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They are showing the original 80's mini series on SyFy today and the new series starts on Tuesday!

I loved this series in the 80's when I was a kid, I hear the new one is getting really good reviews.

Anyone else looking forward to the remake??
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I have never seen the original but I am def going to watch the remake. It looks reeeeally good.
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I remember I had nightmares from the 80's version. They are still very vivid!
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Definitely looking forward to the remake. I'm watching the original mini-series right now on SyFy.
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I didn't see the original, but am looking forward to the new series!
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Originally Posted by Mama~Love View Post
I remember I had nightmares from the 80's version. They are still very vivid!
If this show is going to give nightmares, I am probably not going to watch. I will wait till after the show and read everyones reviews and watch on abc.com if it is good.
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I can't wait! I was totally obsessed with the show as a kid and could probably recite the miniseries by heart!
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Yes, I loved V when it was on the first time. DH told me it was on again today, but too late for me to watch. I have my DVR set for the new version!
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We are definitely going to be watching.
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Can't wait!
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Tonight at 8pm!!

Of course it has to be on at the same time as my all time favorite show and celeb crush - NCIS, oh Agent Gibbs. *swoon*

I am Tivo'ing NCIS and watching "V" though
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Ok, so who saw it?!?!

I have to say, I really liked it and I'll definitely watch it again. I felt like it was different enough that it didn't feel like it was ripping off the original version.

What did everyone else think?
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It was pretty awesome! I don't have tv so I actually went to a friend's house to watch, I am that much of a sci-fi geek! Was disappointed they didn't have the iconic shocking scene from the original. (don't want to give away any spoilers)
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It was great, definitely a few surprises I didn't expect. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
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I saw it! Creeped me out though with the cop friend... you know, don't want to spoil it. I will b watching again! I wish it went on and didn't end.

Just a note for fellow Losties: Does this mean that Juliette isn't coming back for Sawyer since she is in V?
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I was a HUGE fan of the original series and I was sooo hyped to see it last night!

I thought it was pretty intense. They just threw you into the story and let things go from there. There was none of the cheesyness of the original version.

What really surprised the H*LL out of me was that it was/is being filmed in my city!!! My jaw dropped when I saw some of the locations. The part where the plane crashed and the pilot parachuted out and landed was right in front of Dh's workplace! He said it was back in March/April and that he knew some kind of filming was going on. He said he saw the parachute and everything!

The church is actually really a church (at least the outside of it), I don't know if the interior shots are of the inside of the church or not, since I've never been in. Its in a really rough side of town, even though the police station is right across the street from it.

The docks are where my sister works, and they are actually a working port.

What I didn't like about last night's episode was how "pretty" the actors looked. They kind of looked *too* perfect, yk? I mean, when was the last time you saw a teenaged boy with perfect skin on his face, and hair that just waved just so? It was very stereotyped I thought, CIA agent, priest, good looking teen and his slightly overweight, goofy best friend, etc. I want to see some "real" people!:
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Subbing. Can't wait to watch this on Hulu.

I watched the original series as a kid and was scared/facinated at the same time. Though I've since watched the original as an adult and the human looking alien twin was far creepier than the lizard like alien baby that died.
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I'm really liking it so far. I like that they aren't sticking too closely to the plot of the original because I'd like to have some surprises down the road. I'm loving the updated sfx of the reptilian skin.
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it won't be on hulu until Saturday dang it all. I loved the original V and I am very excited to watch the new one.
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Originally Posted by candipooh View Post
it won't be on hulu until Saturday dang it all. I loved the original V and I am very excited to watch the new one.
What about watching it on abc.com? They have full esisodes usually.
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