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~*~*~*~Happy 3rd Birthday, November 2006 mamas and toddlers ~*~*~*~

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November 2006 babes

Can you believe our "babies" are 3 yers old this month? What are your birthday plans? I'm still treasuring all the little joys; I hope you are too.

Please come and chat and play with us !

I hope no one minds me posting here? I thought, no way, I'm not posting in the childhood years yet - though maybe that is where we belong now?

And now for our little ones

Sydney 7-27 (home from hospital 11-16)
Gabrielle 10/23

November 1
Aaron 11/1
Benton 11/1
Morgan 11/1

November 2
Anna 11/2
Conchobhar 11/2
Georgia 11/2
Noah 11/2
Otto 11/2

November 3
Avishai 11/3
Devin 11/3
Hana Rae 11/3
Ilana 11/3
Porter 11/3

November 4
Abbi True 11/4
Aislyn 11/4
Chloe 11/4
Elijah 11/4
Raphael 11/4

November 5
Alex 11/5
Atticus 11/5
Ben 11/5
Lilienne 11/5

November 6
Clayton 11/6
Eden 11/6
Ian 11/6
Ollie 11/6

November 7
Florian 11/7
Jema Bear 11/7
Lillie 11/7
Peter 11/7
Ruck Turner 11/7

November 8
Ella 11/8
Millie 11/8

November 9
Eli 11/9
Guillaume 11/9
Magnus 11/9
Ruby 11/9
Kamden 11/9
Sophia 11/9

November 10
Erik 11/10
Evangeline Lily Marie 11/10

November 11
Siann 11/11

November 12
Alex 11/12
Colin 11/12
Ethan 11/12
Ingrid 11/12
Vivian 11/12

November 13
Elijah 11/13
Jaxon 11/13
Nyx 11/13

November 14
Emerson 11/14
Zeben 11/14

November 15
Dov 11/15
Elijah 11/15
Fynn 11/15
Ivan 11/15
Mikaela 11/15
Miriam 11/15
Nell 11/15

November 16
Aiden 11/16
Ava 11/16
Lea 11/16
Luca 11/16
Natalie 11/16
Simi 11/16

November 17
Gracie 11/17
Isabella 11/17
Landis 11/17
Madeleine 11/17
Morgan 11/17
Nate 11/17
Talia 11/17
Warren 11/17

November 18
Callie 11/18
Jericho 11/18
Joseph 11/18
Ryan 11/18
Seraphina Judith 11/18

November 19
Carl 11/19
Landon 11/19
Liam 11/19
Ruby Isabella 11/19
Theron 11/19
Trenton 11/19

November 20
Corbyn Jack 11/20
Fiona 11/20
Kira 11/20
Libby 11/20
Magnolia 11/20
Morrigan 11/20

November 21
Aidan Maxwell 11/21
Ayla Dawn 11/21
Elijah 11/21
Greyson 11/21
Liam 11/21
Mylee 11/21
TJ 11/21

November 22
Darwin 11/22

November 23
Ambrose 11/23
Benjamin Louis 11/23
Lucy 11/23
Owen 11/23
Yarrow 11/23

November 24
Alison Anna 11/24
Carter 11/24
Laurel 11/24
Lily 11/24
Maaike 11/24
Marissa 11/24

November 25
Asheby 11/25
Dorothy 11/25
Liam 11/25
Quincy 11/25

November 26
Omiros 11/26
Yasmeen 11/26

November 27
Adam 11/27
Dominic 11/27
Indigo 11/27
Jonathon 11/27
Mara 11/27
Mackenzie 11/27
Nicholas 11/27

November 28
Abhainn 11/28
Colleen Rosemary 11/28
Joaquin 11/28
Kaeleigh 11/28
Khéna 11/28
Leroy 11/28
Melvin 11/28
Maya 11/28
Macy 11/28
Owen 11/28
Saida 11/28
Scott 11/28
Yossi 11/28

November 29
Aubrey 11/29
Layla 11/29

November 30
Alex 11/30
Eleanor 11/30
Jackson 11/30
Logan 11/30
Mila 11/30
Rosalyn 11/30
Sophia 11/30

Running Total: 147 Babies!!!

PLEASE chime in if your little one is not on the list.

All are welcome to come and chat with us. We're a friendly, welcoming group, celebrating our November 2006 babes, our other kids, our families and each other.
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Our lives are so busy now. I thought we could use a thread to catch up!

All of Lea's little friends in daycare have already turned 3 and left to go to "børnehave" (sort of like pre-k but 110% play based), so she is a bit lonely. But in only 2 weeks, on her birthday, she will start in her big brother's "børnehave"! Both she and DS are so excited about it!

We don't have any huge birthday plans. A few kids over from her daycare the week before. On the 16th, dinner, cake and presents with just the four of us.

No idea what we are doing for Christmas. Hopefully staying home and having people over here. In January I am going to India to visit my dear friend Sunita. I have to go to Helsinki (for work, not fun) this week; so I probably won't see this thread again until I am back on the weekend.
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Yay! I posted in October or Sept for updates and one person answered. I hope to hear from more on here, our birthday thread!

All is well here. Had a great halloween, DS was a pirate and DD was Coraline. They had SO much fun. We got DS a jeep power wheel for his birthday. DH has a jeep and DS absolutely loves it, so DH wanted him to have one of his own. I know, I know, it doesn't really fit in on this board, but he is going to love it.

We are also starting to TTC next month! Well, we haven't been trying not to for a few months, but its seriously starting next month! I am so excited!

Can't wait to hear from everyone!
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Hey all! I've missed you guys - didn't see any threads for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! Yes I could have started one myself. In fact was just coming here to do that and found one!

Millie will be 3 on Sunday. She's so excited already! We're having a little party at home on Friday then on Sunday it's Remembrance day so Jess and I will be out on Parade while she plays with her new toys with Daddy! We've just got her a few bits as she doesn't really need anything! Then my parents will be over in the afternoon for a birthday tea. Jess is making her cake with Peppa Pig on (has Peppa made it over to the States yet?).

She had her hair cut today - her fringe gets sooooooooooooo long! Here's a pic...http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n...4/IMG_2011.jpg

She makes us laugh so much. She's mostly good natured and maybe has one strop a day but not really big meltdown. She comes out with some great phrases too! She's getting pretty good at football (soccer!) and promises to follow in big sis's footsteps - she's picking up her award for Sportsgirl of the Year at school again this week!

Hope you're all ok. Any of you use facebook?
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Originally Posted by MPsSweetie View Post
added you!

I'm http://www.facebook.com/claire.waters
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Happy birthday Nov 3 toddlers!!
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Happy birthday Nov 4th toddlers!
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Happy birthday Nov 5 toddlers!
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DS's birthday isn't for a few days, and we are celebrating even later, so it doesn't feel quite real. When people ask him how old he is, he says two, and when they ask when he'll turn three, he says "November" -- which, for a few days already, is confusing! If they ask when his birthday is, he'll say soon, but he doens't bring it up himself.

For a few weeks now, probably ever since he got really good at dressing and undressing himself, DS has been changing his clothing 7-12 times a day. I pick him up with wet hands? New shirt. He drops a cheerio on his pants? New pants. He thinks about lying down? Pajamas. He reads a book about summer time? Shorts and short sleeves. The really ridiculous thing about the whole cleanliness mania is that as soon as anything gets the slightest big smudged he needs to change it, but he is perfectly happy recycling truly filthy clothing out of the hamper to replace his basically clean but maybe a tad wet clothing. He went to school this morning in a dirty sweatshirt (he dribbled some milk on his clean shirt so he had to get a "new" one), (clean) dress pants, his little brother's socks, and two different (but both fitting) shoes.

The other thing he's really doing a lot right now is practicing adult conversations. DH is a student, and the other day DS asked him how school was. "It was good, how about you?" "Good! Did you do anything interesting at school?" DH answered him seriously, discussing a complex abstraction they had dealt with that day. "Oh, DH, that sounds VERY INTEResting!" This morning, I put on a new shirt, and he asked why I was wearing it. I said there was no special reason, and he explained: "Because I think it looks very nice. It has interesting colors." Then he continued. "I think your shoes look nice too. Is this a skirt? Your skirt also looks nice." Mind you, I wear the same shoes every single day and an almost identical skirt.
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Just saw this thread! yay! I thought maybe our tribe had fizzled out I think though with LO's this age we don't have time for anything! To you mama's with other children as well - I don't know how you do it and keep the sanity. DD has become quite the challenging 3 yo. I know a lot of it is age appropriate but she has a stubborn streak that amazes even the most seasoned parents and grandparents. We are getting through it, slowly and one day at a time

To play catch up: we went to New Zealand for 2 weeks in September and it was awesome! DD did really good on the flights, primarily since it was a novel experience and they had Wall-E and other children's shows for her to watch on her little own TV on the plane. I was pretty impressed with the kid-friendliness of our air carrier - fun toys when she got on the plane and tasty and nutritious kids meals which they served first so all the kids didn't get antsy The 7 hour layovers in LA were a little different story though. not so easy but we managed.

I have decided to go back to school to earn my teaching certificate. Hopefully if things go as planned I will start next semester.

dovs'mom - the clothing thing sounds a little familiar DD is similar except it is all dresses all the time and there is no way she will let mom pick out any clothes. It became such an issue that I finally took her to Target and let her pick out her own wardrobe. Some days she leaves the house looking like a compete lunatic but you gotta pick your battles right?

chick - love the haircut! DD could use one since her hair is always in her face but I cannot bring myself to have it done.

allison - India sounds like a dream! Tell us all about it so we can live vicariously thorough you. Someday I will get there, someday

We finally got some good pictures of DD done. There is a local photographer who is amazing but very $$. She offered a fall mini-session for cheap and I am so glad we went. She's got a few photos on her blog. DD is the first pictures, the 19th and the second to last as you scroll down. http://www.hillarymaybery.com/blog/?p=3583

Is anyone Christmas/Holiday shopping yet? I surprised myself and have 1/2 of DDs done already. I hit the post-Halloween sales at the thrift stores and scored TONS of dress up clothing and accessories. Now all I want to find is some sort of dress-up mini-closet or carousel. Trying to find it used somewhere.

happy November!!!
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I've done most of my Christmas shopping already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last year I left it until after M's birthday and then December was sooooooooo stressed! Work's already busy enough without extra stress.

Good luck with your teacher training - I know the US system's different from the UK system but give me a shout if you need any help!

Millie had a great birthday and has just moved up into the 3-5s room at her nursery - she loves it! Must post some pics of her birthday...
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Happy birthday to all born on Nov 15 '06!

Good to hear from another Nov 06 mama, I miss hearing about all the *big kids*.

Good luck on becoming a teacher!

I am getting close to finishing Christmas. We moved into a much smaller house and have downsized tremendously, so I am really being picky this year. We are going with much higher quality, but much less volume, lol. I got Bear (we never call him Asheby, lol) some wooden swords on Etsy, some wooden cookies, cookie sheet, deocrations, from Melissa and Doug. He loves cooking. And we are getting some waterproof gloves because it actually snows here. And some cozy slippers and new pajamas. I will probably fill up the stocking with little treats but not sure what yet.

We are in the midst of the swine flu here, ugh, so my mind is really fuzzy. I keep typing the wrong thing, so if this is confusing please ignore me. It started on Tuesday and its hanging on for dear life. DH hasn't caught it yet so I'm ODing him on Vit D. Pray to God that helps...
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Hi everyone! I have been missing you - checked for threads a few times but didn't see any. It is so nice to be talking with you all again.

DD turns 3 on Friday....where did the time go? She is a sweet, active girl, very talkative, and I love our conversations. She is very into art and baking. Yesterday she wouldn't come to lunch....she was standing in front of her easel and said, "Mama, I can't eat lunch. I am an artist, and I need to paint."

We are expecting our second child in February, and DD is so excited. She kisses my stomach and talks to the baby all the time. I hope she is just as happy when the baby arrives.

How is everyone doing? We have not yet begun to work on Christmas, really, and I am envious of all of you who have made some good progress. I sometimes try to set some of DD's birthday and Christmas stuff aside for the Spring months, since her birthday is so close to the holidays.

We have more dental work coming for DD in the coming weeks, and I am dreading it. She has an enamel problem inherited from DH's family, and no matter how vigilant we are with brushing, the cavities come. Anyone else dealing with teeth issues?
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Originally Posted by angrypixiemama View Post

We have more dental work coming for DD in the coming weeks, and I am dreading it. She has an enamel problem inherited from DH's family, and no matter how vigilant we are with brushing, the cavities come. Anyone else dealing with teeth issues?
congrats on your pregnancy!

We don't have any current dental issues (I hope) but did go through a bout of 3 cavities and dental work under general anesthesia in April. It was sooo scary but turned out fine in the end. DD's front tooth is mostly fake since the cavity was so large and the tooth grew in almost split in half. Hugs to you going through this. It's so tough! Do you have a childrens' dentist you and DD like? I found that made all the difference, even though we have to drive over an hour to get there!

I'm in the office right now looking at a nice blanket of snow that doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon. I need to make a trip to the thrift to find DD some snow pants!

mps - hope you are feeling better! do you have any master tonic on hand? I swear by this stuff! There's a pretty large thread about it in health and healing on here if you're interested.
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I love hearing about everyone's DCs and what they are doing!
Happy Birthday november "babes"
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We don't belong in the childhood years any more than 8 year olds belong in preteens.

I can't believe Alex is 3. Wow how time flies. Right now he is at the table with his sister learning to spell. He surprised me the other day when he picked up a heart my 5 year old drew and wrote mom in the middle. He said, M...O.... M MOM!! WTF? Did you just say that? Since then I have noticed he can spell mom, dad, and hug, and he can read stop. He knows all his letters and sounds too. DH was reading at three.. I think Ds is well on his way!

Other than that.. he is a normal three year old boy. After fighting with dad over his transformers I went out and started buying DS some of his own. He still wants dad's transformers.. but dad wont share! (original ones.)
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Happy birthday to more Nov kids!!

Never heard of master tonic, off to look it up...
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Where is everyone? Happy New Year, everybody!!!

I've been away for too long-it took forever to find this thread again. I don't know about anyone else, but my kid is growing so fast I can't keep up. He has a wicked sense of humor, and is extremely clever. Also very independent, and will turn around and scold me while I'm scolding him. Too much. He just got his hair cut at our temple, and his first barbershop haircut-it seems when we cut his hair, he developed an attitude overnight! He calls me by my first name, my DH surmises that he does this because Yossi hears him call me all the time. What about potty training for your boys? Yossi can pee all by himself in his potty, but refuses to try to "make". He tells me when he goes poop, and looks over his shoulder at his butt-and will tell me when he farts by calling out "I made a butts" (We call farts "buttsies" in our family)He loves to draw, and is affected by music-certain kinds make him cry. He is extremely affectionate, and very emotional, and passionate. Could have something to do with his astrological sign, Saggitarius, just like me. Right now, he has the chicken pox, and is extremely clingy. Does anyone sleep with their 3 year old? We haven't put him in his own bed yet. He hates being alone-even for 5 minutes! He will happily play for hours, knowing that I am in the same room. What about night terrors? Being fearless? I'd love to reconnect to other mamas in this thread.
Jessica, mother to Yossi, 3 years old
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We still sleep with our DD....we are working soon to transition her to her toddler bed in the same room, because we have another baby on the way. No one else I know (especially in real life) still co-sleeps, so I don't say much about it. I love cuddling with her,though, and she seems to enjoy it.

Our DD is also very opinionated. She will call up the stairs to DH, "Brian! Come down here please!" if he doesn't respond to her calling "daddy." I guess I must sound like that. LOL!!!

How did the hair cuts go? We haven't had DD's hair cut anywhere yet, except at home.
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