ASAP. She is obviously uneducated on the subject. I am sure he will be fine but if the forskin is retracted too early then he can get an infection, adhesion, swelling and you need to be his voice. I don't mean to come off harsh but I am so angry with this lady's ignorance. You are doing your son a huge favor by getting educated~ You go mama!!
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