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Dingos Run for Turkey and Pie! November Running Mamas Thread

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Happy November Dingos and Dingos-To-Be!

"Come one, come all, come join the Dingoes!

We are a group of women who are united in the desire for forward motion, and we support each other in our quest to find balance and reason in our lives.

There are no requirements for joining the thread besides a desire to move forward. So, if you're just starting the couch to 5k or training for an ultramarathon, you belong here!

We post fast (figure ~1000 posts per month), and it's great when you follow along and encourage others. If you fall behind, it's just like your training schedule: Hop right back in and continue on.

Below, DrJen will probably post a list of pregnant dingoes, our race list, and the links to the question: Why are we called the dingoes?

So, post your intro and your goals, and we'll welcome you and cheer you on!

Edit: Spelling in title changed to reflect group consensus, though not necessarily English-language norms.

Edit II: We are the dingo pack: a bunch of badass women jet-setting around the country, b!tch-slapping, giving props, and holding babies."
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Subbing and making a commitment to start posting regularly again.
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Happy November Dingos!

Wow, I can't believe it's already November.

I'm sitting here watching the NYC Marathon on NBC even though I already saw most of in online earlier and eating way too much candy. I really wish I could go for a run but I'm trying to be good until I see the doctor tomorrow.
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ah, i love a new thread... a fresh start!

jo - no, sadly, no cheese curds were had. i guess it will have to be during my next visit!
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for some reason, this makes me mad...


i mean, i don't run fast but i am not an undertrained couch potato. i'd be lucky to have an 11 minute marathon pace and someone in this article scoffs that someone like me belongs in a marathon. i get that the 'no cut off time' like in hawaii could mean someone stops for lunch along the way, which is pretty ridiculous, but i don't think encouraging average joes to get out there and strive for sub 6 hours is a bad thing at all!
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Wow! Some of those people are just down right mean. We all know I'm a slow runner, but golly bum, when I run a marathon, I have every right to celebrate just as much as the front of the pack.
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Here's the race list for the November thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

1hautemama - Marathon of the Palm Beaches - December 6
cornflake girl - Las Vegas Half Marathon - December 6
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series - December 12
1hautemama - River Roots and Ruts Trail Half Marathon - January 3, 2010
Nickarolaberry - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 10, 2010
tjsmama - Rock-N-Roll Arizona Marathon - January 17, 2010
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series - January 23, 2010
grnmtnmama - Singlespeed USA - February 6, 2010
Love My Babies - Five Points of Life Half Marathon - February 14, 2010
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series - February 20, 2010
Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Marathon - March 10, 2010
poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon - March 28, 2010
JayGee - Indianapolis Mini Marathon - May 8, 2010
bec - Grandma's Marathon - June 19, 2010

The Preggo Dingo List

Realrellim - April 2010
VeganCupcake - It's a , welcome Li'l Cupcake!
Jenlove - It's a girl! Welcome baby Valentine!

Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post.
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I personally think it takes a whole different kind of stamina to finish slow. It's hard in so many ways, and people with this sensibility are among them.

No FM today, which is a crying shame because it is a beautiful day. But instead I am getting an all-day upper body workout, as we rake the entire yard in a single day. I am on a short break to load the couscousiere (lamb, pumpkin and the last turnips and greens) before heading back out. Need some ibuprofen and wish I had tape for the blisters already on my hands. I am three hours in, and we have two hours of daylight left. Dh is getting gas for the lawn tractor. He's hauling to next year's new garden.

After I drop him at the airport tomorrow, I will run. It should be just as nice tomorrow as it is today, and I am thinking about taking all our blankets to the laundromat. A good excuse to run, no?

Hi Paige!
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DrJen, can you take the ATL half marathon off for me. I just haven't been training enough to run it this year. Thanks.
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The people who are anti "slow runner" really make me angry. I've run 700 miles this year - while working full time + at an insane job, taking care of 4 children, trying to be a wife, and trying to keep my house from being a health hazard. Yes, I ran a 5 hour marathon, at 11 min+ pace, but I am a runner, damnit! And my 5 hour marathon takes nothing away from the sub-3 hour crowd. Geez. It's not like those runners ever even see me - they are lined up way ahead of me, and they are showered and out to lunch when I finish, so I just don't get what their issue is. Running 26.2 miles, at any pace, is darn hard work, and I'm really proud of myself that I can do it. So, God didn't give me the kind of body that goes fast - but I'm making the most of what I've got!

Speaking of which, my RR. It was a hard run today. The course is supposed to be point to point - you register at the finish and are bussed to the start and then run along the Illinois and Michigan Canal Towpath back to the start. Unfortunately, we've had so much rain, part of the course flooded and they had to make it an out and back, so I was bummed from the start that we didn't get to run the whole course. The start was very crowded (500+ runners on a narrow path) and it took my running partner and I a while to get to a space where we could run decently. Then, we went out too fast (I have to do more running outside and less on the treadmill, I think, so I can get this pacing thing down.) Right around the half way point, my cold symptoms started catching up with me. I've never been able to spit (or do the farmer's blow for my nose, for that matter) and I was having a heck of a time getting my throat cleared, and actually stopped to walk at the water stop at 4 miles to rinse and spit, repeat, quite a few times. I could hear a lady behind me who was cheering away at every runner still coming back towards the turn around, and I decided to walk until she caught up to me. She was really friendly - coached junior high track for 20 years - and was a lot of fun to listen to. At under 2 miles, I'd passed a young guy throwing up on the side of the path. At about 4+ miles, I passed him again, throwing up in a new spot. I stopped for a minute to ask him if he was okay, and he waved me away, but he didn't look great at all. I wondered if he was ill to start with, as he looked like a runner, and had real running gear on, but was already throwing up before mile 2? Anyway, I lost my coach companion at this point, and then I stopped again when I saw the paramedics on the golf cart, and sent them back to look for the young guy. Mile 5 seemed really, really, really long, for some reason. I passed a young girl who was an 8th grader, who looked like she was hurting. She sped up a bit to hang with me for a 10th of a mile or so, but then she dropped back as well. I was not feeling so great by this point, but I always say I can run 1 measly mile, any time, in any conditions, so I kept plugging away. I have a tendency to count when I'm anxious or hurting or tired, and I let myself count steps the whole last mile, and that really helped me stay in a rhythm. Finally, we came off the towpath onto the city streets, and finished the last 0.4 miles (uphill!) I'd been really hoping to break 1 hour, but finished in 1:00:20. I didn't find out what happened to the puker, either, but I didn't see him finish, so I'm hoping they took him off the course. My running partner did awesome! She left me around the turn around, when I was trying to clear all the snot out of my face, and ended up finishing in 58 +!
Now, I need to run it next year so I can actually do the point to point course, and so I can break an hour.
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subbing in...

I am excited that by mentioning Milwaukee now more dingos will put it on the to be considered list for Fall 2010. I can work in a visit to my grandma and not have to visit the whole time.

There aren't many races on the list. Are you all thinking about Turkey Trots? I have been looking at a couple and encouraging Alice (11 yo) to run with me. I hope to smooth out those plans tonight. I wish I could do that without talking to dh. and

JayGee, it sounds like you have come to grips with the stroller but it is still a bummer. I hope the day got better.

That's enough smilies and I am putting a lot of energy into staying upbeat today so I am going to go do puzzles with my little guy and then purge a few of them.
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DrJen, I agree with you 100%. Where's that WOOT WOOT pumping arms smiley?

Those of us who are tortoises still finish...plodding along...and it takes us double the time. We are runners too!

Dd1 is in a cracker of a bad mood today. Sigh. I think we now begin the famous 'tween' attitude. Kind of reminds me of her 2.5-3.5 toddler year. Gah.
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Sorry about the hard race and change in route, Jen. Nice time though! I hope you get some rest and start to feel better.

I so agree with you all about the article. Makes me mad. It obviously takes a lot of work and dedication to train for a marathon and regardless of your pace, you deserve to be out there. It's not an easy feat at all and I'd argue, even though I haven't done one yet, it's probably harder for those it takes longer. I think I heard an elite runner said that when he ran with someone else at their pace and was out there like twice the time as usual, which was harder for him.
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Subbing. Will try to post more later but right now we are out the door for a family walk/ride with the dog.
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Subbing. I think Mr. Dingo and I are going to do a Thanksgiving day race. We have a long history of attempting to run races together which usually goes awry but we always try.

Does anybody run with the Hash House Harriers? It seems really fun and Mr. D and I are planning on joining one of these days, but I must admit, I am a bit intimidated. I would love to hear about other people's experiences with them.

I am sick with the swine flu now. So far not so terribly awful. I am not too sick to knit! So there you go.

Have a great rest of the weekend Dingoes!

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Yay! A new thread!

Mommajb ~ what Turkey Trots are you considering? I was looking at a 4 miler up in Indy, but not sure I want to drive that far on Thanksgiving. Bloomington Bagel Co. always hosts and informal 5K, which is probably what I'll end up doing.

Oh, and DrJen, can you add the Monroe County YMCA 5K on Nov. 7 to the list for me .

The article in the NYT is annoying. One of the guys quoted (Record10Carbon) posts on Slowtwitch.com, which I read regularly. That board is good for entertainment and great info on triathlon training, but the "I'm faster than God" attitude is a bit much .

DS's birthday party was rip roaring success. But I'm exhausted. DH promised he'd spring me early tonight so I can go for a short run and a swim at the Y.
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Yeah, that whole no-marathons-for-slow-runners just makes me think of no-marriage-for-gay-couples. Same old story of people wanting to keep their club size limited. Lame-O.

Anyway, I forgot to sub.

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Yeah, that whole no-marathons-for-slow-runners just makes me think of no-marriage-for-gay-couples. Same old story of people wanting to keep their club size limited. Lame-O.
That was about my reaction. The early 80s toughies are looking around and discovering their club is getting big.

22 miles on the bike this morning, and I haven't been warm since.

DrJen, sign me up for the TT 5 milers. My goal is to win a pie to donate right back to the food pantry.

Contemplating a 5k next week if our complicated Saturday morning schedule can allow it. Otherwise it will just be K's 1 mile race.
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