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Originally Posted by *Jessica* View Post

Seriously! How bad was my public school education in what was considered one of the top schools in the area if my first grader has already had a better history education than I did in 13 years of schooling?!
I had this exact same thought!!! Anyone ever heard of Sargon?? Seriously, shouldn't we all know who the first world conqueror was???

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Originally Posted by *Jessica* View Post
That's working for all other subjects, but three weeks into school I'm still moving my nature study to the next week's folder. \
I'm not listening! My first nature study isn't filed until next week, so it'll be a better test of my theory. The only downside is I'm afraid it will be bumped every week as it's scheduled for Friday. I don't like doing school on Friday (I already have a couple subjects on Friday, but our main core is done by Thursday).
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Subbing. We're in our second week for this year and are fairly classical, but I go eclectic whenever and wherever it looks like we need to.

DD1 (7yo) is a fascinating kid who makes it impossible to pin a grade level on. We're all over the map with what grade level material we're using in each area as she's accelerated certain areas and in need of remediation in others. The adventure of homeschooling a 2e kid.

For DD1-
Language Arts- Michael Clay Thompson's Island level from RFWP, All About Spelling- I think we'll work through at least Level 2 this year, Suppose the Wolf Was an Octopus K-2- also from RFWP, Write Source and Handwriting Without Tears- Printing Power
Math & Logic- Primary Mathematics- finishing up 1B and moving into 2A soon, Gift of Logic Book 0 and maybe Book 1
History- History Odyssey Early Modern Level 2 and SOTW3- history overload, but she adores it and we belong to a History Club that uses SOTW, otherwise, we'd just use HO
Science- Sciencesaurus and Physical Science Daybooks from Great Source Press
Latin- Song School Latin
Philosophy for Young Thinkers
Comparative religion study using whatever materials I dig up- a passion of hers

My 4yo twins demanded school work this year so when they ask for it, we're working through the early Kumon workbooks related to pencil control and early handwriting, using FIAR vol. 1, Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading and Saxon K.

I hear ya about knowing more world history now than I ever studied or retained in my own schooling. We're only two years in, so I can't even imagine what sort of history whiz I'll be after having trekked through world history a total of four cycles by the time I'm totally done homeschooling!
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Were here too. I need to read back, there are so many pages
I'm struggling with finding a math program. It's our first year h/s. I bought Saxon 1, but now keep reading horrible things about it. I looked at some Singapore books the other day and then had to go read about it. It seemed a 50/50 on preference, but I'm seeing better things about Singapore. Now I'm not sure what to do. On the evaluation, ds is about half way through Singapore 1, and that's where we are in Saxon. I do not like how Saxon jumps around-does anyone know if Singapore does that?

And of course I got stuck on the whole spelling/phonics deal. At first I wanted Phonics Road to Reading and Spelling, but then went with FLL and am using Phonics Pathways, but do not have a spelling. I was going to pick up the Workout A/B books. I really like the concept of the Phonics Road-especially the rule tunes But after getting a look at them irl, she doesn't encourage reading until the 2nd level. I mean, the kids are allowed to read if they want, and I understand the spelling/reading connection. But in WTM, they say to start reading as soon as the child can/knows the letter sounds.

We're using SOTW-will be starting next week, after I break it all down into lessons in a binder (don't want to have to keep flipping through the book). I think SOTW will work for now.
And we are going to use Elemental Science Biology.
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MLW, we added stuff incrementaly. I mean, we started out our school year doing history for a couple of weeks, then added science, then math a little quicker. This means we'll finish HO a bit earlier than everything else but so what? We'll have more time to finish up the CT math books then.
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Oh. And I have a litle mama brag to do:

I worry that all of the history stuff isn't sinking in because DD is a child on the move all.the.time.

But yesterday, she came up to me with a really good drawing of the scales with the feather of Truth and a heart. She didn't get Anubis exactly right because she said, "These jackal headed gods are REALLY hard to draw."

I don't know why but that struck me as really funny. Darn those jackal headed gods for being so hard to draw!

And of course, right now she's having a tantrum because she can't have a popsicle for breakfast. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pull the school day outta this one.

What are your kids loving about school this year? What are you all doing today?

We've got to finish up our HO for group sharing tomorrow. And then we have to do a report on caves for science. I'd also really like to get some math in and we may open France from the passports program.
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We really are still figuring everything out...not sure that'll happen anytime soon! I've discovered that my kiddos are opposites (well, in many ways I knew that, but not in school). DD likes language and science; DS likes math and history. They're odd little combos, I think, but I think it will keep us well-rounded. I'll be honest that science probably would get short shrift if one of the kids didn't like it.

So we are studying 2 different history paths right now. We are reading about Daniel Boone. He's buried about a mile from us, which prompted a big interest. We're also doing a unit on medieval times, and I think that's something we probably will stretch out through September and October. We're doing K this year, so I don't feel obligated to start with the Ancients.

I'm hoping to do 2-month history units - probably the American Revolution/birth of a nation; the Renaissance period (just because I love it); and then I don't know - whatever strikes our fancy. Plus they seem to enjoy me reading biographies to them, so I will continue to do that. I want to give a broad overview of the idea of history so that we are ready for a full history curriculum next year - probably HO but not sure.

We are really random with science. DD said she likes "hummingbirds, all birds really, butterflies, and hermit crabs." We've been reading and talking about sea creatures, and we learned about the butterfly life cycle. I saw where you can order a butterfly in a cocoon, so I might do that or visit a butterfly garden. We have one about 1.5 hours away. We made hummingbird food this morning and watched a video about hummingbird migration. I'm just not organized about the science part.
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Just a thought-what about starting a monthly CE thread? This one goes back to last year! We could start now, since Sept just started.
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Great idea
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Ok, I started a September Classical/CM thread.
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I do love our Classical threads!

Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 View Post
MLW, we added stuff incrementaly. I mean, we started out our school year doing history for a couple of weeks, then added science, then math a little quicker. This means we'll finish HO a bit earlier than everything else but so what? We'll have more time to finish up the CT math books then.
^ That is how we are starting out this year, too, just adding a little at a time.

I originally intended to be year-round hs-ers, but this summer was just too crazy, so I let it go and she had the traditional summer off. But we have lost a lot of ground in the area she struggles with: reading

So we started back hitting Phonics Pathways harder than ever before, starting with page 1--I previously used the book just as a resource, but I am panicking a little because she was struggling with C-V-Cs after making a ton of progress last year! I am beginning to suspect a visual processing issue or maybe something like dyslexia? I'll save that for another thread, though.

I also found this rockin' Little Critter Spectrum workbook, grabbed the 1st grade one, and she is loving it! So that is a huge relief because she struggles so much with reading, it's hard to find materials that don't intimidate her.

Then we added in our beloved math we are going through the Singapore 1B book and finishing up anything that was left-over as review while we wait on our Grade 2 stuff to arrive. We have some packets we can work on (money, time, fractions) to keep us busy til our next Miquon/Singapore combo gets here.

Next came our Classical Languages which is going GREAT It's our favorite subject. We're using SSL and Hey Andrew Teach...Greek but she makes a main lesson book, we use finger puppets, this is our first week back at it, and she is really retaining a lot!

At the end of the week, we managed to add in Science-just the Human Body.

This year, I'm trying something different in that we are doing Units for everything except Math and Reading, and that I'm setting up "stations" or Montessori-ish shelf areas for the Science, Geography, Biography, and Art---veering a little from the Classical method, I guess. So I'll just periodically "present" stuff to her from the units and then leave the materials out for her to have Choice time in those subjects.

Can't wait to go back over this thread and see how/what everyone's doing!
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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders View Post
Craft please be sure to join us in the fall thread
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