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Ohhh my am I sick!

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I went to the ER two days ago because even my nebulizer stopped helping me! MY HB was way to high so I was there from 12 til 7:30pm! They gave me 3 breathing treatments I have sever flu (not swine) they checked the baby and monitored him his heart beat was "more than perfect" and I am having contrations but they are not being productive they sent me home with a new inhaler for when I close up until I am better they also told me to keep taking the amoxacillin that the primary put me on a few days ago and also tmiflu. they also did a sonogram to check the little kicker out and everything is good fluid is good and he is still head down I just hope to kick this before labor because I do not know how I would be able to have a med free intervention free labor and birth!!!!!
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Oh mama, I'm sorry! I swear there should be a universal law against pregnant women getting sick. Especially when in the 3rd trimester. How miserable.

Lots of hugs and healing vibes!
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Oh you poor thing. Sending you some healthy healing vibes and wishing everything away before baby's arrival!
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Sending you healing thoughts!
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thanks mama's I am feeling a little better than earlier!
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im so sorry momma i hope you get well very soon!
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DDC crashing....

I got REALLY sick when I was 37 wks preg with dd.

I was so worried about going into labor while I felt so bad. I was coughing so hard, I couldn't breathe.

The morning that I finally felt like I could *possibly* be ready to start labor, I told baby, "ok I'm ready" and went into labor that afternoon. Had a long but satisfying unmedicated birth center birth.

HTH. Healing vibes your way.
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