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Originally Posted by Aeress View Post
Last night, a dear friend, asked if I would come back to work, if I could work with her.
It doesn't sound like a stable position the way it stands right now. Maybe this isn't the positive change that is coming your way.
(yes, I'm getting a feeling about this.)

Originally Posted by redveg View Post
Any special plans this weekend mamas?
I have 2 book fairs on Sunday. Back to back. Should be interesting. I don't have stock so I have to borrow it. I just hope I have enough and that people actually buy.
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Just realized it's Friday the 13th.
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Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
Just realized it's Friday the 13th.

Yep! It's also "To Write Love On Her Arms" Day. And I have LOVE written on both arms 2 and 3 times

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Oh, money worries, health worries, boo! Bah! Begone!

(that was a banishing ritual for me and everyone else here, best I can do before coffee)

Was reading the Encyclopedia of Divination last night. Been trying my old Ryder Waite tarot cards and the images are shutting down my intuition, not leading me anywhere. What I like is bibliomancy. I'm on a big "use what I have and don't spend $$$ we don't have on those new cards and tools I'm drooling on " kick, so this works. Got lots of books.

Anyone have anything to add to the wisdom literature traditionally used for divination? I've decided to try sortes Tolkeinienae (oh boy, did I butcher that attempted declension). Going to flip through to find a random passage of the Hobbit to meditate on when I am divining on money issues, The Fellowship of the Ring for relationships, The Two Towers for guidance in times of crisis, The Return of the King for outcomes and endings, and the Silmarillion for esoteric wisdom.

Originally Posted by Maiasaura View Post
Aubergine, what Celtic carols and madrigals have you got??
Just cds I grabbed from the library's box of holiday music -- Wyndham Hill Celtic Christmas Sampler vol. 4 -- hey, apparently they have Winter Solstice Samplers, too! And Balulalow by the U of Alberta Madrigal Singers. The first with no voices and the second very choral, and beautiful, both with no songs I know (or know well). Yet, that is, because they will be in heavy rotation on my cd player.

Originally Posted by OceansEve View Post
Her pirate king husband died and she became queen of the pirates VERY VERY COOL
Queen of the pirates! Why, I can't believe my buccaneers! (just heard that one for the first time last week, gotta use it now at every opportunity )

Originally Posted by redveg View Post
Any day I can spend time outside is a good day. .
Yes, that's it, exactly! A frosty morning here, but we'll be outside later on. Saw the waning moon through the apple tree outside my window very early this morning, which made me happy because I don't see her before I fall asleep at this time of year. But she's beautiful in the morning too!

Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
It was Barnes & Noble.
I hope the homeschool group project goes well for you, anyway!

Originally Posted by redveg View Post
Any special plans this weekend mamas? Nothing here, just doing our same old same.
My daughter's friend is having a birthday sleepover tonight. I have an Xmas parcel to get off to a cousin in the States and Yule cards to finish. If dh were well, we'd be going to see his mom, but I don't think so, though. And there is a strong need to do a LOT of homework. My course finishes at the end of the month and I have about half of it left to do

`Write love on her arms' day? Hmmmmn....*checking out the link*
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Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
Going to Barnes & Noble today to meet with the manager. We had an incident with a staff member (she dropped a toy from the top shelf on my son's face and then tried to say it didn't hit him. And she was standoffish.) The manager emailed me (after I emailed them) and said that other staff speak highly of me and she'd like to meet with me.
Egads. Rude!!! Glad your little guy is alright.

Originally Posted by SunshineJ View Post
Hey everyone. Been reading, just not posting. Lot's going on here, and been a real "kick in the teeth" type of week.
Man, mama, you sure have had it from all sides!!

12 days more! That's all!! OMG, mamas, this is really going to happen! I love him I love him I love him...omg. How I truly do. True love, it really is, and he loves me too
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Happy Friday the 13th!

My kids are finally getting over being sick. except DS who seemed to wait until today to complain of nausea. DH has pain in both shoulders and elbows. doc says it is tendonitis. DH has been going to the chiro and taking some anti imflammatory meds. they make him loopy. poor guy is in a lot of pain. he doesnt do docs or meds so he has to be in a lot of pain in order to ask for a doc. doesnt the flu virus make you have body pains like that?

anyway, i have been feeling pretty good. lost all my preg weight. that is a big deal to me. i have always ended up 20 lbs over pre preg weight after wards. the GD diet they had me on actually melted some butt off of me. now that DD2 is 6 weeks old (mon) i am going to diet a little. no pop, pastries, low carb etc. basically the GD diet but with a little less fat. make sure you eat a certain amount every 3 hours, up the veggies etc. i bet it will make the fibro better too.

my Yule cards might be late. lol. i still havent figured out what to do and I dont have anything to use yet. need to go shopping. waiting till something comes to me like it did last year.

ugh, we have fleas. they arent so bad that the kids are getting bite marks but i see them every once in while. i already treated the cats with frintline, now i need to spray the carpets. the only ones are in the bedrooms, but i have to dig all the stuff out from under the beds. that is where the cats like to hide. then i got to vacuum up all the dead ones. i should prob not play on the pc all day. lol.

i think i should dust my altar off. re arrange things etc. i have left things sit too long.
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super quick scan-- i hate when i see stuff and cant find the original.... what was the original dress talked about? i saw this one, and love it (reminds me of this site we used to play on)... but i want the original one too! (planning dresses for the fete, of course!)

hugs and vibes to all!
happy friday 13th! once when i was little, i wrote a story called saturday the 14th. wonder if i still have that....
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Good morning all and happy Friday the 13th! I ended up reading one of my Druid books last night and crashing early on the couch. DH moved me up to bed later, but I ended up getting 10 hrs of sleep last night! My normal is somewhere around half that or less. Needless to say, I'm feeling much more centered this morning. Our house is going to be auctioned off at 11 am two states away, and I pointed out to DH that while there's no denying the situation sucks, that leaky basement and roof that needs to be replaced are absolutely not our problem! any longer. There's always a little positive in every situation if you look hard enough

DoK I can't believe the cavalier attitude they're having at B&N! I would be most unhappy about that, but bottom line is that I'm very glad your little guy is ok!

Maia, you're not excited or anything are you? LOL! I really hope that when you get there it's everything you're hoping for and more!!

Aeress, I really wouldn't apply for that position. I've got a bad feeling about it, even if it's just the info presented, and I think you would be very unhappy in that situation. What would likely happen is that you would get the job, rearrange everything in your life, not be happy with the changes, and then your friend would quit in a couple months and you'd have arranged things to where you were "stuck" there for a while longer. Take a pass on it! As for something new, what about taking a class or two or setting up to teach one or two classes?

Fleas: The best thing I've found to get rid of them is to sprinkle Borax around the house (on the furniture too) and vaccum it up, then repeat in 2 weeks. I've never had the little suckers survive that if I actually remember the follow up! LOL we always know when we have them, they LOVE DH something fierce!

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!!

Originally Posted by redveg
Any special plans this weekend mamas?
Actually yes for a change! Tonight we have our new BABYSITTER coming over!! (7+ yrs and the only sitter we really had was my mom - and she'd cancel about 50% of the time so we couldn't actually dare make plans) The kids are excited and we are too! The area's PUC group is having a casual dinner at a local Chinese place tonight. They do this a couple times a month, and we're going to that. They had 2 different locations listed on their site so DH e-mailed to ask the correct one. He got a reply back, and the guy sounded just super friendly, had missed updating one of the pages for the location. We're really excited!

Tomorrow DH will be leaving about 5:30 to head up to his dad's for the day. They're meeting up with his uncle for breakfast, then checking out their deer stands and sight their rifles. Hunting season starts next weekend, and he's excited to be back for it. LOL mind you I don't actually expect him to hit anything, it's not like he has a solid track record, but if he does it would be good to have the meat from a more natural source. So all day tomorrow I'm on my own with the little ones. I'm making sure I have things in order here, so I can spend some fun time with them. Next weekend while DH is gone I think we'll start decorating the house for the holidays.

Sunday we have the kids dance classes. They run from 1-3, and always seem to take a chunk of the day, but that's ok. Then Monday we have the monthly PUC meeting that we will probably attend.

The day is sunny, it's supposed to hit mid-50's, and I think today is going to be a good one. I do have a couple letters to write and need to make a batch of jam, but it's definitely better than yesterday!
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Dok- Wow. Really. I'm glad your ds didn't get more hurt. Good luck with book sales this Sunday!!

So many people sick! I hope everyone starts feeling better quick.

LionessMom- Sounds like you're taking good care of yourself

I'm so glad it's Friday! I'm ready for the weekend. Dh and I are working on house projects today, and watching The Ugly Truth tonight. I love Katherine Heigl. The rest of the weekend we'll do some more winterizing stuff. I made a Pumpkin Tofu Cheesecake last night- Yummy

SunshineJ- Glad you're feeling better today & you can see the positive side of the situation. Your family description yesterday made me think it would make a smashing nove l And I gotta ask- is your first name Sunshine, or is it a nickname?
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What a couple of busy days for everyone! I caught up but know I wont remember all the bits i want to comment on!

For those traveling towards love, have fun! For those traveling towards health, I hope your journey is swift! For those who aren't certain where the trip is headed, fingers crossed for happy clarity!

We've had a rough day or two. DD1 and I are both fighting off major chest congestion/coughing. DS has sniffles, dd2 has been extra needy too so she may be feeling off as well. We did see the "new" dr and he seems nice. And he didn't push more vax than we wanted, has the Sears books on his shelf, is a big extended breastfeeding advocate, was really excited that I'd had two vbacs (even put a note in Tor's file), and was fine with co-sleeping. Overall thumbs up, but I got lost on the way there and managed to hold off a full blown panic attack by the skin of my teeth.

Then I learned my brother has been re-activated and is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in January. For those who are newer, my brother was badly injured in Iraq a few years ago and was given a medical discharge. He is considered permanently disabled, is in constant pain, has ptsd, etc. To get a letter in the mail saying "you're healed! now ship out", especially on veteran's day? It wasn't good. But I wonder... the packet included a letter saying basically "sign here if you don't want to go. we'll cancel your medical bnefits and pension and we'll call it even." It makes me wonder if this is an attempt to weed out more "expensive" veterans. You know, a sort of go back to "work" or you lose your benefits deal. It totally stinks and he'll find out more in the next few days.

FRENCH- when we started looking for french language stuff for the girls we were pointed towards the canadian amazon site. We also made a few trips to bookstores in Montreal. Lots of childrens/YA literature in French as well as dvds either originally or dubbed into the language. But you've probably explored that route already.

ENKI- dd1's preschool combines waldorf with enki. It works well but seems like a lot of work to scale down for one or two kiddos.
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TGIF... really rough week at work. But it's pay day and I have $10 in Border Bucks to play with.

Thinking of you all. Healing & prosperity vibes to all who need 'em.

Received the test results from the bazillion blood test my naturopath had me do... nothing too surprising but did get confirmation of my concerns, allergic to wheat & dairy. But no thyroid issues which was another concern.

Wracking my brain for new ideas. Meals, I don't think will be an issue. We are good at meal planning and I read a LOT of blogs. Going to dump my conventional baking ones and find more gluten free ones, but I've been reading some already and have subbed to a couple newsletters.

My thing is going to be convienance foods, i.e. the instant oatmeal that is back up for all the times I forget my lunch at home. Greek yogurt which is usually my breakfast on the run (and I don't do soy so that is out). The half & half in my morning tea... boo hoo.

It will be good for me, furthering my practices of conscious eating and probably knock some more weight off (I've not gained anything in a long while, but not lost anymore either.)
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
To get a letter in the mail saying "you're healed! now ship out",
What the...?! And they wonder why soldiers are flipping out.
I hope he can get out of it without losing everything.

Psst... anyone want a discount code? pm me. I noticed lots of people are talking about books and such so I thought I'd jump on board.
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Womb, the story about your brother REALLY pisses me off. But it sounds likely according to some of the recent NPR stories about our government and its treatment of the miltary.

Still sick but less sick today. One of my real life MDC mama friends is bringing us homemade chicken soup tonight. I'm smiling just thinking about it.
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Originally Posted by saphire View Post
SunshineJ- Glad you're feeling better today & you can see the positive side of the situation. Your family description yesterday made me think it would make a smashing nove l And I gotta ask- is your first name Sunshine, or is it a nickname?
More of a nickname really. DH has always called me his sunshine, so that's just how it came about. ROFLOL most people have less flattering nicknames for me so I went with the best! Generally people call me Kimi.

Wombat that is seriously nuts. Has he received anything revoking his disability status or just that they plan on taking him again even though it's there? I would think there would be someone he could call about this, if nothing else DH said that going to your congressman usually can work some kind of magic. And I thought we were getting kicked in the teeth, that's far, far worse. I'm so sorry!

Indigo, something to consider about dairy is that there are different types. DD came back as very allergic to milk and dairy but she handles goats milk just fine without any of the issues. It tastes just like cow's milk (honest - she wouldn't touch it if it didn't!) and they make yogurt, cheese, butter etc. from it as well. It's pretty pricey but it may be a viable alternative at least for the yogurt. Maybe a backup could be apples and peanut butter or something like that?
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Send healing energy, please. Just called the after hours doc advice line.
I'd been having some slight symptoms of a uti but wasn't sure. So, I just tried to drink more water and hoped it went away.

I've also been feeling slightly queasy, weak, shaky, hot/cot, etc.
I've been having odd back pain but I just thought it was stress or something.

This afternoon, the back pain started to wrap around my sides a bit.
Then, I started getting blood in my urine (nowhere near my time of month.)

It finally hit me what could be going on. So now I have to wait for the phone call to tell me whether I can wait until tomorrow to go to the doc or if I have to go to ER to get checked out and get meds. Good grief.
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Healing thoughts for you DoK. Feel better soon, and let us know what happens, ok? Ouch!

Wombatclay, that is seriously horrible, re your brother's notice. I have to believe that there is an error there that can be straightened out, because the alternative you suggest, that your govt. is trying to save money by threatening disabled vets into signing away their benefits, is just, well, screwed.

Not time to post more right now -- love those Montreal bookstores, but it has been about a decade since I've been in Quebec. Hoping for a field trip once homeschooling starts!
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oh man, I hope you can wait I would hate to go to the ER.
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oh no! maybe.

M has got some potentially major car issue, and he's saying that my trip is off if it's the major thing. if it's the major thing, it's $2800 to fix it and he's f***ed and his finances are f***ed.
I said, take a chill pill and we'll figure it out, it doesn't have to be so black and white, but i think he means it!!! *sniff*
whatever can i do? I'm printing a pic of his car right now and going to light a candle with it. green? what color? omg, mamas, that can absolutely not happen.
i told him i'd rent a car from the airport and he said good luck, i might just find my way to his house from the airport by the time it's time to go home, that he's lived there for years and years and can still barely do it. ACK!!! no freaking wrenches in this trip, please!!!
omg, what am i going to do?
He'll probably find out tuesday. About the car.

i can NOT not go there.
and i've already figured out that now is not the time to talk to him about it. he's pretty tweaky.
the upside is, he realized that, and said he was sorry and maybe didn't need to be talking about it right now.

*breathing hard* i'm pretty tweaky myself. ok. no panicking. what is the logical thing to do, here? besides light candle and send good energy? what are ways i can get to go up there anyway? he is worried about no money. i'm like...i'm not coming there to spend money, or see the town, or go out to eat, or whatever. i'm coming to see you. he's pretty freaked but trying to keep a lid on it. He's in a "no freaking way; no car, no trip" state of mind.
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Clay-- that's just messed up, about your brother. I hope something gets worked out to his advantage.

DOK-- feel better, hun. I hope it's a lot less than you think it is. No ER for you!
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Wowza! I just (thoroughly) read 3 1/2 pages here. It is very hard to get caught up after days away.


Originally Posted by Valérie.Qc View Post
Homeschooling... It might be hard to find pagan material (or at least secular)
I've been working on a new, well, not so much curriculum as an *approach* that integrates what I LOVE about waldorf with my pagan/nature-loving self.

Today's impromptu lesson was about: reincarnation, immortality, quantum physics and intolerance (religious and otherwise.) This wonderfulness happened whilst the children and I enjoyed lunch at our FAVORITE mexican restaurant. (Dh has been having tummy troubles which require bland food...and the rest of us were having withdrawal... )

Once I put in loads of stuff from the Earth's Child Handbook and all the herbal stuff (including gardening and preparation) and lots of time outside...it's starting to look like an intentional curriculum-esque kind of thing.

Originally Posted by saphire View Post
homeschool- I still pick and choose what I like from different sources...
Same here. My basic inclination is towards waldorf...but without the saints stuff or anything specific to anything, um, christian-ish. I absolutely believe that waldorf can accommodate any spiritual path...but I know that much of what is available as waldorf curriculum and/or resources is from a more mainstream religious perspective than I want. I guess I'm trying to craft a 'waldorf pagan' curriculum. Or just to be alliterative...'waldorf witchiness'

Originally Posted by Maiasaura View Post
I'm still in love, mamas Tomorrow morning it's less than two weeks till I get there!
So glad to see after my several days absence that this is still the case.

Originally Posted by redveg View Post
I really admire you mamas who homeschool. I wish I would have taken the time and did it for my kids. I have been very unhappy with the public schools in our area, only to move and find they are no better here either. Hats off to you who are doing it.
Every path has its beauty and its challenges and sometimes it is just so nice to hear that.

Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post
OMG rude.. I hope they reimbursed you for the cost of replacing your chooks! Have you ever considered catching the dogs and calling the spca to collect them?
Some days my sanity hangs by a thread when hubby gets home lol.
One of these days I will probably call animal control for the neighbor's dogs. They terrorize the cat, drag things out of our recycling bin and scare the boys. One of them charges any car that drives by their house (which we rarely do)

Now that we have *giant dog* it has made me even more annoyed at their neglect.

Originally Posted by SunshineJ View Post
The real estate office we listed it with jerked us around, stalling, etc. Come to find out, the agent that was handling it had another RE agent she was "holding" it for. Can't prove it of course, but they did everything they could to run the time down so it didn't sell. Never listed pics on the site, delayed actually listing it for 2 weeks, wouldn't return calls, etc. Actually TOLD DH that she would be with the potential buyer at the auction and assist him in buying it there!!
File a complaint! You do not need any proof to file a complaint with the RE company's regional and national headquarters and your own area's BBB. Seriously this violates all sorts of ethical codes and depending on the state/region/country, laws as well.

Filing a complaint, even if no action can be taken, can help to protect the next client. And if there ARE other complaints, your's will be taken more seriously.

I know it won't change the suckiness of the current situation, but it IS empowering to make people aware of these things.

Originally Posted by Valérie.Qc View Post
We got a treatment for the dog'd fleas and did it last night; I'll check her a little later and hopefully bring her back in the home where she belong.
In addition to the other solutions, add brewer's yeast to the dog's diet. IIRC it makes an animal taste bad to the fleas and they won't bite them anymore, and then if they don't find another host will die.

Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post
my Yule cards might be late. lol. i still havent figured out what to do and I dont have anything to use yet. need to go shopping. waiting till something comes to me like it did last year.
Oh, me too! And can someone help me (and I apologize if this has already been shared somewhere and I missed it) know what is expected? I've never sent, received or even seen an official *Yule card* and I am so clueless. And so busy.

Ok, let's see, my updating.
We got the giant dog a week ago today. He is acclimating so well to our home and us and we have gotten so accustomed to him it seems much longer.

The cat stopped hissing at him on day 2 and they are friendly and affectionate with one another already. Who'da thunk it?

Wednesday I FINALLY got my new (ok, refurbished) iBook. That was a LONG week without my own computer. Sharing with the family is hard...especially when eldest child is doing a good bit of his schoolwork online these days (by his choice.)

I was beginning to fall behind on my online classes and haven't done anything with my self-guided herbalism studies either.

Oh and there is SO much knitting and sewing to do for my daughter's third bday next month and all the holiday gifts.


Now I must get off here and fix a late dinner for everyone and then stay up late after everyone is asleep and work on my coursework.

blessed be mamas!
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