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Help Quick!!

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I am in the process of moving out my ex bf and into my parents house. Well mom has taken this opportunity to tell me she is ordering a DUMPSTER TODAY for me to go through my things. And then I have to help my stepdad do the entire basement.

support stories please?
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Yikes! Sounds like a lot of work, and possibly some emotional stuff, too? I'm afraid I have no advice, but I wanted to send you a hug! (((((hugs)))))
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we had to do that a while back when dh's grandmother died and we had to clean out her termite infested house-we couldn't keep any sort of heirlooms, nothing, save some pics-so I understand what it means to have to toss that amount!

What helps is to really be clear on what is important-I think someone on this forum said to consider what you would grab if you were in a fire, or had only an hour to take what you needed-what is important to you? (then of course the bare necessities of pots and pans,etc.) And go from there.

Good luck!
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Yep ... I pitched a ton of stuff last time we moved. It wasn't worth [at least to me] what it would have cost to move it.

Mostly I hung onto the sentimental stuff, like photos, certain stuff the kids made, christmas tree ornaments (since we have made or collected most of those as a family). And dumped the things that could be replaced.
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