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mommajb ~ did you say PB&J Larabars????? I haven't seen those yet! I must find some!

Darn time change always has me up WAY before dawn.
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subbing!! i turned 42 yesterday, and had a nice 25 hr long birthday!

Happy November, ladies!!!
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Originally Posted by cornflake girl View Post
So I usually skim a little halloween candy off the kids stash if I'm really craving chocolate after they're sleeping , but that stinker DD1 made a list of every.single.candy she has. The nerve! I wonder if it was because she's on to me?
:rofl We turn our candy in, and I give them a toy instead. It works for them. Not so good for me, as I suddenly have this mountain of candy to deal with!

Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
Okay, I need to brag a little because I'm so proud of myself. I haven't binged in 10 days ! I didn't eat ANY Halloween candy. I didn't eat a cupcake at DS's party (had a pecan Larabar instead ). It's incredible how eating no refined sugar at all, totally eliminates the cravings for that stuff. I'd love to be one of those people who can have just 1 cookie or just one bite sized Snickers, but once that taste is in my mouth, I know I won't be able to stop. So I don't start .
I SO need to take this to heart. I was doing so well when I was really following South Beach. I really, really need to get back to that! On the plus side, I sent all the candy with DH to work today. You know those huge ziploc bags (they're like 5 gallons or something)? I filled it totally! Soooo glad to have that away from my house! Of course, I may regret that decision when I'm craving a mini-snickers later this evening.
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LOL obviously the author of that piece has not met THE DINGOS !!!!! or he would have been able to write about what true grit and deserving is all about. When you can run a marathon after birthing a bunch of babies, nursing them, taking care of them, working, writing, getting all the sicknesses that your kids get etc. etc. etc. etc. That is deserving to run and finish a marathon hmph. Mr. Running geek fast guy has no clue what true grit actually is until he walks in the Dingos shoes.

Jo, good for you for writing. I am so proud of you for doing that. Writing is a little dream that seems so far away right now for me......

I am feeling much better today but still not right. I bet my bosses will want me to work tonight so I can spray virus all over my staff and clients ugh, will see if they will let me off.............

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Well done, JayGee! I had an Almond Joy and a Three Musketeers, and I am done. But I have about that much candy, too, and I don't know what to do. The kids don't have my eating problem. Yesterday, for example, dd came into the kitchen for a snack. She got an apple, ate it, and was still hungry. So she had a banana. She has not confused candy with food.

Anyway, eating that candy, I realize that YES! It is the sugar! It didn't taste very good after a week of proper eating and exercise. I buy superdark, high-end chocolate for my treat, and I don't need to eat that crap.

Going to do a little more raking with dh before he goes. And I know I should be happy about this...he has no travel scheduled after this trip until at least March. But this is NOT when I want or need him to be home. It's expensive having him home. And messy. And annoying. Thanks for letting me put it here.
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I know I was all up on slow runners yestereday, but I have to admit I got all pretty teary watching Meb win the New York Marathon! And those super fast women, who are all mothers! The youngest of the top 4 women was 34 years old!
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Dd's 7th bday thursday, crap at work and I feel like garbage ( not sure if it's illness, bad diet, work stress, combination).

I'm posting a goal for the week (Mon-Sunday):
  • 2 x 3 mile runs
  • 1 x 4 mile run
  • 2 yoga classes
Work related goals as well. Most of them require me maintaining my sanity in a very insanely stressful work environment. Wish me luck.

Lofty, ND, Katie ... nice to see you all.
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Just finished my sports med appt. Not a stress fracture, maybe stress syndrome, maybe exercise induced compartment syndrome so I go back for a compartment test next Monday but he's pretty sure it's not that so I'm hopeful.
I'm pretty upset and annoyed because my pcp is claiming I never called for a referral which is ridiculous because I called and left a message with all the info on the referral line for the office as soon as I made the appt. Grrrrr so now I get to call and argue with them.
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Cornflakegirl ~ Inventory of her candy? Really?!

Kerc ~ Here's some good mojo to your week!

ND ~ Feel better soon!

Does anyone want to start C25K with me? Like... today?!
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Hi! Finally subbing. And I DID read 3 pages. I don't want to jinx it so I won't talk about what kind of week I'm having at work, but the fact that I'm here and got to read three pages says something......

Hi Ms. Naughty! Awesome to see you and I hope you feel better.

My dh is home sick, and he never gets sick. He just emailed at 10:30 a.m. that he was going to take a NAP. I am a little worried about him because I think what we all had is either swine flu or some kind of flu. Ick.

I ran 8 miles on Saturday and signed up for the Thanksgiving half. : yipes. My best friend is coming for Thanksgiving and is about as trained as I am (not enough!) but we decided that we were just going to do it, have fun, and earn our turkey. Okay, not the turkey specifically but the other : stuff.

Oh and my run was eventful.....I ran four miles-ish and then I was turning the corner for home to do my 2nd loop (about a half mile from home) and the skies OPENED UP. It had been drizzly all morning but this was full on drenching rain. A man stopped to offer me his umbrella but I waved him off, was just going to run for it, but then I ran for a shopping center nearby and dh called to ask if I wanted a ride home. So they came and got me, I changed clothes, and did my next 4 on the TM. Crazy. But I'm proud I finished, and I think I can get up to 11 in the next few weeks before the race.

I did about 7 miles of it barefoot and it felt awesome. not sure about the half, I'm at least bringing the VFFs. take care mamas.
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I will not be eating a single piece of candy today. NONE. Not a bit.
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It is 11:44 here and no candy today so far I pigged out on Heath minis yesterday-need to back away from the candy!

on the response to the NYT article!

No FM today but hopefully tomorrow. I am going to try to do some yoga tonight after the girls are in bed.
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Thread Starter 
and for all the sensible Pro-running-at-any-speed stuff. And of course ND is so right, the runners who have time to complain about slowsters just need to run a few miles in some dingo treads.

: for everyone dealing with candy issues. Happily nobody seems too interested in the candy here. Chiara was fine with choosing her top five faves and handing in the rest of her haul. Alison seems to have forgotten all about her basketful so now I just need to figure out what to do with the rest. I hate to waste it but who wants it?

Kerc - Good call on the goals for the week. I hope your week goes according to plan, especially the staying sane bit.

Here are mine:

T - Lower body weights and maybe a swim
Th - Upper Body legs
F - Lower body legs and walk with a friend

Ashcav - Good luck with the referral stuff, I hope they see it costs them nothing to help you out.

DrJen - I hope you feel better, I had that cold last week but it went by really quickly.

Anyone addicted to Wordscraper here? I'm totally hooked if anyone else wants to keep a game running in the background!


Okay, I've got to figure out how to take both cats to the vet at the same time without everyone getting scratched to death. Wish my guy luck that we can control his health with diet - I'm not ready to face alternatives.
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Jen, I just restarted the C25K so I'll be running it today! I am due to start week 2 today, but I would repeat week 1 if you want a buddy on the same week!

My workout goals have gotten skewed already and it's not even lunch on monday!

Goal: 20minutes of strength each day, run 3X, cycle for transport
T:Lower Body
W:Upper Body/Rrun
F:Upper Body/Run
S:Lower Body
Su: Rest!!!

Today, I've already done my core workout and I will run this afternoon when DH gets home from work. I have a group cycling outing after lunch today, might ride anywhere between 5 and 15 miles. I'll pull the trailer with one of my girls and a friends' daughter, other DD rides her own bike, and a few friends all tagging along! I hope it is lots of fun.

I am going to continue doing about half of my time running barefoot, but it is getting pretty cold now.. I'm not sure what to do yet.

Oh, my candy plan was to take most of it and freeze it in ziplock bags. I hate frozen candy, so if I do break down for some I'll at least have to wait half an hour! DDs get one piece a day after a full day of candy hoarding.
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Week 1 of Hal Higdon's novice half marathon training begins for me today!

I am eyeballing a half in March because it's close to my house. It will make an easier race morning for us all.

Well said Naughty Dingo!

Agreed Dr Jen - I LOVED watching those women run to the finish yesterday. Did you see that Tulu had encouraged Paula in the final miles 'C'mon Paula, we can do this' Now that is sisterhood!
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First day of PT today. Massage, which was kind of nice. It went well, in that they deemed me "less knotted up" than before the massage. They looked alarmed when I wistfully suggested running a turkey trot in 3 weeks. I promised to behave, but it's so tempting to start scheduling in some running again, yk?

More stretching, some walking, and strength training next... I am going to be such a well-oiled machine at the end of all this!
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Goals for the week:

M: run 30 minutes, swim 45 (run is done, swim is coming in a few minutes)
T: 5 miles
W: Zumba, 3 miles
Th: 5 miles
F: rest
S: 3-5 miles
Sun: 9 miles (I want a decent long run again!)
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more inspiration from yesterday...

faces of NY marathon

if you scroll toward the end, they get more inspiring IMO...check out pic #428
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Goals for the week, since I've been told I can run still!

Monday: 3 mile run, yoga
Tuesday: 30 min walk after work, before class. maybe wake up early and do arms and abs.
Wednesday: either short tempo run or track work, legs and abs
Thursday: rest
Friday: 2-3 mile run, abs
Saturday: power yoga, bike ride
Sunday: 4-5 mile run
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bec, I am so far from a decent long run...but I am coming back!

kerc, good luck today!

About to hit the road for whatever the sunshine lets me do. It's noonish, I am leaving everything to wait until I am good and done being out there. We have so few of these days left, I need to make sure to enjoy a part of each one.

And to help me enjoy the colder days ahead, I just bought snow boots from Lands End with an email coupon for 25% off and free shipping. $42 for boots to my door. I was looking at a pair of Keens this morning with similar features, but would have spent nearly three times the amount had I bought them. So I bought the LE boots and some fleece pants for getting out there.

Off and running...
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