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Do I move here now???

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Well, I have been part of the Oct DDC my whole pregnancy. Convinced that I would have this baby early or at best, close to on time. But I am 41w5d along and no baby and have officially moved into a Nov. birthday for this little one! So, do I join in here now??? Is this my new DDC??? Are there other mamas that were expecting in Oct. now here in Nov.???? We are starting natural induction methods tonight in hopes that the baby will come sometime this week. Maybe the full moon tonight will also help with something but either way, my little baby will have a Nov. birthday so I guess it would be nice to be connecting with Nov. mamas!!!!
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You can stay in your Oct DDC or come here or do both. Most people seem to stick with the group they've been with since they joined. I was due Nov 3rd and gave birth Oct 29th but still feel that connection to my Nov DDC mamas!
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Yeah...I will likely do that too! It's just so frustrating to see all the Oct babies that are born and I am still awaiting mine that was due mid-Oct!!!!! I get a little depressed. It's nice to be somewhere that babies will be coming when mine does. I will probably keep up on both DDC's though...despite not really feeling connected to many people in the Oct. ddc for some reason!
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Yep, I agree you are more than welcome here, mama Hope your baby decides to come soon!
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Welcome to November! We would love you to be part of our DDC!!
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Welcome! May the full moon bring you your LO in short order!
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You are more than welcome to join us here in the Nov DDC -- the more, the merrier! :0) I hope your little one quits being stubborn -- I can imagine how frustrated and impatient you must be feeling right now!
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Welcome mama! I hope your baby decides to come soon! I will be in your boat so soon...it is soooo frustrating. I just wanna do this and meet this baby already. Hang in there and maybe the full moon will have some effect for both of us!
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Welcome! It can't be too long now, I promise!
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aww you are welcome to join us! =-) we love everyone hehe
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Thanks for the warm welcome! And the baby wishes!!! I am hoping that the baby decides to stop being stubborn as well!!!! I have been so prepared and ready for weeks now...I try to keep food stocked up and my birth stuff and out of my toddlers hands, clothes washed, folded, put away, the house in decent order...it seems like this baby just doesn't want to come though!!! And it is frustrating! I know they all have their time when they are ready but I AM READY!!!! I love being pregnant and I love feeling my baby in there but I want to have it already and meet it and love on it!!! I am just ready! Tonight we are going to cervical massage and see where that leads us. I am so dilated...like 5 cm! And pretty effaced to. My cervix is RIGHT THERE! I feel like I could poke the baby in the head...which I could if I tried!!! No mucus plug! So come on baby....what's taking so long!!!??? I have so much stuff I have to cancel like the dr's appt for the kids next Monday since I don't know if the (s) in kids will be here and I'm not making the 3 hour round trip twice!!!! And I was planning on going to a fall festival Friday but I need to cancel my trip there too!!! It's crazy being on a biological timeclock but I suppose it's just the way we are culturally...we want and need right now!!! I am all too guilty!!!!
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Aren't you patient...if I were you, which I might very well be soon, I would be pulling each and every hair out of my scalp!!!! I was nine days late with dd #2 and I honestly thought that I would DIE!!!!!! Good for you for being patient...hope the cervical manipulations work. I was a few days late with my other two, also, so I am dreading being late with this one, too....here's hoping that baby comes shooting out tonight!
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Welcome to November! I hope you will be holding your little one soon too.
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I'm technically due December 2nd and no one is giving me greater than pretty much a 0% chance of making it that long, so am here. So you had an October DD. Well, you're likely to deliver in November now, unless you go 47 weeks (!), so welcome! It's quite something to see the birth announcements.
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How are you feeling today, mama? Thinking of you!
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Originally Posted by november View Post
How are you feeling today, mama? Thinking of you!
Thanks so much for thinking of me!!! That is so sweet! I am having tons of cramping and bleeding but no real hard contractions that make me think anything is going to take place! I did have cervical "massage" if you can call it that, last night and the baby is in the perfect birthing position...I am 4-4.5 cm dilated, 80%effaced and the baby's head is right there...I don't know what all of that means in the grand scheme of things but I am trying to speak on a level that says it's coming soon!!! There is nothing between this outside world and the baby except the sac!!! No mucus plug or anything left. Just baby!!!! COME ON BABY!!!! Oh, I am praying it's tonight because I am REALLY uncomfortable now with the cramping and such! Thanks again for thinking of me! I appreciate it!!!
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Hope tonight is your night! And welcome to November!
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I hope to hear that your little one is in your arms soon
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Do we have a baby yet?!?
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