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I'm having a bad week :(

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The title says it all. I'm sick, and have been for 2 weeks. I got my baby sick, and my BF is sick. We're a miserable bunch. Add to all that my period starting, and I'm extra miserable. I even had to miss a class today so that I could go to the doctor (I was really looking forward to my class).

Because I was sick I couldn't re-fill my medication so I missed 2 days, and it feels like I'm starting over on it - I feel completely miserable. I feel worthless, and completely inadequate. My counseling appointment got canceled this week b/c she's on vacation, so I have no outlet b/c my BF doesn't like to hear about how awful I feel.

I don't have any friends to lean on. I haven't even told any of them that I have PPD b/c I don't know any of them very well, and I don't know what they would think.

I feel like crying What do I do now to make myself feel better? I've been sleeping as much as I can, but right now its just not helping.
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So sorry, thyra. It sounds awful.

You've started taking your medication again, it sounds like? So that's hopeful....
And with your period starting, that could be a temporary hormonal change that's making you feel worse. So it is possible that even if you do nothing else you'll be feeling better in a few more days? Is that reassuring at all?

The thing that makes me feel better, the quickest, is taking a walk outside. The endorphins, the fresh air, the natural light...it just makes a big difference for me.

If that's not an option or doesn't work, I would probably read my favorite books, watch movies, eat my favorite foods and drop as many responsibilities as possible. Just to get through it. Survival mode, all the way.

One more thought--have you tried supplements or herbs?
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I have been there w/ PPD and not wanting to share w/ ppl. Things I found helpful: Inositol (a b vitamin), B complex, vit. D, a really good whole-food multivitamin, cod liver oil. Also vit. C w/ help your body recover from illness.
I'll be keeping you in mind. I hope you can get some good vitamins and feel a little better.
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s. Hope you feel better soon.

I also understand the difficulty of sharing with people. I never thought this would be an issue, but yes, it is. I have not told any of my friends here about my PPD because I don't know them that well and they happen to be my colleagues or students or friends of either . I've also not told anyone in my family because mental illness is a huge taboo. It sucks to keep quiet. Because I needed to talk to someone about it, I ended up telling good friends from earlier times in my life with whom I'm still in touch and that was the best thing to do because while they are not here, they still support me in any way possible (calling, emailing, chatting, or just thinking about me).

What helps? Try to get rid of the illness by caring about your body. Vit C, hot showers, lots of hot tea, and good food will make you feel better mentally as well. Walks help (in any weather) because they allow you to get out of the house. Take good care of yourself and make that a top priority!
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