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How many years plus months have you been nursing straight through? : ) - Page 3

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Nursing DD for 5 years in 2 weeks
Tandeming for 3 years.
Is there such a thing as triandem nursing?
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i'm at 6 years, 7 months; 18 months of tandem, and no regrets.

(big hugs to the mamas who struggle so hard to do this - in hindsight it has gone so smoothly for myself and my nurslings - your dedication is not lost on me. kudos.)
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Only 36 months so far!

-11 months nursing one child
-9 months nursing through pregnancy
-16 months tandem nursing

Which reminds me...I desperately need some new bras...
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I started nursing my first child on Oct 5, 1998. He was two when dd came along and I tandem nursed him with his sister for 2 1/2 years. He weaned age 4 1/2 - in the first trimester of my third pregnancy. DD weaned when she was 5 1/2 and dC3 was around 2 1/2 years old. DC3 weaned when he was just past 3 years old. I am currently nursing dc#4 who is almost 26 months.
So, if you don't count the 6 month break between dC3 weaning and the birth of dC4, I have been nursing for 11 years and 1 month and 4 days, including around 5 1/2 years tandem altogether.
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Originally Posted by mommy2two babes View Post
Is there such a thing as triandem nursing?
lol yup. I nursed 3 (an infant and twins) for 2+ years.

Can I nursed my oldest for 2.5 years - he self weaned when I got pregnant with twins. I nursed my twins for 4.5 years (two+ years triandem) and my youngest almost 5 years.

If they were consecutive instead of tandem I would have nursed for almost 17 years. I'm done now.

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7.5 years straight! (including almost 2 years of tandem nursing)
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2 years 8 months. Yeah, yeah, I'm a lightweight compared to some of you mamas .
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4 years 5 months and DD loves every bit of it,

and when I think of how scared I was going to the hospital
for the delivery and how clueless I was about what it really
means to nurse.. and how difficult the first couple days was..

I am so joyful when I look back..
then again, few close family members gave me hell..
and so I had to disconnect.

first things first.
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5 years 8 months. 3.5 years tandem.

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I'm a longtime lurker here, but thought I'd chime in...
Started nursing DS Feb 1997
DD1 joined him Nov 1999
DS weaned March 2000
DD2 joined DD1 Nov 2004
DD1 weaned Dec 2004
DNiece joined DD2 Dec 2004 (at DB & DSIL request...odd situation)
DNiece was Auntie-led weaned April 2006 (they had to move)
DD2 is still going strong.

So the grand totals (Please, someone, correct me if I can't add...simple arithmetic has never been my strong point!)

Nursing 12 years, 9 months straight.
Tandem nursed 21(?) months total.
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7.5 years straigtht....!!

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7 years 4 months straight with at least another 4 years ahead I figure since we are expecting again in March and dd will very likely not wean between now and then. 44 months of the 7+ years were tandem nursing.
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5 years 10.5 months. My time may be limited, though, as DD2 is turning 4 in a couple weeks. Who knows how much longer she'll nurse!
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Five years and ten months yesterday. Three years and ten months tandeming. I'm currently nursing two and expecting another in July--we'll see if we make it to triandeming.
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4years almost 9mo straight. Tandem for over half.
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3 years six months, 7 mo tandeming!
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First thank you for this thread it really helps to know I am not the only person who just keeps nursing you guys are all awesome.
I have been nursing 4 years and 4 months 2 years and 4 months of that tandem. They are both still going strong so who knows how long we will go
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It will officially be 6yrs next Tuesday. DD1 nursed right up to DD2's birth when she decided she was done. I have been tandem nursing DD2 and DD3 for 1yr 1wk and 2 days.
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My oldest weaned when I was 3-4 months pg with number 2, but starting with number 2, I have been nursing since oct 06, so 3 years and 2 months
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Have been nursing straight since November 15 2004 (when my oldest DD was born). Have been pregnant and or nursing since August 2001 Oh ya and I tandem nursed for 2.5 years with Niamh and Isla and just started tandem nursing again with Isla and Deirdre (6 days and counting

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