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Proudmama, many

It is scary at first, but your GP, if a good one, will support you and help you work through your fears and help you try stuff. I had a wonderful nurse practitioner who let me try everything to treat my issues as hormones, even calling her brother who was a pharmacist to try to track down prometrium for me. I had to accept my issue was not hormonal, but she gave me the space to work through that. Then she was able to have my ear fully to what she thought would be a good idea to try. We started and at a certain point she was honest and said we were moving outside her comfort zone for treatment and she referred me to a good care provider who could do more tinkering. I have serious mental illness though, I just wasn't aware how sick I was. I wasn't woh, I was sah on the couch.

Now, I am really doing very well! I am on meds, but because of the work I did to get the cocktail right, I have the energy and drive to eat and feed my kids the diet I want us to have. I can keep my house clean. I feel successful. I wish I had sought meds sooner. Now that I am stable and feeling well, I can work back in the other direction, healing my gut which is likely what is causing a lot of my problems and perhaps in a few years I will be able to wean off my meds.

Many people with far less illness find that six months of an antidepressant or anti-anxiety med will get them over the hump to a point where they can manage without meds.
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Thanks so much Heather, that is a very encouraging experience--great to hear you have improved so much.
I have seen my GP who was supportive, encouraged me to get a full physical & blood tests (which revealed low iron & vitamin D) and also to seek counselling & come back and talk to her again if things don't improve in a month or so. I am waiting for an appointment with a psychologist for myself--hopefully next week sometime. So I am at least feeling positive that I have a plan now, and some way to move forward.
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That's great proudmama! Sounds like you have a good care provider. There are so many things that can cause us to feel off and the symptoms can feel daunting. I keep reading how critical vitamin D is and how vastly common it is for people to be low. Did she specify D3? I guess that's much easier for our bodies to use. Also, the FDA is reconsidering upping their recommended daily allowance, and we all know those are generally on the low side. From what I have been reading, 10,000 is good for folks that are low. Same with the iron, some forms are much easier for us to absorb and others are highly constipating. I wish I had some good links to share, but I bet there are some good threads here in the nutrition forum.

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