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Gross foods you Love!!!!

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Gross Foods=Highly processed/Additive laden/High in sugar, Fat, and/or salt/Unnaturally colored or loaded with dyes/or simply a bizarre combination of foods ie: pickles and peanut butter. Non-food items such as dirt do not belong in this category.

Hello, My name is Natalie and I am a lover of SPAM, corned beef hash, Kraft cheese slices, velveeta.....(I am opposed to processed foods however )

I also love ambrosia salad and Kraft mac and cheese....

(big breath)

cheesies of any kind....stinky Doritos...Hot dogs (I rarely eat them though)

and melted cheddar cheese with FRIED BANANAS!

(I also like butter, cream, and brown sugar on my oatmeal...it's delicous!)

edited to add definition of Gross Foods for the purpose of this thread.

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Fruit By The Foot. I get the big boxes at Costco!! Isn't that awful?? My mom told me they have petroleum products in them or something but I can't stop eating them!! :
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diet coke! had a good giggle as my friend put our icy cold diet cokes amongst the organic produce we'd just bought. When I pointed it out to her she told me "i'd wish you'd look up diet coke on the net" because I keep sending her these links about why milk is so evil LOL! I said if I could buy organic DC I would!!
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Eggo waffles, powdered sugar donuts, Vanilla Coke, McDonald's fries (don't flame me, please!)
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Homemade yummy grossness:
peanut butter and gherkin pickle sandwiches (and the peanut butter HAS to be Jif)
creamed dried beef on buttered toast

Store-bought yummy grossness:
diet coke (I NEEED it first thing in the morning like other people need coffee)
salt and vinegar potato chips
refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough right out of the package (very, very rarely though)

Except for the diet coke, these are all comfort foods from when I was a kid. In fact, the peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and creamed dried beef on toast were comfort foods from my mother's childhood that she passed on to me.
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Diet Coke, oh hell yeah. It's my only vice (anymore). :

Slim Jims. Once in a great while, and I hide it from everyone!

Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff, with the fake-o-rama "sour cream" -- yum.

Any of those "noodle and sauce"-type mixes, or macaroni and cheese (although I do make, and prefer, homemade). Even, sometimes, canned ravioli or Beef-A-Roni. Or Spaghetti-Os with hot dogs cut up in them!

I grew up with this sort of middle-class white-bread 1970s food, and had to teach myself to cook. After that came teaching myself to cook, and eat, healthfully. So when I want real comfort, I still revert back to the preservative-and-sodium-laden, artificially colored and flavored junk.

Great thread!
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Ho Ho's and milk; onion rings; most things chocalate...mmmmm
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Tuna melts on a buttered english muffin

Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. (Personally I don't think this gross but by peoples reactions it obviously is!!)
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I love peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.......
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refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough right out of the package (very, very rarely though)
OMG I got the big ol box of cookie dough nuggets from Costco that you just take out of the box and put on the cookie sheet and I think I ate most of them RAW!!!!!! I have NO WILL POWER!!! :LOL
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I don't quite get the term gross along with foods you love, but I figure it's a food you love that isn't good for you.

I love "semla" which is a sweet bun, top cut off, a mixture of sccoped out bread crumbs with delicious almond paste put into the crevice of the bun, then topped with lots of whipped cream and the bun "top" put back on (on top of the cream), plus a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Can be found everywhere for the next few weeks here in Sweden and I think I'm eating roughly four of these per week.
I know it's sinful but I haven't had them for nearly five years of living abroad.
I'm having one now. Yum!
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i'll out myself too then.

I am a huge fan of swissrolls, ringdings,hohos and other packaged gross sweet cakes with a big ol' glass of milk.

almost anything chocolate works too, but kisses are my faves.

my dh says the most gross thing i eat tho is pasta with butter and ketchup which is a total comfort food for me. (ok, so my mom was in the hospital alot and i was hungry. )

and i put ketchup on salami sandwhiches which he also says is disgusting.

my daughter says my cream cheese and jelly sandies are nasty too, but my younger daughter eats them right with me.
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Dh says his favorite is cherry jello with a little milk mixed in. Gross! Has anyone else heard of such a thing?
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Most of my favorite "gross" foods are ones I grew up on, my comfort foods. My absolute favorite is homemade chocolate syrup over homemade (ok Bisquick) biscuits. No matter how many times I have tried to duplicate her recipe, it's just not the same.

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necco sweetheart valentines candies! carnuba wax, red dye, and sugar, mmm mmm! I have been known to eat these until I got sick...thank goodness they will be gone for another year after this weekend.
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Ok - I just remembered the grossest food that I LOVE!!! I was at the store today and about had a spaz attack when I realized that they had the easter candy out...CADBURY CREME EGGS!!!! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! :LOL I anticipate this time of year for that one reason!!
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My absolute favorite is homemade chocolate syrup over homemade (ok Bisquick) biscuits.
This is kind of sounding appealing to me right now! :LOL
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potato chips

they're soooo bad! hydrogenated trans fats galore. i know better, but i just cant help myself. ugh, i dont even want to think about how many chemicals get dumped onto those spuds while they're growing....

i'm addicted:
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Deviled Ham (I craved it when I was pregnant -- didn't know if they still made it! They do.)
Gummi bears
Smokies (a local favorite -- they are like Slim Jims but are made in a butcher shop and are delicious)
Place-and-bake cookies (esp. the sugar cookies with holiday-specific cut-outs in the middle)
Fuzzy yellow marshmallow Easter chickies (the first sign of spring).
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Cheez Doodles. Have to be the real thing. Store brand ones have little hard bits in them that get stuck in the teeth.

I buy really good sushi at Shaw's sometimes and eat Cheez Doodles with the sushi?! Somehow they go together?!

Yeah Vanilla Coke, esp mixed w/Mt Gay rum (no, I am not bfing or pg). :
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