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drjen~Great race, and a big fat to everything you said. I know people who are super fast, and they'll agree...it IS harder to run a 5 or more hour marathon than it is to run a 3:30 marathon! Excuse me for being born with short stubby legs that just don't go that fast!

I want to find a turkey trot to run this year, too. I'm going to be all by myself, so why not, right? If not, hopefully they'll do the turkey burn spin class at the Y, but I think I'd rather do a turkey trot...

I got my 12 in. It wasn't the best 12 I've ever run, but it was far from the worst, so there you go. It always seems SO weird to me on these long runs how I go from complete dread and pain the first couple of miles to hitting a groove 5 or 6 in to coming back to pain but still negative splitting the last couple of miles. Oh, and we only had to make TWO potty stops today, rather than the 4+ we've had to make the other two times I've run 12 with the stroller, so that's a big bonus.

My house is a disaster, I have homework to do, and the dog needs a bath, but instead I am going to take a nap. So there.

Oh, drjen...for the race list:
Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series: December 12, January 23, and February 20. I'm not entirely sure I'll be up for the January 23 one, but I already registered for the series, so I'll probably go wog it if nothing else.
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Jen, great job!

I had some FM today - schlepped the kids to a nearby lake path to bike, then pursuaded dd to bike home with me. About 10m all told, maybe more. Ds is such a little stinker - gets all wrapped up in the biking not going his way and today he made the first mile miserable for all of us. But he perked up eventually.

I'm not even a slow marathoner, and that made me mad. Sigh. I aspire to slow marathoning. I figure that one of my big jobs as a mom is to teach my kids a. that they have marvellous, beautiful bodies and b. even if you're not perfect at something, you can love it. So, hey, their slow mid-thirties asthmatic mama gets her butt outside and runs. Hopefully they won't get my tightly-wound perfectionist genes, or if they do, they'll have a decent sense of how to chill themselves out.

Ok, but so now I'm agitated: what is some a****** thinking, telling me I can only move my body at certain speeds and for certain distances? Eff that. Because it might offend his precious eyeballs? Seriously? I can't run because I'm not pretty enough at it? Especially since, as Jen pointed out, the fast people will *never even see me.*

Now I am off to take out my righteous indignation on the laundry.

When I get some time later, though, I'm going to put up the awesomest muffin recipe that I made this morning for the family plus some students we had over for brunch. Apple cranberry muffins, so amazing, so easy, I've eaten like seven. I think they'd be really good with some walnuts in 'em too.
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to DrJen! There's so many unfair assumptions there too. Mine was a 5:03 and I ran the entire thing. There was no walking every other mile. There was a good 10 minutes in the portapotty (ahem) but that happens to faster runners too.

Besides which, I suspect that many of us that run slower paces also run more than one marathon. I certainly will.
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Wow, that article is just plain crazy-making. You can see why people are put off running when they read stuff like that.

Well done, Jen

Nothing for me to today. DS was up virtually all night and I woke up very unrefreshed and full of sleep deprivation misery. I think we may both be coming down with something as he's been very fussy all day. Can't believe that he'll be 4 months next week.

Im looking for a race to mark the end of my couch-to-5k program.... Not sure that I'll be ready though!
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Subbing - looking forward to logging some runs and trying to keep up with you all. It's hard with limited access though. I wish MDC had an easy phone application.

Yay, dr Jen! Congrats!!

haven't seen the article yet - sounds awful - will try to pull it up.

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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post
When I get some time later, though, I'm going to put up the awesomest muffin recipe that I made this morning for the family plus some students we had over for brunch. Apple cranberry muffins, so amazing, so easy, I've eaten like seven. I think they'd be really good with some walnuts in 'em too.
Mmmm! Can you put them on the Dingo recipe blog? It's been knid of quiet there for a looooong time!

JayGee- Please put a profile pic up at FB because I keep getting told to suggest a picture for you which makes me : thinking about your dh.

Oh yeah, MDC does need a good phone app.

Alex - How about a good old Turkey Trot?
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
JayGee- Please put a profile pic up at FB because I keep getting told to suggest a picture for you which makes me : thinking about your dh.
Hey! You're on FB and you haven't friended me?
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Holy cow, it's only November 1 and I'm already two pages behind? Eeks!

No races for me until springtime; I don't do well in the cold and take the running outdoors thing day by day. I don't want to lock into having to be out on the roads at a race on a specific day. Wimpy, that's me.

Today I did hours and hours of yardwork, which amounts to a tiny little patch of land cleared. And thirteen of those big paper leaf bags filled and ready to go to the dump. And, most certainly, a twelfth case of poison ivy brewing. Because Mother Nature hates when I disturb her handiwork.

DH took both kids out shopping with him, which was marvelous. Marvelous because I didn't have to keep freaking out every second about whether the kids were traipsing through poison ivy, and also marvelous because they were shopping for birthday gifts for me. There's no way DS is going to be able to keep the secret; he's just dying to tell me what they bought.

Tomorrow starts a new week, so I'm off the candy and on the roads. I have three months to get a rockin' bathing suit bod before our February vacation; I'd better get started now.....
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Ok, well, this over weight, slow, plodder has a couple of races for the list.

I'm doing this turkey trot: https://secure.lenos.com/lenos/compe...Day5K/home.htm

And, of course, I am going to do Grandma's on June 19: http://www.grandmasmarathon.com/race...s_marathon.php

That article made me feel angry, shamed and like I felt in high school whenever the popular kids made fun of me for not being *whatever* enough.
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sorry to post such a negative thing on the board - i was mad and wanted to vent and share, i guess. since it was the new york times, i was actually surprised. i figure it would come from a place like slowtwitch, so i can tune that stuff out. but i read the NYT regularly, so i don't know...

however, let's all look at the response from the new york road runners...

On Sunday, November 1, we’ll host 40,000 runners from around the world. We’ll celebrate our superhuman champions who cross the finish line first, stand in awe of all of those that break the coveted 3 hour mark, high five those who qualify for Boston and cheer those that crack the formidable 4 hour barrier. Then you can bet we’ll welcome - with open arms and a hard earned medal - each of our finishers who, despite the challenges, cross our rarified finish line.

A marathoner is a marathoner regardless of time. Virtually everyone who tries the marathon has put in training over months, and it is that exercise and that commitment, physical and mental, that gives meaning to the medal, not just the day’s effort, be it fast or slow. It’s all in conquering the challenge. Ask any marathoner you meet in NYC on Monday, November 2
link to full post
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Yeah! That's the spirit! It is the committment of all that time that is worth getting a medal for, not just the one day event, however fast or slow you go. Anyone who complains is just a big effer.

Gaye - I think she needs you to make facebook better for her.
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OMG I wonder if I'll be able to move tomorrow. I think I raked leaves (hard) for easily 5 hours today. At times, felt kinda like a marathon. In between steaming the couscous, which was in fact heavenly, even though it kinda gives me heartburn, all those incredibly accessible carbs in my tummy.

More raking tomorrow, if I can hold a rake. Between the actual muscle aches and the blisters (on both hands!), we'll just have to see. But at least I earned my couscous.

poppy, thanks for posting the RRs' reply. That was

I know it is crazy but I also started a second novel. For NaNoWriMo. We'll see what happens over the next 29 days...

This overweight plodder needs to drop some of that weight before considering another event. It would be nice to do a Trot, but I just don't know...maybe the Noodleini?
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yo yo yo! I've been M.I.A. but thought the new month was an easy time to pop in. miss y'all!
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Jo, I would SO be all over that race! I Noodles!

And another for the NYRR post from a just hoping to break 5 hours future marathoner...

ETA: YAY! kate~mom's here, too! It's like old home week!
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Okay, I think I've fixed up the race list. If you don't see your race - let me know!

I'm watching the NY marathon, which I DVR'd earlier. I'm grateful none of you blurted out the winners yet! Dang, I'd like to look like Paula Radcliffe! Or run like Paula Radcliffe. Whatever.

kate~mom - so nice to see you!

1jooj - my older dd is doing NaNoWriMo, also. She's written 5000 words today already! Because apparently she needs more to do than go to school, swim on the swim team, sing in the madrigal choir, and play in the concert and jazz bands.

I'm still sniffling a bit, but don't feel any sicker than I did this am. In the late afternoon I was achy and feeling yucky, but it's sort of subsided. I'm still crossing my fingers.
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Yay for NY Road Runners!

Poppy, don't worry about posting that. I would have too, as it would have burned me up. What a way to spit on everyone who has done the training, logged the miles, put in the commitment, and crossed the finish line! The marathon is about so much more than the time. It's like when the AP police come knocking because I wasn't crunchy enough in some sort of way.

When I run a race, I have no intention of running the fastest time. I race against myself. To beat my last time. To run my farthest yet, to compete with the sedentary, morbidly obese person I was 5 years ago. To prove that I can be an athlete, regardless of what anyone thought when I was child. It's not about beating Paula Radcliffe. It's about beating me. And screw the snobs that can't grasp that.

Oh, and I meant to say, but didn't, Great race, DrJ!
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Reading through some of the comments on that article (I know, give it up already, Bec ) was this gem:

Really, what amazes me most about this article is that the writer was able to find people who'd go on record (on the front page of the NYT!) dissing other marathoners. In my experience, runners welcome anyone who wants to put one foot in front of the other, mile after mile.
I have completed 35 marathons--in times ranging from 3:29 (yay! in ideal conditions) to 5:45 (ouch, when temps reached 95). I was well-trained, fit, and under age 40 when I ran both races, and because the slower time was so much harder--I ran, I walked, I staggered--I will never be able to say to anyone, no matter what their finish time, that they didn't really "run" a marathon. If anyone thinks running 26.2 miles "not a big deal," please come join me for my next marathon, and we'll have plenty of time to discuss that issue!

Tish Hamilton
Executive Editor, Runner's World magazine
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drjen - fantastic race! You would have totally been under an hour if you hadn't stopped to check on that boy.

I can't bring myself to even read that article since I feel all just hearing about it.

So I usually skim a little halloween candy off the kids stash if I'm really craving chocolate after they're sleeping , but that stinker DD1 made a list of every.single.candy she has. The nerve! I wonder if it was because she's on to me?

I didn't do my LR run today because we stayed up too late last night and by the time I could get myself together this a.m. (read: have enough caffeine) it was super hot. Supposed to be really hot for a few more days - hot enough that I can't dilly-dally at all getting out the door. <sigh> This is when I wish I was a morning person.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
Hey! You're on FB and you haven't friended me?
Don't feel bad, Gaye. I haven't friended anyone! Not even my sister . I'm a bad, bad facebooker.

Oh no plady. Now you've got me wondering what you have in mind !

poppy ~ that response from NYRR is spot on. Thank you for posting it. They can tell those ignorant pricks who the marathoners are and aren't !

kate~mom! YAY!!! Great to see you here again!

bec ~ great response from the RW editor too

Personally, I'm in awe of anyone who has ever done a marathon. If my knee holds up, I may attempt one, someday. But for now I'm a 1/2 marathon kind of gal .

Okay, I need to brag a little because I'm so proud of myself. I haven't binged in 10 days ! I didn't eat ANY Halloween candy. I didn't eat a cupcake at DS's party (had a pecan Larabar instead ). It's incredible how eating no refined sugar at all, totally eliminates the cravings for that stuff. I'd love to be one of those people who can have just 1 cookie or just one bite sized Snickers, but once that taste is in my mouth, I know I won't be able to stop. So I don't start .
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Well, I 'd make a post but JayGee said it all for me re: face book, marathons at any pace, and more. I'll have to get up earlier.

cfg, that is just the thing my kids do. Now, we just blend it all into one bowl. The dentist here is buying candy for $1/pound this mrning. We should go visit him.

I love that everyone coming back into the dingo fold.

I had to psych myself up for every single set at the gym this morning but now I am home and coffee is brewed.

I need to shake this sugar thing (again). I am all stocked on cahsew larabars so I can sub in when needed. The kids like the pb&j flavor so I should order more of those - they travel well and are so much better than so many snack foods.

I am going to make a list and get things done today. I am also going to follow the stupid motivated moms cleaning paln this week.
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