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So cool!

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So I just found out that my SIL is pregnant too and we are sharing the same due date! How weird is that I mean like what are the chances that would happen. We were pregnant together with our first babys too and they were only 2.5 months apart.
I am excited!
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Wow! That's really neat and very ironic.
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It's wonderful to have cousins your same age
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Very cool!
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Congratulations to your SIL. My sister and I end up pregnant together a lot. Its crazy how that works out!
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That's so neat!
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That's awesome! A friend and I had our babies exactly one month apart last time and now we are due the same day - it's really fun to have someone close to you exactly as pg as you are
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What a fun way to share a pregnancy!
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That's cool!!

My cousin and I are two months apart (to the day). We have always been really good friends.
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I have 3 friends pregnant with me this time around, all within 2 weeks. It is so nice to have lots of people to talk with about what is going on with our bodies, and our babies.
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Oh that is SOOOO FUN! I hope everything goes perfectly for both of you! Were you both trying?
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Yeah sorta, she has been trying for almost a year i think and has miscarried a few times; and we were just at the, 'it would be nice to not be 8 mo pregnant at my brother's wedding but if it happens now thats ok too' mentality. knwim?
Congrats to all the others with pregnant people to get together with! Isn't it fun..... now if only she doesn't deliver first to make me so jealous. I know its early for that yet lol.
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That's so cool! My sister is actually pregnant with her first now, and is due maybe 2-3 weeks after me.
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