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Full moon tomorrow--anyone hoping for labor vibes??

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I am!! Actually I've been having decent contrax since like yesterday afternoon, but my body is notorious for taking for-EVER w/early labor.

I had a great Halloween last night, spent with kids and friends and even got to participate in a ritual for a change Got NO sleep tho--contrax

Here's some labor dust for everyone who's READY to GO today/tomorrow!

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yes me please!!!!
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Yesssssss! I would be elated if I went into labor tomorrow...I'm so over this, LOL!
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I was but my midwife had to reschedule our appointment this morning because she's at a birth... and I was supposed to get her air pump for the pool so I'm just going to hold the baby in for a while longer
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ME! I am so ready! Due date is Saturday, 11/7, but I am ready NOW!
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I was ready but now we are all sick. Hopefully he will wait till we are all better.
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I am so ready. I am more than ready. Not due til the 12th, but crossing my fingers for something to happen today!!!!
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I'm definitely hoping for labor tonight!!! The house is clean(er), supplies are here, maternity pics have been done (yesterday @39.4 wks ), so all is done! I'm going for a looooooong walk tonight!

Here are some articles I found re full moon/labor:




According to the first one, it has more to do with unstable barometric pressure. Off to search about that...
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I would be thrilled to go into labor tonight/today, but body is showing very few signs at this point....!!
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At this point, I could care less that the moon is even still in the sky, yes, labor vibes are welcome!!
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I DD was born on a full moon....I'd be ready to go today/tonight!
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I don't know we seem to be currently fighting off a cold and although I am ready to meet this one I don't know if it is the best idea right now. Good thing it is not up to me- I am way too indecisive- if the baby is ready then we are ready, if not I guess we'll be waiting a bit longer!
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Crashing From the October Due Date Club, still preggo, was due 10/22.

Needed some good labor vibes
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I am so ready. I am really hoping the full moon helps out tonight. But trying to not get my hopes up.
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NOT me. She better stay in there.
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I can use all the help I can get! Intense (had to breathe through them) ctx for about 45min on thur night (actually wee hours of friday). Lost my plug then, and my cervix started coming down a little...then NOTHIN (not even normal braxton hicks) on friday or saturday. I really didnt' want a halloween baby, so I think my mind held it off...BHs came back yesterday, but my cervix is back up and I'm just feeling at everybody. I've got all those other labor symptoms--no appetite, distracted, I've cleaned my house over and over, annoyed with the world... I would for the moon to help me out and get this kiddo here. I techincally have 8/9 days till EDD, but the last kiddo came a week early so I'm allowed to hope for this week at least, right?!
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I was due on Halloween. I am going to be pregnant forever. I double dare the full moon send me into labor.

(I'm just trying a little reverse psychology on the universe...since nothing else seems to be working.)
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Nooo -- The hospital might be full and I wouldn't get as much attention...or even have to share a room! Now that I say that, of course, luck will find me in the hospital.
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I'd love to go into labor tonight, everything is finally ready and I nested TONS today- I scrubbed my kitchen cabinets- hahah. But I'm not experiencing any contrax or anything..
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Yesterday I would have said....bring it on, please! Today, after realizing how much money my DH and I will be out on maternity and paternity leaves - I might just ask her to bake until next Friday
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