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Cheetos. I have them about once per year, but still...

...and those buns you mentioned, Morsan, sound very yummy...

Which brings me to my next candidate on the list: homemade 1950's style cookies, like frosted refrigerator cookies, cookies with peanut butter and chocolate, and so forth. Bring 'em on!!
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If you find highly sugary foods gross--Sweettarts & Swedish Fish.

And for my salty times (which are rare)--Baked Lays Sour Cream & Onion chips.
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Oh, and I have to add that before I became veg about 9 years ago, I LOVED those marshmellow peeps that they sell at Easter time. Yuck!!! Full of all the good stuff, I'm sure!
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Tangy Taffy. Luckily around here they're hard to find and now I think they're called Laffy Taffy. I'm also a total sucker for McDonalds fries. It's the only thing I will eat there and I usually just go through the drive thru b/c I'm ashamed :
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When I'm pregnant I crave all kinds of horrible junk with red dye in it, gummy bears (only the red ones), those raspberry hostess cake thingies with coconut on the outside, sweedish fish. UGH! What is wrong with me, why do I crave this crap? I don't normally eat this stuff but when I'm preggo I HAVE TO HAVE IT, which is also the worst possible time to be eating it.
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I'll second the cadbury egg post, but only the original ones! And I'll add oreos!
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krispy kremes........hot cheetos........mc donalds' fries........all laden with pho.
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I feel so much better that I have so much company on the diet coke issue. Harder to quit than cigarettes.
My gross food? Don;t know if this even qualifies as food - the little crunchy bits left in the grease after cooking bacon. Yes, I drag my finger through the cooled grease to gather these little salty treasures.
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Okay, now I am hooked on this thread. Artemesia-
I am pregnant with #2 and I really have a 'junk' tooth now.

And someone mentioned Krispy Kremes. OMG, I HAD to have them this morning and drove a long ways to get them. They were well worth it, though.

So glad to know that we all have that little food devil inside
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I forgot to add Skippy peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches. I loved these as a kid!
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Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

My DH got me these for valentines day. They are jelly beans that are every flavour, including grass, dirt, pepper, vomit, spinach and booger . They are made by Jelly Belly, which I love, and include some more pleasant flavours such as buttered popcorn (my favourite), and cherry. I have to say, the dirt and spinich jelly beans are discustingly realistic in taste. I don't have the nerve to try sardine, vomit or booger. When I do I will let you know what they are like!

Speaking of buttered popcorn, I love buttered movie popcorn dripping with butter, sprinkled with gummy bears.....mmmmmm
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They are jelly beans that are every flavour, including grass, dirt, pepper, vomit, spinach and booger . They are made by Jelly Belly
That's disGUSTING!!! :LOL It made me remember Garbage Pail Kids...I used to love those!

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For me it is POTATO CHIPS! I can resist all sweets but not my bq and sour cream and onion Lay's. Most of the time I eat the natural ones, but really, they pale in comparison, lol!
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Fast food

When I was pregnant I craved 2 things- on my way home from work at least 3 days of the week, I had to stop at either Jack in the Box and get a taco and root beer, or at Sonic and get a grilled-cheese sandwich and a chocolate shake.

No wonder I peaked at 205lbs! I don't do it anymore, but I still crave them.
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Anything McDonald's (except Filet-O-Fish )
Hostess Funny Bones
Sam's Choice (the evil Wal Mart brand) American Cheddar Cheese Puffs - man, I love those things!
rippled potato chips and french onion dip
leftover meatloaf sandwiches drenched in ketchup
cookie dough & pie pastry
super-thick frosting with TONS of Crisco in it...I always make my own b/c the stuff in the can is way too sweet for my taste, and not nearly heavy enough
sour warheads....my kids love'em and so do I

PORK RINDS!!! With beer!!!!!!!!
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Skellbelle, you are a woman after my own heart.
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Mmmmmmm .... Sonic ......
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ho-ho's ill eat the whole box
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Beef Jerky. Anything from homemade to the crap you get on road trips at the gas staion.

Hostess Cup Cakes.

Coke, Vanilla Coke.

Coffee, with lots of cream and sugar.


Chili Fritos.

Coffee Ice Cream, with Chocolate Syrup and Peanut butter. All mixed together.

( I won't go into alcoholic faves...that list is too long. :LOL)
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Sonic is so good! I could eat everything on their menu. YUM. The absolute grossest thing I love is Chef Boyardee Peperroni Pizza in a box. It is awful. Fake powder cheese and fake peperronis. Smells like feet but oh so yummy!
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