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DS has been nursing for 4 years 7months. He's an only.

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Wow!! You are all A.MAZING!


I've been nursing straight for 4 years 8 months. Most of that has been tandem nursing, some of it tandem nursing while pregnant. I'm encouraging DS2 to be done with nums in a few days when he turns 3 bag.gif and I'm looking forward to a few years of just me and DD2 nursing. (The plan is no more babies...)


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9 years and 5 months!!!! 

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Since August 2006! orngtongue.gif

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7 years 9 months and counting.


DD will hit 5 years of nursing next month - but only 10 months of that was not tandem!  ODS nursed for a month shy of 5 years - I didn't do CLW with him despite the age.  DD and YDS (2 years old) are still nursing so I'm guessing I'll hit the 10 year mark by the time we're done.

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Way to go Mamas! These posts are inspiring! It's really uplifting to read about all the lucky children who got to wean in their own time. I've looked at these posts twice now for encouragement (we're only approaching 11 months now). Thank you! smile.gif
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Been nursing since December 2008 and still going strong although the 2 yr old is weaning off my 4 month old is still going strong.  Guess that's only 2 yrs 2 mo.  First one weaned mutually at 2 months of pregnancy (February 2008) due to nipple pain being excruciating, but went really smoothly for both of us. :-)  That was 20 months of nursing my first. ;-)  You go girls!

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13 years and 4 months. Most of it was tandeming. lol I am down to my very last nursling...a bittersweet time.

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5 years 11 months.  Tandem for three years and 9 months of that. 

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These posts are so inspirational and helps me feel like I'm not alone! My twin boys are 4. One nursed to 3 1/2 and the other is still nursing..


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Since April '07, if I count. I had a 2 week break between nursing/becoming pregnant :)

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I wonder if I ever responded to this thread...

I breastfed 8 years 4 months consecutively. 4 1/2 years of that were tandem and 6 months of tandem nursing while pregnant with #3. 

#1 CLW at 3 years 9 months because I was 6 months pregnant and the milk just wasn't flowing as fast as a sippy cup. He shared with his sister for a little over 2 years.

#2 CLW at 4.5 years when she decided that since it was Jan of a the new year in which she would start school, she was big enough to stop nursing. She tandem nursed the entire time she nursed (except for 2 months while I was very pregnant).

#3 CLW at 4 years 2 months because she was too busy playing and felt like a big girl. She shared with her sister until she was 2 yrs old. 

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WOW Mamas!  I feel like a rookie!  In my neck of the woods I am considered extreme.


23 months here, 1 child.  No signs of stopping!

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I have one amazing son who is 5 years 6months, and he still nurses every single day.  It may just be a quickie, what I like to call drive by nursing, but it's every day.  No end in sight.

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This thread made me do a "phew"  



I have been nursing for only 2 years and 8 months, and tandem for 10 months, which in my circle feels like forever...but here, feels short...so I appreciate that!

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4 years, 1 1/2 months :)


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I thought I had posted on here but I guess not. 4 yrs 8 months so far and still going.

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4 1/2 years, one amazing son.

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Three years next month, just my one DD!

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This thread is great, as I am the very only person irl who I know who has been nursing babies as long as I have...


I've been nursing now for 8 years and 9 months exactly today.  I have three children, two of whom are still nursing.

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